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The Best Night of My Life

The Best Night of My Life

I think I have died and gone to heaven
I was out with friends at a local bar. We were drinking and dancing and having the best time. I had a few drinks and then I noticed this very attractive man. He was exactly the type of man, that I found attractive. He was maybe six foot two inches and had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was fit and very muscular.

I was always a bit wild and crazy and walked right up to this man and told him I wanted to have sex with him. I know it was very slutty, but I was feeling good and I wanted to be with this guy. He was very flattered and bought me a drink. He also thought I was attractive too. We got along really well.

He asked me, if I would like to go back to his house and get to know each other better. I accepted and we left the bar. He told me to follow him. I nearly fainted he drove a 928 Porsche. I was so excited thinking this guy is rich. He lived about thirty minutes away.

Once we got back to his house, he told me he was a producer for B rated horror films. His house was so strange. He had models of monsters all over his house. Pictures of monsters that he had created. It was like a museum. He gave me a drink and showed me around his house. I was a little nervous, this guy was totally out of my league. But, he seemed interested in me. Of course, back at the bar I told him I wanted to fuck him.

This guy had a lot of money and was good looking to. He also seemed to like me. He took my hand and we went to his bedroom. His bedroom was amazing. He had a four poster bed and beautiful dark mahogany furniture. It was the most beautiful room I ever saw. There were beautiful pictures hung on the walls. His carpet was very thick and lush. It was like a picture out of the magazine "Better Homes and Gardens."

We started to kiss our tongues entwined in each other’s mouth. We undressed each other and then he told me to lie down on the bed. I looked up and there were mirrors on the ceiling. He told me this was my lucky day. He only wanted to eat my pussy. He was not going to have sex with me and did not want me to give him head.

Well I thought I died and went to heaven. I spread my legs and my new friend licked my bald pussy. His tongue was licking and exploring the folds to my pussy lips. He sucked and nibbled on my flimsy lips. He parted my pussy lips and began to tongue fuck me slowly at first and then much harder. He slid a finger into my pussy and fucked me fast with his fingers. My pussy was so wet and the juices were flowing. I did enjoy watching him lick my cunt in the mirrors. I loved watching his excitement, when he was eating my cunt.

“Oh my god, I am cumming.”

I had my first orgasm. I was holding his hands and bucking my cunt into his face. He was devouring my wet pussy. He was licking me like a crazed animal. His face was covered in my pussy juices. He slid two fingers into my pussy and would replace his fingers with his tongue. He licked my pussy over and over again. I was so wet and my cunt was creaming on his tongue.

“Fuck me please! Please put your cock, into my bald pussy.”

I begged him over and over to fuck me. He said he wasn't going to be fucking me tonight. His tongue licked up and down over my bald cunt. I was so aroused and so wet and had many orgasms.

One hour passed, then two hours passed, three hours passed. This guy is still eating my pussy. Three hours and then four hours passed. My new friend licked my pussy for four hours straight. I thought I died and went to heaven. This was the best night of my life. I think about this night all the time.

My friend licked and fingered my pussy for four hours straight. I was thrashing all over the bed screaming, moaning, and crying. I wanted him to fuck me and he wouldn't. He said that it was my lucky night many times that evening. My friend told me I had a very sweet tasting pussy. He said he enjoyed the cream and all the hot cunt juices, that were flowing from my bald cunt.

I will say now that having your pussy licked for four hours was very hard to deal with at times. I was crying though most of it. It was like pleasure for most of it and became quite hard to handle. I was so aroused and so horny and dying to get fucked. But I never did get a dick that night. I never even got to give head. It was a night I was lucky enough to experience.

I think I must have had about twenty orgasms that night. Lucky for me the next night we met up again and we had amazing sex. This guy was a sex fiend and I was lucky enough to have sex with him for a few months. Later he fucked me over, but that is a story for another time.

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