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Stars and Clouds

A midnight swim turns into a midnight encounter...

Ethan, dressed in just a pair of swim trunks and a bathrobe, walked to the lavishly decorated clubhouse of his gated community. He nodded at Theo, the night watchman, before entering. The pool room was indoors, heated, and most importantly, empty at midnight. 

Ethan plugged his phone into a tiny speaker and hit play. He removed his robe and jumped into the pool. He tried to stay under, allowing his body to adjust to the initial shock of the water. He did laps for about an hour before his legs grew tired.

He stopped to rest and floated on his back. Ever since he was a child one of his favorite things to do was float perfectly still and look up at the stars or clouds, or in this case, both. The ceiling of the pool room was painted with realistic clouds and stars could be seen through large neoclassical windows. At this hour, the lighting was minimal. Just a few soft lights illuminated the clouds and the dome lights within the pool made the water glow. It was soothing...relaxing...dreamy.

What a long day... I could fall asleep... Ethan thought as he closed his eyes and let his head sink into the water, past his ears, until he could barely hear his favorite song, Karma Police. He glanced at the clock on the wall, 1:10 AM. He felt like he was in another world now where nothing really mattered. The day was just a distant memory. 

So calm.

So quiet.

So peaceful.


Ethan opened his eyes to see a girl's body in mid-air before she splashed into the water, breaking his trance.


Abigail entered the pool room wearing only a light blue bikini. She saw Ethan swimming toward the far end of the pool and hid behind a pillar-wall separating the pool from the jacuzzi. She put her six pack of beer down and stepped into the hot water. She waited until Ethan was turning under water to open a can and began drinking as she watched him through the small spaces between the pillars. 

She admired his physique and the graceful power he used to glide through the water. He swam like someone with a purpose. He'd stop every few laps to stand at the edge of the pool and run his hands through his black hair, his back muscles on full display. She opened another beer. Do you remember me, Ethan? You said hello to me when you helped my roommate... I saw how you looked at me... She took another long drink.

Abigail put the empty can down and stepped out of the water when she noticed Ethan was now floating motionless on his back. She untied her top and set it down. She moved her slender young body quietly down the side of the pool until she was just a few feet away from him.

"LOOK OUT BELOW!" She yelled before cannon-balling over him.

Ethan floundered about in the water until he felt his feet touch the bottom. He coughed, wiped the water from his face and turned to look at Abigail emerge. Her short blonde hair was slicked back and her pink nipples on her small breasts were right at the waterline.

"Hey," she said playfully. 

For a moment there Ethan thought he had fallen asleep and was dreaming.

"You gonna come get in the hot tub with me? I have beer." 

"Uh...that sounds great," Ethan clumsily said, still a little shaken up. 

They turned on the jets which were powerful enough to almost drown out the music.

"You always hang out in here topless?"

"Not always... You don't remember me, do you?" Abigail asked and placed her hand on Ethan's thigh. 

"Should I?"

"You're Ethan, I'm Abi...remember? You helped my roommate with her couch a while ago."

Ethan thought for a second before saying. "Oh, that's right...jean shorts, high socks and...some band shirt?"

"Radiohead," Abigail said as she moved her hand further up his trunks and began playing with Ethan's hardening cock. "It's not fair that I took something off and you haven't." 

"You have more than one thing on."

Abigail untied her bottoms, tossed them aside and waited for Ethan who stood and removed his trunks. Before he could get back in the water she placed her hands on his thighs and made him sit on the edge. He felt her warm mouth take in his head and slowly begin to suck. Her big blue eyes looked up at him as she took in more of his cock. She slid her lips tightly up his shaft as she pulled him out and licked underneath up to his tip while softly massaging his balls with her hand. 

Look at this beautiful girl... God, I don't say it often, but thank you... Ethan thought as Abigail stroked his shaft in rhythm with her sucking. She would remove his head from her mouth to lick and stroke him right at the moment before he was going to cum then continued when he no longer felt the urge. It was like she knew his dick just as well as he did.

Abigail looked up at Ethan and said. "I want you to shoot your hot load down my throat."

He looked into her eyes and felt his orgasm build at the base of his shaft until his cum came bursting onto her tongue while simultaneously feeling a big rush of chlorinated water fill his own gaping mouth.

What the fuck!? Ethan stood in the pool and spit out the water. Gross... He looked around for Abigail but she was gone, he was not in the jacuzzi and the clock now read 2:22 AM. Was I dreaming?

"YOU OKAY? Keep falling asleep and one day I'm gonna have to fish you out of there, Ethan," Theo joked and walked back outside.

Dreamer... You're not that lucky, stud.

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