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The Reward

A good slut deserves the best rewards.
The slut gasped, kneeling naked and panting like the little bitch she was. The blindfold she wore held her trapped in darkness. The ropes woven intricately over her forearms held them securely behind her back. Welts covered her body from her whipping. Her nipples were red, puffy from the. Her pussy dripped with her juices like a true slut.

“And now my little cum slut, it’s time for your reward,” the silky voice came from out in the darkness.

Suddenly the fleshy shaft of what could only have been a man’s cock pressed against her face, the balls pressing against her lips, the shaft lying from nose to forehead. At first she was a little shock but it quickly faded.

The slut quickly sucked one of the man’s balls into her mouth, pulling on it and letting her tongue lap at it before he started to pull away just enough to let his tip slide down her face. As soon as the head was pressed against her lips, she opened them and eagerly took half his shaft a little less than four inches for her guess into her mouth. A hand gripped her hair forcing her to take the cock deeper. The hand was not his cause it came from behind, pushing not pulling.

“Suck it properly slut,” the voice growled as the cock was forced into her throat. “Don’t be afraid to be a little forceful with her boys.”

‘Boys?’ The word ran through the slut’s mind but not for long as suddenly the cock was exploding, cum pouring straight into and down her throat making her gag slightly. As he pulled his cock out she quickly swallowed the cum spilling from the tip as it would be bad if she let any spill. She kept her mouth open since she had heard that there was more than one and was quickly gifted with a fresh cock.

The second cock was a little shorter but much fatter. The slut’s jaws stretched as the man slid his cock inside. The hands from behind let go and were quickly replaced by his, quickly pulling her down on his cock till her nose pressed against his groin cutting off her air and making her eyes water. She could feel him humping himself against her face, trying to force more inside her as she started becoming lightheaded from the lack of air.

Suddenly the man pulled him cock from her mouth, letting the slut gasp for air for a few seconds before pressing his balls against her lips. She quickly started attacking them as she felt him stroking the head of the hard cock. She sucked and licked as she heard him grunt and groan, closing in on his climax. Then suddenly he pulled away, and the slut opened her mouth wide instinctively knowing what was coming.

The first rope of cum blasted across her left cheek and her lips, the second splashed against the top of her nose, threatening to go up. The next two shots hit home, blasting into her mouth which she gulped down hungrily. The tip was pressed inside and she eagerly sucked on it, slurping the last bits of cum from the cock before he pulled away. Soft, silky fingers started to caress her face, scooping up the stray bit of cum before pushing into her mouth.

“A good cum whore doesn’t waste a single drop,” said the voice. “Now open wide. Here comes the next one and… oh my is he a big boy.”

The slut opened her mouth wide expecting another fat one but the cock that pushed into her mouth wasn’t as fat. He was actually about the same thickness as the first, but soon found out how long he was. When the head pressed against her throat she began to swallow… and swallow and kept having to swallow. She had to have almost eight and a half inches in her mouth already and he was still pushing more inside. Thankfully she was a good little slut and knew how to keep going, and eventually she felt her nose against his groin and chin against a pair of balls the size of golf balls.

The slut was suddenly pulled off the cock, the shaft laid against her face. She used her lips and tongue to caress it the best that she could, judging and estimating she guess it had to be a little over nine inches. The thought of the big cock made her wet pussy pulse and drip more of her girl cum on the floor. Soon he shoved his cock back inside, sliding back into her throat and starting long thrusts fucking her face like it was a pussy. She opened her throat best she could and let him fuck her. The man lasted what seemed like forever before pulling away.

“He wants to see you covered in his cum slut,” the voice said before the slut felt the first blast.

Her face was drenched once again in cum by just the first two blasts. The next few splashed across her neck and breasts. Her head was grabbed and tilted back, mouth open, glob dripping down into it.

“Now for your final reward,” said to silky voice.

The slut’s head was held firmly in place but this time instead of a cock, a pussy dripping with girl cum was pressed against her lips. Her tongue attacked it, sliding inside. The taste of girl juice exploded on her taste buds as she greedily drank from the honey pot. She didn’t stay for long moving her lips up and attacking the woman’s clit. It only took a few minutes to make the woman start screaming and shaking in orgasm, juices dripping into the slut’s mouth.

“Oh god…,” the voice gasped. “That’s my good slut. What do you say?”

“Thank you Mistress,” the slut said with a smile.

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