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The Nurse Will See You Now

The importance of regularity can never be underestimated...

“Holy Hell, that’s a pudgy little pecker you're packin' there.”

She knew he'd appreciate the alliteration.


“Oooh,” she teased, curling down her lower lip as she saw him patiently waiting on the examination table. “Did I startle you? Not expecting me to return?”

Her bouncy breasts had always mesmerized him. Her shapely ass and the sultry curves on her mommy frame had too. But today’s awkward, innuendo-laden forwardness conveniently silenced him.

“You know,” she playfully growled while staring at his southern exposure, “I’ve never sucked a young man’s cock I didn’t like.”

Oh no…

The horny nurse reached for the opened crotch of his paper gown, which he had unknowingly put on backwards. He instinctively pulled away.

“Oh Jonathon,” she smiled. “I’ve also never met a young man who didn’t like having his cock sucked. You’re not going to be the first, are you?”

Oh shit…

She again reached for the opening and he again flinched.

Oh damn…

The sanitary paper covering that she had earlier rolled out across the vinyl cushion now folded like origami, uncomfortably climbing between his butt cheeks. The crumpling paper echoed in the small room a lot more than he expected.

“Jonathon sweetie, do you want to touch my titties? Will that help calm your nerves?”

Oh God…

This just got too real.

She unzipped the top of her playfully-patterned nurse’s smock; a fashion style more commonly seen in dentist's offices. It was designed to distract nervous children, but also generated small talk with anxious adults.

Jonathon could now easily see their voluminous shape, and the areolas and long, hard nipples on both large breasts. He also saw a belly button piercing that surprised him, even more than seeing his mom’s best friend’s tits. Her nipples reminded him of mini marshmallows, the pink ones. The same ones she had always, since he was a boy, put in his hot chocolate.

“Jonathon,” she began once again using his first name, “Now that you’ve seen mine, will you let me see yours?”

With his back against the wall, and no place to go, she moved the step stool between his dangling feet and placed his folded clothes on top. She then put her hands on his knees and knelt on the stool.

“Now what’s this I hear about some discomfort in your scrotum?”

Damn it, Mom!

You weren’t supposed to say anything!

Where the fuck is the doctor?

“Don’t be nervous, Jonathon. I’m a medical professional. I can see some swelling. Tell me if this hurts.”

Trapped with his mom’s friend between his legs, he watched the tossed head of hair descend on his groin. He then felt her warm lips envelope the head of his quickly growing cock. His legs involuntarily tried to close, but her hands fought back and held his knees apart. After flicking the tip, teasing him like a viper tastes the air, she lifted her head and inspected her patient’s genitals. Cock and balls were under extreme duress.

“How often do you masturbate, Jonathon?”


His eyes screamed with embarrassment.

“I asked your mom, but she didn’t know.”

Oh God, just kill me now.

“It’s really quite easy,” she said as she leaned back, presenting her breasts to him again. She then wrapped her fingers around his erection. “Just gripped it and rip it.”

Jonathon’s eyes rolled forward as his head tilted back and struck the wall. She now spoke softly for encouragement, while slowly stroking his saliva-lubricated cock.

“Just keep doing this while watching or imaging something that turns you on. At your age, it won’t take long and you’ll soon relieve the pressure.”

As she pumped his cock, she saw him open one eye.

“That’s a good boy. Look at my tits. Imagine your cock sliding between them. Imagine it poking its head out, getting ready to spew all over my face.”

She began caressing his heavy balls with the points of her finger nails, which caused Jonathon’s hips to buck.

“There are other patients waiting, so I want you to cum in my mouth. No need for a messy clean-up.”

With great trepidation and relief, Jonathon did just as the nurse had ordered, and erupted into her mouth. She continued stroking him for a few more moments until he stopped twitching. She then stood up and drank some water.

“If this happens again, we’ll use the stirrups. A latex glove, some ultrasound jelly, and a couple of fingers. I’ll drain those balls in no time.”

She then handed him his jeans and Gandalf t-shirt, and told him to meet her at the front desk.

“Poor thing. I don’t think he ever learned how to properly masturbate,” Jonathon overheard the nurse tell his mom, just as he arrived beside them. The comment piqued the interest of the packed waiting room.

“He’s not jerking off enough. He may require some tutoring.”

“Oh my,” Jonathon’s mother gasped, placing both hands on her face. “I knew he was a bit slow, but I never imagined.”


“I’ve temporarily relieved the pressure, but your boy had severe SBS.”


“Swollen Balls Syndrome. A young man his age should be beating off multiple times each day. Ensure he has access to the internet, some lotion, and plenty of tissues. Also, have magazines like Cosmopolitan and Shape lying around the house. That should stimulate a more frequent seminal discharge.”

Jonathon hid his flushed face from the waiting room murmurs. But the receptionist stared directly at him. She wasn’t missing a thing.

“We can’t know for certain, because medicine isn’t an exact science, but I think I know the cause of his problem. Brace yourself. This might be hard to hear. I blame the good book.”

“Oh dear! Not the Bible!”

“Worse. Lord of the Rings.”

The embarrassment was too much and Jonathon bolted out of the clinic. Both women and the receptionist then burst out laughing.

“If he doesn’t move out of your basement now,” the nurse said. “I have another idea.”

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