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The switch

The switch

The switch switches - or does she?

"Seduction is needed to catch Cath." Her voice changed tone.

Until now we had flirted, fenced, explored her submissive desires, which were not the usual ones. There was, in her, a pride and a spirit which marked her out. In any such relationship, the submissive has the whip hand, if seldom literally. But with her there was a sense, always, of something more, something out of the ordinary run of things.

"A carefully-planned seuction is needed to captivate Cath." She smiled. I smiled back.

Was it, I thought, possible that she was the one? The one who would read the riddle hidden in plain sight in my prose?

"Do you know how I consider Cath, the character?"

"I think I might," I said, carefully, not wanting to lose this moment, but scarce believing it might be coming. It had been a long series of meetings and conversations, but the fencing was, it seemed, going nowhere; now this. Could it be her?

"I had," she said, "never imagined you in such a submissive position, you are such a strong, even dominant personality."

"Are the two polar opposites?" I enquired.

She smiled back, a light in her beautiful brown eyes.

"You are the author, goddess, you play with me, write with me, make of us a new creation, the product of your wishes."

So, I thought, excited, had she got it?

"It would turn everything," she said, "but I would still be yours. And that passes would be of your will, your desiring."

Yes,, be still my beating heart, it looked as though she was the one.

It was as though she had read my mind.

"I am the one. You are about to create a woman, Cath." Her excitiement matched mine, we both sensed it.

Had she got it right? If not, our relationship was about to collapse. Had I got it right? If so, how could it not irrevocably change what we had. There was a way, and the next few minutes would show if we had it right.

"Your Rachel is no longer a little girl, she is a grown woman. The diamond is in its final form. I am your new creation."

"You know what I want. Give it me as you choose."

The die was cast.

"Oh, Cathy, you know your needs are no longer of interest, don't you?" She looked stern.

"Yes, Miss, I know that."

"Cathy, what a lovely woman you are. You will, henceforth, speak of yourself in the third person. It is my right alone to refer to you directly."

Yes, I thought, she really had got it. This was how we should sqaure the circle.

"Cathy apologises for not realising at once Miss."

"Good Cathy," she said. "Now you remember what you did to me last time?"

"Cathy remembers, Miss. She made you do submissive things."

"And was Cathy a bad girl when she put her heel on my arse?" She was looking at me, gazing, the desire there.

"Yes, Cathy was a very bad girl Miss."

She put out her hand, lifted my chin so we looked directly at each other.

"Cathy, your greatest pleasure is mine now. Undress."

"Cath will undress Miss."

Slowly, I pulled my blue dress over my head, shaking my hair as it came off.

She watched. It was clear from her face that her first ever sight of me in my underwear was pleasing her. I had seen her naked, she had never seen me even partially undresssed

Blushing, I unhooked my bra. My breasts hung free.

"Cathy has big tits."

"Yes, Miss, Cathy has big tits."

I hooked my fingers into the waitband of my knickers, sliding them down my legs, and then off. I took my shoes off.

"Cathy is naked for you, Miss."

She gazed at me. The lust in her eyes was transparent.

"Let me inspect you, Cathy."

She walked round me, looking at me from every angle.

As she went round the back, there was a sudden slap on my arse.


"Do you know what that was for, Cathy?"

"Cathy apologises, she took off her shoes."

She smacked my arse again.

"You are so beautiful to look at. You are mine now, aren't you?"

"Cathy is yours, Miss."

"Now Cathy, since you're undressed and I am not I want to go on your knees, gather your clothse and bring them to my feet."

She turned around, and sat back on the next sofa, watching me.

I knelt, gathered my clothing, and crawled across to her.

"Cathy obeys, Miss."

"You are a good girl, Cathy." She patted my head.

I knelt.

"Cathy thanks Miss Rachel."

With a hardness in her voice she spoke:

Turn around. Show me your bare arse."

Still on all fours, turns, I bent my head to the floor and showed her my bare arse.

"Cathy's bare arse on show for you, Miss."

She got up. She stood directly beside me, and put her high heeled foot onto the top of my bare arse. She pressed it.

"Tell me who you are, Cathy."

I moaned, and sighed at her touch.

"Thank you, Miss, Cathy is yours."

"And what is your name? Tell me your name."

She pressed slightly harder.

"At the moment Miss, Cath's name is Cath Finnegan, Miss."

"Oh no. Just Cathy. My little Cathy, understood?"

"Yes Miss, your little Cathy, Miss."

"Stand up, little Cathy."

I did so.

"Get your dress and your shoes. Your underwear is mine."

I collected them.

"You may dress, but give me your underwear."

'Little Cathy thanks you, Miss."

it felt strange, but so erotically-charged to simply have my dress covering my nakedness. I put my shows back on.

"Little Cathy hands her bra and knickers to Miss."

I did so.

"And the story is ended." She said.

It is, my love, I smiled.

"Kiss me, my Muse."

We kissed pasionately.

"We shall write more chapters, my love."

"Yess, Miss," she smiled.


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