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The Client

He needed a CPA, she wanted his business.
He ran a large manufacturing facility in Arizona and had recently fired his Certified Public Accountant due to embezzling. He was desperate and she came highly recommended. Entering her office, he was surprised to find she was much younger than he anticipated. Mahogany skinned, shoulder length black hair, chocolate pools of liquid in her deep brown eyes, and a body to kill for.

“Welcome, you must be Mr. Phelps,” she stated, as she rose to greet him.

“Thank you, Miss Williams, for agreeing to meet with me so quickly.”

“You sounded urgent and I had an opening. Please, won’t you sit down? Can I offer you something to drink?” Tabitha Williams asked, as she turned toward the buffet.

As he sat, something about her voice rang a bell. The lilt, the soft delicate voicing of syllables reminded him of someone he knew. As she walked away, he shook his head trying to remember.

“Can I offer you some coffee or tea? Possibly something a bit stronger?” she inquired, as she looked back over her shoulder with a sly smile.

Temptation was gnawing at him; he wanted to reply but held his tongue.

“Coffee will be fine, thanks. Black, if you don’t mind.”

“Like me?” This time she had a Cheshire grin and a twinkle in her eyes. Her teeth were spotless, almost glowingly white.

He couldn’t help but gulp. It was almost as if she was baiting him. There it was again, though. Her voice was calling out to him as if he knew her intimately. He just knew he had met Miss Williams somewhere before, but where?

“Well, if you don’t mind my saying, yes. Like you.”

“I prefer mine with fresh cream,” she replied.

“Do you? Where in this god forsaken hick town can you find fresh cream?”

“Oh, I have my sources. Usually direct from the tap, though,” was her reply, as she poured coffee into some mugs.

As he pondered the last reply, Mr. Phelps suddenly realized who she was. He had met her on Lush; she was one of his many friends. They had communicated via the written word for a long time before she convinced him to give her his phone number. After exchanging Google phone numbers, they had talked endlessly over the past few months, but he never imagined she lived in the same state, much less in the same city. They had spoken of many things, but where they lived was conveniently forgotten.

“Direct from the tap, eh?”

“Yes. It’s always best when fresh. I love it when it is thick and sugar sweet, when it is possibly the best there can be. Don’t you agree?”

“I do believe you’re right, Tabitha. If I may be so bold, but do you want some candy, little girl?” Now the glint was in his eyes.

“I was sure you would eventually figure it out, Robert. But, without a doubt I would. Do you happen to have some you can offer me?” she asked, as she locked the office door.

She grinned from ear to ear, thrilled to know he remembered her voice. They had spoken many times of what each would like to do to the other, mostly oral pleasures. She knew his affinity for brown sugar, he knew of hers for vanilla. Many a night, the phone lines burned with their desire for release. But, each believed that they would never have the chance to actually meet and satisfy their urges. When he originally called, she knew instantly who it was. She realized his urgency and cleared her calendar so she could meet with him. He was too distraught to pay attention and she took advantage of that to initially catch him off guard.

Without saying a word, Robert stood and walked over to Tabitha. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he gently pressed down. She dropped to her knees while keeping her eyes on his. Taking his cue, she reached up to release his belt, unclasp the trousers, and lower the zipper. As his trousers dropped to his feet, she hooked her fingers into his boxers and drew them down over his manhood. She was impressed at his vigor and size, especially so quickly after recognizing her. Gripping his ivory shaft in her ebony fingers, she began slowly running her fist up and down, drawing forth moans and a drop of dew from the tip.

Mewling from her throat, she lowered her mouth to the helmet and began lathering her tongue over and around, drawing forth more and more of the precious liquid from within. As her hunger flourished, she captured his cock with her lips, sucking it into her hot mouth. As he looked down, he was in awe of the contrast. Her luscious lips encircled his shaft, the ivory skin against her ebony lips enthralled him. He raised his hands to her head and began to slide his meat into her mouth further.

It was a welcome change for Tabitha. She wanted his cock, she wanted it fully in her mouth and down her throat. As he pushed ever further, she opened her throat and allowed it to slide down. She had long ago mastered the art of deep throat and relished the chance to please a man this way. Further and further he pushed, until his pubic hair was mashed against her face.

As she looked up into his eyes, he began to fuck her face slowly. Soon his hunger got the better of him and he began in earnest to force feed his cock to her. Thrusting further with each stroke, she swallowed all eight inches with ease. It was apparent he wasn’t going to last much longer. As she felt the telltale signs of impending orgasm, she removed his cock from her mouth and directed his emissions into her coffee mug. Rope after rope he pulsed, until she had drained him completely.

Taking a sip, she looked at Robert.

“Want some candy, little boy?”

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