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Salty Sweet Surprise

Salty Sweet Surprise

A clatter smashed the quiet. Samantha exchanged a glance with her best friend and followed her to the kitchen.

“Five!” Imani’s husband yelled.

With his sneakers propped on the counter behind him, his rolling pin flattened the dough on the island countertop with each makeshift push up. Flour caked his muscled forearms.


“What, baby?” He dropped to his feet, tossing an arm around Imani and rustling her wild curls. “See, this is called time management. Working out and baking. Whassup?”

She shook her head. The corners of her lips twitched up as she raised an eyebrow at Samantha.

Heat bloomed through her body, her friend’s expression bringing back a slew of kinky memories.  I love surprises.

Turning, Imani’s hands slipped under Andre’s shirt and pushed up, revealing his ripped abs.

“Whoa, baby. You forget your friend over there?”

“No worries.” Giggling, Sam yanked off her tank. “You shouldn’t be topless alone.”

His gaze locked onto her breasts. “The fuck’s going on?”

“I seen you looking at other women. You think I mind. I don’t. Neither does Sam. Long as you’re with me.” Imani stripped off his top, then hers.

Samantha licked her lips. Stepped forward, tits to Imani’s back. Circling her body, she squeezed her friend’s breasts. Hard nipples scraped her palm. “Been a long time for me and our girl, Dre. Don’t turn this down.”

He glanced between them as his wife shoved down his khakis. “Imani, baby. This really okay with you?”

Popping her shorts’ button, Samantha pushed them and her panties to the floor. Slipped her arms around her friend’s waist and did the same for her. Biting her lip, she splayed one hand across Imani’s taut stomach. The other over her bare mound.

“Oh fuck.” Andre’s eyes were on her movement.

“That’s it, baby.” Imani’s fingers wrapped around her husband’s thickening cock.

Sam brushed her friend’s clit, felt her body tremble with a gasp. “I love your wife’s sweet pussy. I love her slick heat gripping me when she cums.”


“I’ve missed it since you’ve come along. But today we get to play.” She licked her lips, stroking Imani’s clit faster as she watched precum ooze over the crown of his cock. “Your dick might be worth tasting too.”

“Go have a seat, baby,” Imani whispered.

As Andre made his way to the table, Samantha turned her friend around. Gazed into her midnight eyes. “I’ve missed you like this.”

“You too. Grab the sugar. Let’s do lines.” Pecking her cheek, she turned away to tend to her husband.

Samantha winced. Us. Yeah, definitely over. Probably just as well. Considering.

When she got to the table, Imani was licking Andre’s chocolate thighs. Samantha dusted sugar over the glistening saliva trails, gazing at her best friend’s tongue. Putting the sugar to the side, she joined her between his legs.

Imani’s French tipped nails peeked around his balls as she cradled them. All her attention focused on him.

So this is how it’s gonna be? Samantha smiled. Fine.

She touched her tongue to the inside of his knee. He moaned, his fingers combing through her hair. Dragging her tongue up his thigh, she followed the sweet sugar to the juncture of his legs before lifting off and continuing up the side of his cock.


Imani shifted under her as she raised on her knees. “Work that beautiful cock, Sam.”

Opening her lips, she extended her tongue down his warm shaft and engulfed him.

“Oh fuck.”

His fingers scraped her scalp as she dove halfway down his dick. Legs jerking around her, heat poured off his body and through her skin. Clasping her lips around his shaft, she looked into his eyes. Pulled back until reaching the head of his cock. Then plunged down again.

He groaned. “God. That’s it, little white girl. Suck me deep.”

Samantha looked down. Imani’s burgundy painted lips puckered around his testicle. Her cheeks hollowed, tongue escaping her mouth to flick around his nut.

“Fuuuck.” Andre’s fingers tightened in Sam’s hair, pulling her face up and down on his dick.

Pressure at her clit made her suction falter. She knew those fingers anywhere.


A low noise hummed through her mouth.

Moaning, Andre fucked her face faster. Her friend’s fingers slipped down her slit to penetrate her pussy.

He pulled her mouth lower, until the head of his cock nudged her throat and her lips bumped her stroking hand. Imani’s fingers fucked her harder and faster, until all the muscles in her body seized. Fire burned from those pounding fingers to ignite her body and crackle to her toes.

Imani’s husband’s cock throbbed in her mouth, a guttural groan escaping his lips. Samantha closed off her throat just in time. Warm cum jetted onto her tongue, mixing with sugar and bloating her cheeks.

Her friend twisted out from underneath her.

Releasing Sam’s hair, Andre sat back just in time for his wife to seize her face. Lips pressed hard against hers, her tongue searching.

Samantha gave it to her. Her husband’s cum. Poured it into her mouth with a stroke of her tongue.

Clapping at the doorway broke them apart.

“Got a little dirty, didn’t it? Thought you just wanted to fuck your girl again, but I see you left my bro over there nice and happy too.”

Grinning, Samantha rose. She swallowed the rest of Andre’s cum and walked over to Demetri. Wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Slow down, Sammie. You ain’t kissing me till you brush those teeth and down some mouthwash.” He smiled down at her, the corners of his eyes crinkling. “You tell them yet?”

“I thought I’d wait for you.”

Chuckling, he shook his head. Looked at his brother and sister in law as they tried to cover themselves. “Sam and I bumped into each other in Vegas last weekend. One thing led to another and we got married. So this is the last time either one of you gets to fuck my wife.”
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