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The Clitoris Piercing

quick encounter at the piercing parlour
When I got to the Metal Guru, the new piercing parlour in our town, there was this sexy ass Goth couple, Mark and Helen, who greeted me as I had stepped inside the door. Something about Goth girls just drives me wild. After a few minutes they introduced themselves and asked if I needed any help. I smiled while blushing and admiring Helen's perfectly formed mouth. She had purple glossed juicy lips that she kept licking as she spoke. My panties were definitely damp from my pussy's response. She had my full attention as soon as she had said hello.

I got my nerve up and just spat it out, asking them how much for a clitoris ring. After discussing the price, Mark then asked me if I'd be comfortable with him doing the piercing, or if I would rather Helen do it.

"Well as much as I'm not a prude I'd be more comfortable with Helen seeing me with my legs spread," I said partly joking.

All three of us laughed innocently at my lewd comment before I signed the necessary paperwork for the piercing. I got extremely horny watching Helen's luscious lips move up and down as she explained the procedure. I could not stop imagining her moving those lips around my clit.

Helen then led me up the tight flight of stairs to a private room, and locked the door behind us. There was a small sofa chair and a table, like the ones used in a doctor's office. My panties were now soaked with the anticipation. This sexy woman was about to spread my legs and place her hand between them. She asked me to remove my panties and hop up on the table, while she got everything ready. When I removed my panties they were soaking.

When she turned back around to face me, I was sitting with my skirt up around my waist and my wet panties in my hand. I asked her what she wanted me to do with my panties. She told me I could give those to her. She then took my soaked panties in her hand and I noticed her pause and gaze at the lining that was soiled with my desire.

"Don't Be nervous, it doesn’t hurt that much, honest. I was fine when I had mine done," she said.

"Oh, I'm not nervous. To be honest with you I’m getting a bit turned on," I said, seeing her nipples jutting hard through her top.

Still holding my panties she then surprised me by bringing the crotch to her nose and deeply inhaling my scent.

"Mmmmmm. You smell nice and sweet," she said bringing them to her lips and licking the gusset.

Instantly I stuck my finger in my pussy and then licked my own juices off. Spreading my legs wider she buried her face in my crotch and began sniffing and smelling my pussy in a circular motion. I thought I was going to scream, as I held on to the back of her head with both hands, pulling her face tighter into my pussy. She pulled my thighs together around her face and head. I suddenly felt her pierced tongue enter my dripping pussy for the first time. I jerked excitedly, biting down on my bottom lip, as she thrust her tongue in and out of my pussy, squeezing my clinched ass cheeks with her hands. I lay completely back on the table with my hands over my face, trying to hold back the scream that wanted to break free. My clit was throbbing as she began sucking it gently with her juicy lips while the tip of her tongue flicked side to side. I grabbed hold of both her shoulders, inadvertently digging my nails in her skin as I came into her mouth.

She told me to turn over and get up on my knees, so my ass would be up in her face. Now with my ass up in the air and my face flat on the table with my back arched, I gripped the sides of the table tightly as she passionately licked my entire ass crack. My eyes rolled completely back in my head and I begged her not to stop. She crumpled the sides of my skirt in her fists as she pushed her tongue in my saliva-soaked ass hole. I let out a small scream as I could no longer hold back as my juices dripped down the insides of my legs.

Feeling selfish that I had come twice and she hadn't, I told her to get on the table while I returned the favour. Without hesitation she peeled off her jeans and white panties and popped up on the table. The tiny room reeked of the unmistakable odour of pussy juice. I dropped to my knees in front of her silky smooth pussy, placing her thighs on my shoulders and dived in to her honey pot. She was musky smelling and as my tongue invaded her snatch I realised Mark must have fucked her that morning. Not being adverse to spunk I delved my tongue deep inside and felt her pull me deeper with her thighs. After a few minutes of eating her creamy hole she pulled me from her wet pussy.

"Fuck me now," she ordered pulling my head from between her thighs. Three of my slender fingers slid easily into her sopping twat and Helen reached down and began rubbing her clitoris viciously.

"More, More," she panted as first my little finger joined, then curling my thumb and straining, my hand fell inside her gaping soggy hole. I then fist fucked her juicy cunt for nearly ten minutes before she cried out in pleasure as a huge orgasm ripped through her body.

By the time she got around to piercing my clit, I was so exhausted the procedure was quick and painless. Well, I won't say painless.

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