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One man's quest for satisfaction.
My knuckles rap on wood, with bated breath, full of fear and doubt. My knees weaken and I pace, nervous. My hands wringing, thoughts twist through my mind; empty feelings, empty promises, empty marriage beds. No longer. Creaking hinges groan and so do I. The moment is here, the time to take back what’s mine. My moment of satisfaction. Why do I fear?

Turning, I find the darkness broken by a flash of crimson: lace suspenders and a matching bra. Sheer fabric hints at the treasure beneath. The material shines, lighting my world, my mind and my soul. Your full, red lips curl in a welcoming smile, the matching painted nails beckoning me in. My body falters and stumbles, but your presence pulls me, winches me in.

My mind focuses on you, enraptured by the sight. Warmth floods me as I cross the threshold. Is it physical? Psychological? I don’t know. I don’t care. The click of the closing door seals my fate; locks away my inhibitions and doubts. She is elsewhere. Her mind and body belong to another.

My mind and body are yours, all thoughts cleansed and immediately dirtied again. Your red lips’ wicked grin sets my pulse racing, forcing blood through my body. I reach out, hungry and desperate to touch. You giggle, turning and gesturing to follow. I do, entranced by your swish and sway.

The front room hosts a chaise longue . You guide me over, pushing me down, smiling. Gasping, I try to speak. A finger on my lips silences me.

No words.

You straddle my body, reaching behind your back. The bra drops; so does my jaw. Hands paw at your body; you force them away, smirking.

No words. No touching.

Only you can touch; you do, moaning quietly. A contented smile. You strip me of my shirt. Crimson nails bite my skin, red welts form beneath your touch. Painful and torturous, I need more. You slide down, hooking my trousers. Sure fingers make quick work of the flimsy barrier, stripping me to nothing. My body, my being, bare before you.

Nails on my tender flesh bring gasps and moans from my lips. Our eyes meet, infused with hunger. I need you; you know it. Fingers wrap around my aching length, your tongue teasing me, lapping at me. Agony. Pleasure.

Your mouth - warm, wet and welcoming – engulfs me. I moan to the quiet room. Satisfaction! I buck, involuntarily. Nails sting my hips, holding me down. You give a stern gaze and a slow suck.

No words. No touching. No movement.

My head drops back, your tongue teasing my length paralyzes me. I only moan as your lips surround me, sucking gently. Your fingers stroke the shaft; my breathing turns ragged. My gaze burns into you. You look up, our eyes sharing a single thought.

You stand and I watch you go. Your tongue licks your smiling lips; your hands squeeze your breasts. I watch your fingers slip into your underwear. They stroke, teasingly, causing your eyes to roll. I watch your body writhe, eager. I need you.

Standing over me, your fingers grip the flimsy fabric. I watch, exhilarated, as your body reveals to me. Gazing at the glistening prize, I can almost taste you. The lace drops, landing on my face. I can smell you.

No words. No touching. No movement.

You move above me, and then pull away the material. Our eyes meet for a second. A devious smile and you present your sex to me. I am hungry. Your skin: swollen, glossy, crimson. Our lips connect and I feast.

Your sweet moans and sweet juices spur me on. I revel in you, licking your length, sucking your lips, nibbling and flicking your clitoris. I need you: deeper, wetter, hotter. My tongue craves for more, pushing into you. It drags my face with it, burying me in your folds. Grinding on me, you show me your pleasure. Your satisfaction.

Taken into your mouth again, my body quivers. My moans shake you, vibrating your core. I love to feel you. Your lips and fingers around me, pumping and sucking; your tongue lapping, licking and teasing; I shiver and cry out, muffled.

Your body grinds and I ache to reciprocate. My frustration’s directed to your dripping slit, my tongue and lips craving more of you, your sweetness. I push deeper, my hard tongue thrusting and lapping.

Our synchronised whimpers give us away, the imminence of our climax undeniable. Efforts redoubled, our minds succumb to the body’s needs. Yearning, pining. The sprint for the finish. Flesh grinds and slides, consciences fade and moans crescendo. One last muffled cry. Flooded mouths and busy tongues, there’s no holding back.

We empty into each other, bodily and spiritually. Connected in bliss and release: Nirvana.

Satisfaction! Sweet, delirious satisfaction!

Shallow breaths and happy sighs bring us back to reality. Gentle tongues bring us slowly down, easing our landing. Pressing together, hot bodies cuddle and shiver. Light fingers tickle the tingling skin and bring rippling giggles. Hooded, heavy eyes connect and linger, betraying deepest happiness.

I open my lips and try to speak. A finger on my lips silences me.

No words. No touching. No movement.

No looking back.

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