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The Jogger

A man waits for a pretty girl and when they meet, things are not as they seem.

I was parked on the side of the dirt road behind the apartment building I lived. The sun was just coming up behind the hills in front of me and I adjusted my sun glasses. The morning was hot with high temperatures and not the slightest breeze in the air. I wiped off some sweat from my forehead and dried my hand on my shorts. When I heard a car approach from behind me, I quickly rolled up the window to avoid dust getting in.

When the car had passed in a cloud of dust I waited a couple of minutes and then rolled down the window again and lit a cigarette. After taking a long drag on it, I sipped from the warm water bottle that stood in its holder. When I looked up I saw her.

She was jogging towards me on the other side of the road. I couldn’t see her face yet, she was too far away and the sun was in my eyes, but I already knew how beautiful she was. I had seen her the previous two mornings when I had driven that way to reach the main road to my job.

As she came closer, I could make up the sensual bounce of her firm boobs and the leg muscles moving her body forward. She was dressed the same way as the previous two times I had seen her. A white bikini, jogging shoes, a head band and a phone attached to her upper arm with ear buds. Her hair was tied in a tight pony tail that swung behind her head. What I already knew but couldn’t see was that she wore a thong and her tight ass cheeks looked like they could crack a walnut. Her skin was tanned dark and her eyes intensely blue.

That morning while having breakfast I had decided to park and talk to her. I just had to find out why anyone would go jogging dressed the way she was. Sure, it was hot but she could wear running shorts instead of a thong and it couldn’t be comfortable having her boobs bounce the way they did, a sports bra would have made much more sense than the bikini top that only covered a quarter of her boobs.

As she came closer I stuck out my head and when she was alongside the car I called out, “Hey.”

She slowed down and then crossed the road in a walk.

When she reached the car, she put her arms on the car door and leaned down.

“Hey yourself, are you lost?”

I looked into her eyes and there was a twinkle there, like she knew something I didn’t. This close I could see a film of sweat on her skin and as she breathed heavily it collected and formed little drops that ran down into her cleavage and down her arms and legs. From the corner of my eye, I noted the soft curve of her ass and her long legs.

“No, I’m not lost, it’s just that I have seen you here twice before today and I just got to ask, why do you jog dressed like that?”

She laughed and stood up. Looking down at herself, she said, “Don’t you like what you see?”

“Yeah, sure I do, but it can’t be very comfortable and you must admit it does make me wonder if you are a attention grabber, liking men to ogle you.”

She leaned in again and her boobs pressed against the windowsill. She cocked her hip and said, “Well, it made you stop, didn’t it?”

“True, but that’s because I wanted to ask you what I just did.”

“Ah, so you don’t find me sexy?”

I swallowed hard. “I do.”

She stood up again and gently cupped her boobs and bounced them slowly. Then she lifted one and pulled the bikini away. The next thing I knew she was licking her own nipple.

“Holy, shit!” I said.

She giggled and then licked the other nipple before saying, “would you like to taste them?”

I looked around, sure I would see someone with a camera, this must be one of those Candid Camera shows I thought. But all I could see were the fields, the dry road and the sun.

“C’mon,” she said and opened the back door wide. I watched in the rear-view mirror how she got in on her hands and knees. In the side view mirror her beautiful curved legs and hips were clearly visible.

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“Well, Mark, come out and fuck me.”

There was no time to waste, I had no idea when the next car would come by so I got out and stood behind her. Sliding my hand between her legs I found her pussy wet and hot.

“Mm, take out your cock, and let me have it,” she purred inside the car.

I dropped my shorts and by the time they had collected around my ankles my cockhead was already moving inside her. Her sweaty and warm ass cheeks felt good against me and as I began to thrust in and out my hands held on to her sweaty hips. She met my thrusts while pushing back with her ass and her tight pussy grabbed at me like a hand.

“Mm, give it to me, fuck me, Mark!”

“You are so strange, but I love your pussy,” I said while gasping since my orgasm was on its way.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed.

I pulled out and shot my load over her ass cheeks and then stood gasping in the hot sunshine.

She moved out slowly and then faced me.

“Thanks, I needed that. I haven’t been fucked since the morning I got run over.”


But she was gone, vanished right in front of my eyes.

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