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The Moment When -

Emma watches herself get off – again!

We all know that look right! The look when you’re bent over on all fours and his cock is hovering at your entrance.  He may be slipping it up and down your wet pussy lips or he may be sliding it along the cheeks of your arse.

The point being is that you’re so wet that all you want is for him to spear you. Slide his cock right inside. Stretch you as he fills you. Fuck you senseless while his fingertips dig into the flesh of your arse.

You love it. Right!

You know he’s teasing you and you know he’s preventing you from all that pleasure. You reach behind to try and grab his cock but it’s a little out of reach. All you can do is finger you sodden lips, let your red nail scrape your clit and spread your pussy lips to the side ready for impalement.

I’m a little different though.

I like watching myself get skewered by a big cock. I have a special place in my house where there is a stool at the right height for being fucked on all fours. Opposite is a mirror, large enough for me to see everything, especially my reaction. I have had friends comment on how strange it is to have such a large mirror placed so low, but they don’t understand my need.

I love to see that look on my face when I know that a large cock is about to go up me and this is one of those times.

Behind me – is a man, teasing me. He knows what he’s doing.


Waiting for me to look behind and plead with him to fuck me. I give in and do exactly what he wants me to do and then I feel it. The head of his cock brushes my entrance and I quickly turn to face the mirror. When he pushes inside me, my hands are placed flat on the stool, my behind perched high and my breasts sweep across the leather; enticing and causing my nipples to become erect in the process.

The feeling is wonderful. In the mirror, I can see him look down at his cock; watching it as it disappears into my glistening pussy. But I mustn’t look at him, not now. I stare at myself; looking into my own eyes and waiting for that moment when –

I stare into the distance momentarily and then I snap my attention back to the mirror. His cock is nearly there, all the way in.

My mouth opens and my eyes start to roll in their sockets with the blissful pleasure. The stretching of my skin feels wonderful, and the heat of his cock stokes my own fire even more.

That moment has come, one more inch perhaps and he will stop, when his cock bottoms out inside me. I can’t wait for that moment and when it happens, I will let out a loud gasp.

The silence around me amplifies all my senses; the smell, my breathing and erotic state of existence is fucking wonderful.

I gasp in perfect timing to the moment his torso touches my fleshy arse.

I briefly look up at him in the mirror and I can see the smile on his face as a silent moan leaves his lips. His head slips backwards, tilted to the ceiling and his fingers tighten their grip on my lovely plump buttocks. His grimace tells me everything I need to know.

I smile; a knowing smile leaves his lips too as he momentarily catches me watching him.

I stare back into the mirror, this time with an urgency of expectation. We both know what’s to come but I know that I will get more from it than him.

I watch and I wait for him to take me. Make me his. Own my body.

I let out a low shallow breath as he vacates my cunt, but it’s only temporary and in the briefest moment of time I feel him push back inside me. This time, he penetrates faster and the rush of his flesh thrills me to no end. My mouth opens and a sudden gasp is expelled from it.

There’s more to come as I am once again left empty but refilled seconds later. Another gasp leaves my mouth.

All through his fucking, I watch myself in the mirror. I smile at the way I am taken, penetrated, FUCKED!

I smile at how brazen I am, getting off on watching a couple fuck themselves; even though one of them is me.

And then it starts. I keep watching as much as I can, but the thrusts become more urgent. He penetrates me so fast. He loses a portion of whatever control he had as I feel his cock hit into me from the insides.

I absolutely love this feeling of fulfilment and helplessness. I am at his mercy, yet I don’t crave any mercy at all. I crave fulfilment.

With my body prostrate on the stool I come hard.

That is when I lose my own self-control, my eyes slip up inside my eyelids and my body falls to the stool; hands push backwards from my side, my breasts crush into the fabric and my knees are the only things stopping me from sliding forwards.

The orgasms come, one after the other, and I am grateful for every one of them.


But the best part for me is that moment when he bottomed out in my cunt; the moment when his cock could go no further.

That was the moment I loved the most.

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