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The Beginning…And The End

Emily was naughty, especially when it came to getting her own way.

Matt closed his eyes and imagined the words she used to describe how she looked at that precise moment. Her sexy voice was a little hoarse but she described herself exquisitely. Matt hardly said a word, he just listened.

“But darling, I’m sat opposite an open window, in this large hotel room overlooking the Strand, the white net curtains are shimmering in the cold breeze that’s sneaking into the room from the open window.  My nipples are hard as fuck and in desperate need of the warmth of your mouth to bring some life back to them. I’m pulling my knickers down over my legs as we speak. After that I will be naked. Tell you what? I’ll arrange for the bellboy to let you into my room. I will be lying on the cream coloured chaise lounge waiting for you.”

There was a pause from Emily as she giggled into the phone.

“You’ll never guess what just happened. My knickers have caught on the end of my black heels. I’ll let them dangle there for you to see. Do hurry! Won’t you.”

Matt had to smile to himself and he knew he would have to excuse himself from the meeting he was about to enter in thirty minutes. A lame explanation about an unplanned emergency that was about to crop up formed in his head.

It was the crudeness of her voice and the way she described her nipples and knickers that had him drooling. He was thinking of them for the whole fifteen minute taxi drive on the way to the hotel. He told the bellboy that he was there to see Emily Peterson. The bellboy showed him to her room and let him in.  Matt couldn’t help but smile at what the bellboy did or didn’t know.

Matt closed the door behind him and walked around the large room catching glimpses of Emily on the chaise lounge. She was true to her word, one of her legs were swinging to and fro as she rested it across the knee of her other leg. Her knickers were dangling off her heels just as she described.

A smile slowly crept across her face.

He walked over to the chair that she so elegantly occupied. Her nipples were indeed hard as nails. The skin of her breasts dimpled with goose bumps from the cold air. Her body stretched out and made for the pleasure that she was waiting for.

Matt smiled at her as he took the knickers from the end of her heels and sniffed at them. He took hold of her leg and moved it to the floor and opening her thighs wide.

Emily smiled at him, her finger raised itself to her lips and she bit the nail just as Matt’s lips kissed her moistened folds. His tongue slipped inside and he let it caress her; rolling it around her soft skin and making her much wetter in the process.

Emily’s mouth contorted into a grimace as she strived to control the pleasure he was giving her. His tongue was lapping at her pussy and his hand had cupped the underside of her thigh; holding it in the air as he devoured her sweet cunt.

His lips and tongue moved higher. Emily never saw him flick his tongue over her clit but the sudden gasp of pleasure and the way she threw her head backward was enough to let him know that she approved.

Matt licked and flicked her tender sex before sucking on her clit with his lips.

Emily creamed into Matt’s face. She was not shy on spilling her juices over her lovers; especially when they licked pussy like Matt did. Emily came almost immediately. Her bottom was high in the air, her body convulsing, her composure altogether lost as her hand shot to his head as she pulled him into her cunt.

Matt sucked on her tiny cock until she soaked his face. After lapping up most of her juices he finally let her slink back down onto the chaise lounge.

Emily swung her legs off the chair and patted the seat. Matt sat at the open end allowing Emily to sit beside him. She unbuttoned his trousers; pulling the belt apart in a frenzy of activity. The zipper was tugged downwards and her hand delved inside. She circled his already stiff cock and pulled it free.

Emily pumped it slowly and looked into Matt’s eyes pleading with him to come over her hand. Her little tugs pulled at his cock causing his loose skin to pool around her upper finger. She tugged at it, her breathing erratic and laboured; her need, almost painful. She stood up and straddled his legs. Girl cum dripped from her pussy and she started to pull much harder. She knew the effect she was having on Matt.

He knew it too. Matt’s first spurt jumped into the air nearly catching Emily on her chin; further jets of cum splashed high onto Matt’s chest as he lay backwards, and the rest pooled around Emily’s slowing hand.

Emily let out a loud sigh and shook her head in approval of her lover’s treat.

Matt had spurted all over his shirt and clean black trousers. The crux of Emily’s hand milked the last remnants of his spunk as she lifted it to her face to lick at it. Emily stood up and grabbed a towel that was resting on the back of one of the other chairs close by. She stepped over her discarded shoes and clothes. In the doorway she paused.

“Do see yourself out, won’t you. I need to get cleaned up – seeing Jen in thirty minutes,” she told him.

“You’ve been such a darling,” she added with a smile.

Emily headed into the shower leaving Matt to decide what to do with his smile.


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