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The Pool Party

A graduation pool party turns into an unexpected experience.
The graduation pool party at Jasmine’s house was going really well. Her dad had let us have the party and we brought over a lot of friends. I had been Jasmine’s best friend for years so I had been over more times than I could count. We had spent time together, watched movies, slept over, and now it was coming to an end as she was going to one university and me to another. This would be one great party.

All the swimming and splashing and what not had made me work up a bit of thirst so I decided to jump out and run inside for some water. As I grabbed a bottle I noticed Jasmine’s dad in the back of the kitchen staring out the window and it looked like he was stroking himself. I stopped for a moment and noticed myself watching him pleasure himself as he stared at the young girls in bikinis playing in the water. I checked my courage and moved over to him sliding my hand into his shorts and my mouth to his ear and I whispered, “You watch the girls, I’ll take care of this.”

I slipped down between Mr. Dunn and the wall until my face was even with his cock. I pulled his shorts down and his hard stiff rod slipped free and sprung towards me. I quickly grabbed it with my mouth and pushed my head towards his body. He hardly made a noise as he stared out the window trying not to let on what was going on below the transparent glass. His cock expanded and I noticed the thickness more than the length. I knew he was divorced and he may not get a lot of attention but he was quickly pumping my teen face.

He pushed in hard and I gagged as his presence filled my mouth and throat. My gagging made him slow but I threw my hands to the back of his thighs to encourage the thrust. I had given blow jobs before, but not like this and I wanted to challenge myself. That encouragement was all he needed as I felt a hand grab my wet red hair and firmly hold my head steady as he began to pump my face.

He took long firm strokes inside my mouth and I learned to take them. I quickly adjusted and relaxed my throat. He would push in deep and hold his swollen cock there making it hard to breathe but increasing my excitement and sense of accomplishment. I felt saliva spew from the small openings in my mouth that were not filled with thick cock. Mr. Dunn knew how to do this and I was learning fast.

I suddenly felt a second hand in my hair gripping it tightly while thrusts into my throat began to quicken in force. I stole a glance up to his face and saw the intensity staring down at me showing his was a deep desire. He pumped furiously into my mouth as his lubricated cock pushed in and out. The noise was intense with the sloshing and popping and gagging. We were racing toward a furious climax and I stole a quick thought as to how he wanted it to end and if I was willing to go there.

The explosion inside my mouth came unexpectedly and the warm cum shoot quickly into my throat filling my mouth with his seed. His cock popped out of my mouth for the second release of his thick cream and it spread across my lips and face. I found the head of his cock once again and sucked the rest of his cum into my mouth swallowing like a good girl.

I slid down to the floor breathing deeply and I noticed my breast had escaped my bikini top and cum was dripping from my chin onto my exposed nipple. Mr. Dunn looked down on me with a grin that told me how much he enjoyed our little party and he slowly pulled up his shorts and headed back outside to the deck.

I sat there trying to collect my thoughts, tasting his cum, and cleaning my face. I thought about the night and knew I would be back again. I stood, relatively clean, and grabbed my water bottle and went back out to the pool party giving Mr. Dunn a sly grin as I passed him. He gave me the universal sign of “You have something on your mouth” and I quickly swiped my tongue across my lip to lap up the remaining cum before jumping into the pool.

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