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The Sexy Tentacled Alien Man

I gasped out loud as the sexy alien man used one of his red slimy tenticles to tease my clitoris
From the moment that the tall, distinguished handsome young man walked into the bar I knew he was different. He had that look of coolness but with danger running through him. He had short brown hair, chiseled cheekbones, with a strong body. I wanted him. I stood next to the bar observing him. I held my breath as the man caught sight of me staring at him. I turned away but couldn't help but to glance back up and gasped when he moved from the far corner of the bar to me so damn fast!

I swallowed. "Hi, I'm Jackie," I said, smiling.

The man stared intensely at me and then sniffed around my neck like an animal, which was rather embarrassing for me. He liked my scent as he moved closer and leaned down and kissed me passionately. Taking me by complete surprise. His kisses were amazing! So sexy, so sensual. He took my right hand in his and led me outside the bar where it was raining.

"Shouldn't we go back inside," I said, pointing out the weather to kill the passionate heated moment. He led me down a dark alleyway and kissed me passionately. I felt his body press against mine and felt his hard manhood.

His right hand ran up my left thigh and went up underneath my short skirt and tucked at my panties. The guy looked at me and his eyes turned pitch black then rolled round and blinked.

"Oh, my god!" I cried. "What on earth are you?" I pushed him away from me.

"Please, don't be afraid. I will not harm you, I swear. I turn when I am very aroused," he tried to explain.

"I'm sorry, what? I shook my head in confusion. "Turn? What are you some sort of alien or something?" I laughed and saw the seriousness in his face.

"Yes, I am," he said. sad that I had pulled away from him. "You don't want me anymore?"

"Show me," I said, winking. "Show your true alien self," I found it a turn on.

Thick and long slimy red tentacles grew out from the sides of the sexy man. One of the tentacles went to my white blouse and unbuttoned it then began feeling up my heaving chest. Another tentacle went up my skirt and teased my wet pussy. I gasped.

"Fuck me now!" I told him. I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them taking out his enormous hard dick.

The tentacled sexy alien man thrusted himself in me making me gasp loudly. His tentacles wrapped themselves around my body drawing me closer to him. He moved faster and harder into me whilst kissing me passionately. He took me to new heights of sexual ecstasy. He thrusted harder and faster until he let out a grunt and his alien body shook as he came deep inside me.

I soon came, breathing heavily. I grinned at him. "Wow, that was incredible!" I said, wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him.

"Really? So you're not put off that I am an alien?" he asked. I shook my head and he grinned down at me and kissed me. "Good."

"I never thought having sex with an alien would be so good," I told him.

"Really? So would you like seconds."

"Mmm, thought you'd never ask," I said.

So my new alien lover and I went for seconds in a dark alleyway.

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