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The Dream Bed

Just a dream

I am in a dream, walking through a long corridor in an old mansion. A door swings open all by itself, and I step through it. At first, I think I am in a room, but there are no walls. The space I am in goes on and on into infinity. The light is low, and the air is filled with soft sounds of couples making love: kisses, moans, groans, and whispered words of excitement. There is a bed with purple sheets that is as endless as the room. The bed is full of people, young, old, thin and chubby. Every hue of skin imaginable is represented. Some are making love, other just watch or play with themselves. It is a universe without cares or shame.

I wander along, taking it all in. A woman smiles at me. She looks luscious, round and soft. She gestures me to come on the bed, and I lie down next to her. There are no introductions, just a smile and a kiss. Her hands pull me close while mine explore her soft flesh. It is a slow, lazy encounter. Her hand teases my cock, and my tongue slides deep into her mouth. She rolls onto her back, spreads her legs and gently pushes my head down. I kneel between her soft, white thighs, and admire her swollen pussy lips. I kiss her soft belly, and she pushes her hips up in encouragement.  It is all I need. I move my face to within an inch of her wet pussy. I can smell her excitement, take a deep breath and kiss her sex. The tip of my tongue slides over her lips. I get a tease of her taste. She sighs, and I push my tongue in deeper. Her breaths become faster when I suck on her labia. I grab her full breasts, and she grinds her pussy in my face. The tip of my tongue slides up to her clit. Her hands squeeze mine, and I increase my pace. It does not take long before her body twitches. My tongue traces circles around her most sensitive spot, and she comes with a cry. We embrace, kiss and let go of each other.

I turn around and see a new girl by my side. She is lithe and her skin is mahogany dark. Her hand moves suggestively between her legs. Our eyes connect, and she licks her lips. She moves closer like a cat stalking her prey. There is a lustful glimmer in her eyes. She straddles me, and guides the tip of my erection into her wet slit. I feel her warm, wet sex slide down over my cock. Just above my face, her pert breasts sway with her rhythm. Her face is a mask of exited concentration while she slowly rides up and down. I grab her muscular ass and squeeze. Her dark body squirms in response, and her nails dig into my shoulders.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a handsome guy. He is watching us intently, stroking his hard cock. We smile at each other. He grabs my hand, and guides it to his erection. I tease his hard shaft with my fingers. The girl on top ignores us. She keeps riding me in ecstasy, sitting straight like an Amazon warrior. The stud reads my mind and moves closer. I turn my head towards his quivering erection, and I open my mouth to welcome the head. My lips close around the shaft as he fucks my mouth. The girl looks down and smiles. She keeps riding my cock, pushing harder and moving faster. I try to answer her urgent moves without losing the cock from my mouth. My muscles tense with a fast approaching orgasm. The girl’s urgent moans tell me she is close too. Her nails scratch my chest when we both cum in unison. She collapses next to me, holding me tight while I finish blowing the cock in my mouth. Soon, I am rewarded with a large flow of cum. I swallow all of it.

We end up in a threesome hug. Snug between two bodies, I slip into a deep sleep.


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