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Stress relief

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I was up tight. Now I am not.

He came to the poolside and gave me a welcome kiss and commented, “Wow he said I can feel there is some tension there – is there a problem?”

“Nothing that a glass of wine and a good man can’t fix. Have a swim and then you can fix it for me.”

We sat naked by the pool and he asked what is the matter, you are as tight as a drum.

We talked about the facts for a minute or two. Then I said, “Come here, I need some TLC.”

Being old friends he knew what form of TLC I wanted.

As he kissed me he slipped two fingers into me and I breathed a sigh of contentment.

We continued to kiss and fondle each other for a few minutes. I needed more, so I slid down off the lounge and got between his legs. I licked the pre-cum off the tip of his cock and took the hard shaft of his cock in my fingers and then slowly I put my mouth over the head of it and closed my lips over his beautiful hard circumcised cock into my mouth.

“Shit you are not wasting any time; you are up tight,” as he held my head to him.

I could feel the nice firm head of his cock in my mouth now. I closed my lips and licked around the glans and gently stroked my fingers along the shaft and rubbed the thin skin up to my lips. It always fascinated me how the skin slid along the hard shaft as easily as it did. I was fascinated with that every time I had given a guy a hand job or gone down on him. Performing oral sex on him was as wonderful as kissing him. Both of these actions turned me right on.

“Wow,” he said, “You really have a head of steam up. I can tell by the way you are sucking on the head of it and the firm strokes that you are uptight, keep it up baby and when the time is right I can provide that dose of calming medicine that will ease all that tension.”

I had been down on him for a couple of minutes and had really had my mouth working hard on him. I stroked the wonderful soft skin of his hard cock up and down the hard shaft quite firmly, as I slid my lips in the same motion in unison with my hand stroke. My tongue was rubbing over his cock head and around the rim of his cock. Our eyes were for each other, and my mouth full of his cock.

“Just there baby – lick me there, Oh shit I love that. Shit you really know how to make a man feel good, let’s hope it works as well for you.”

I sucked and stroked him for about five minutes then his body shuddered and his legs jerked. He was cumming.

“You have done it baby, get ready its coming, Michaels wonderful tension easer, just for you.”

His cock spurted four or five ropes of warm cum into my mouth. It was wonderful to feel and taste his wonderful cum. I ran my tongue through it swirled it around my mouth and swallowed his all male seed.

“Shit I needed that.” I told him. “That has helped a lot.”

I got up and I hugged and kissed him.

“Hhhhhhmmmmm, I still taste pretty good too don’t I?”

He had got the taste of himself off my tongue I guess. I know he has sucked Tony off when we have a MMF or a foursome when Jane and I get together with them both.

“Now to add the finishing touches.” He added as he pressed me back to lay on the lounge and he got down between my legs. I knew what was coming.

I opened my legs and he put them over his shoulders and pressed his head to the engorged lips of my vagina.

“Open wide.” He told me and I spread my legs for him.

Then he put a finger between my lips and slipped it along my slit and rubbed the little nub at the tip of it and that made me jump. I was really touchy now. He licked his fingers.

Then his tongue slipped in between the folds of my labia and licked the wonderful love syrup that I make when I am stimulated down there. Then his mouth covered my clitoris and he sucked the whole clit out of its sheath and rubbed it between his lips. I could feel his lips rubbing it and then his tongue licking the tip of it.

“OHHHHH God.” I murmured, and I put my hands down and played with his hair as he continued to lick me. I needed this more than anything else in the world at this moment. “I can feel it doing me good already.”

Two of his finger slid into me and as he finger fucked me he continued to lick me hard and fast.

“Oh Mike, Oh Mike, don’t stop, keep going, this is amazing, I really need this, make me cum.”

Then it happened I could feel my tummy muscles going into a spasm and I jerked as he really worked on my cunt with his fingers and tongue.

“I am cumming, I am cumming.” My whole body jerked with the spasms of the sensation my clit was giving me.

He sucked and licked and fingered me all at the same time. My ass came up off the lounge forcing my cunt against his mouth to gain maximum pleasure from his actions. I could feel my juices running down and him licking them and taking them into his mouth. I had cum in a big way. My body went limp and I shivered. I have had that done so many times but this was something I really needed and he gave it to me.

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