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The Gynecologist

The Gynecologist

Unique pelvic exam

Andrea Crockett, known to her friends as Andi, was a forty-year-old divorcee who was going through the change of life early like the other women in her family. She was having some problems due to the early onset of menopause so her gynecologist was having her come in every month for an exam.

Walking up to the receptionist, she said, “Andrea Crockett, I have a five o’clock appointment.”

“Dr. Wallace is running a bit late today,” the receptionist said, handing her some papers to sign.

Grumbling under her breath, Andi quickly signed the papers and went over to have a seat. Looking at the magazines on the table by her, she was glad that she had her Kindle with her so she could start on the novel she had just gotten.

“Andrea, it’s your turn,” the nurse said, coming up to her.

“Oh…sorry,” she said, looking up, surprised to see the reception area empty and the receptionist was gone.

“You know the drill,” the nurse said. “Everything off and put this gown on and sit on the table. Dr. Wallace will be in shortly.”

As the nurse left the room, Andi quickly took her clothes off and stacked them on the chair, then grabbed the gown and put it on as she climbed up and sat at the end of the table. About ten minutes later, Dr. Wallace knocked on the door and then came in – without the nurse. Andi had always thought Dr. Harold Wallace was kind of sexy for a man in his sixties who had a full head of silver hair and twinkling grey eyes

“Ah…where is the nurse?” Andi teasingly asked him. “Aren’t you supposed to have a nurse present so I can’t holler sexual harassment or abuse?”

Dr. Wallace just laughed and walked over to Andi, giving her a hug, reaching around to pinch her ass. “Keep it up with that sassy mouth going and I may just have to spank that ass of yours.”

“Ohhh, you know how spanking turns me on,” Andi said, smiling. “It took you long enough to get in here, Dr. Wallace. My body was getting cold.” She pulled off the gown, letting it drop to the floor.

“Well let me warm you up, Andi,” he told her as his fingers latched onto a nipple and his mouth onto the other one, alternating between the two until she was moaning, grabbing him by the hair to pull him closer. He slowly raised his head, letting his hands take over as he leaned in to kiss her. Andi leaned into his kiss, her mouth slightly parted as their tongues met and started to mate as his fingers pinched, pulled, and tweaked her nipples.

Soon Andi found herself lying back on the table, her feet in the stirrups, legs slightly parted as he knelt between her legs, his tongue going from the top of her sex slit to the top of her anus and back. Pushing her legs open wider, Harold spread her pussy lips, nipping them as he occasionally tongue fucked her pussy, lapping up her juices as she started to wiggle on the table, the paper under her ripping and making crinkly noises.

Harold slipped two fingers into her pussy, getting them wet with her juices, then leaned forward offering them to Andi saying, “Taste just how sweet you are, my darling.”

With any hesitation, Andi opened her mouth and sucked her juices off his fingers. Moving back down he lightly ran his tongue over her clit, earning a deep moan from Andi. He tongue fucked her as her entire body convulsed from an intense orgasm. Harold did not let up as he switched to sucking and lapping her clit while his fingers fucked her, soon sending her over the edge again.

As she lay there gasping for breath, she heard his zipper going down, then felt the head of his cock brushing against her dripping pussy. Andi rose up and was astonished to see that his formidable thick six-inch cock was already dripping precum and was stiff as a rod.

He must have seen a lot of pussies today to be so rock hard, Andi thought to herself.

As he pushed his cock in her pussy, he took his lubricated finger and pushed it knuckle-deep in her ass. Andi moaned and clenched her pussy tight against his cock, her ass gripping his finger.

As he fucked her pussy he continually rubbed his thumb over her clit. Within a couple of minutes, his cock and finger were fucking in rhythm. Andi did not think she had any more orgasms in her but she soon felt one building up in her core. Grabbing her nipples, Andi pinched and pulled them. As Harold got nearer to his orgasm he began to pound her pussy hard, fucking her ass now with two fingers. Andi had never felt fuller; it was like she had one giant cock fucking her.

Andi held back as long as she could, then screamed as her orgasm hit her hard at the same time Harold screamed, cumming deep in her pussy.

As his cock deflated and slipped out of her, Andi got up and dressed. As she went out the room, she turned and said, “See you next month, Uncle Harold,” and they shared a passionate kiss.


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