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Through the Glass

Through the Glass

He watches through the window .....


The lights dim as she is suddenly there. As I watch, she sits in a confy chair wearing nothing. I always imagine it just like this. Flame red hair, curly and flowing down her back. I watch as she looks my way, as if she can see me as well. Emerald green eyes beckon me to move closer, oh I wish it were possible. She starts with just touching, sliding her fingers along her skin, leaving a small path through the glistening sweat of a busy day. Her skin is tanned and toned, so small, she looks like a little doll sitting there. She looks down as she teases her needy flesh, tracing down to her nipples. Teasing her nipples and taunting me at the same time, I move in my seat to be more comfortable and to relieve the strain in my jeans.

She moves down, but before she leaves her breasts, just gives a little lick to each nipple. Her fingers circle her belly button, dipping in now and then as a tease for things to come. There is a rolling drop of sweat on her skin about to enter the little crater in her flat belly and I wish I could taste it. Just a moment and she is now sliding those fingertips along the tight skin between the buttons. Belly and clit, all in view, I move my chair a little for a closer look. He fingers slide between her lips, opening them, teasing them as she slides up to circle her clit, the little button just peeking from under it's hiding place.

With it swelling, her clit is now in view as she touches and teases. She looks at me and smiles, I relish the idea she can see me and wishes me closer. That her taunts and teases are for me and me alone. She keeps up the slow teasing and I can see she is getting wetter as I watch. The lips glisten and I can imagine they would throb at my touch. She spreads the lips and opens the tiny entrance to her gifts. Starting with one finger she slides inside and just moves in and out slowly. then her thumb rests on her clit, rolling as she adds another finger. She pushes and rolls her thumb along that button and I can see the need build on her face, head back, panting as she rides the edge for me.

She lowers her head forward and again her eyes meet mine. This time she is two fingers deep inside and she is now moving to her knees in the overstuffed chair where she lounges. On her knees, she moves to show me the view as if I were there, behind her, watching her closely. It is then I see the toys on the table, I hadn't noticed before. She picks up a medium size plug and slips in between her lips and gets it all wet and slippery, slides it into her little pucker until it stays. Then a small blue bullet begins to buzz and tease her clit. The look on her face is delicious as she drives herself closer to the edge.

As I watch, she looks back again, finding my eyes and smiles. The buzzing toy in her hand is held against her clit as a drop of pleasure rolls down the inside of her thigh. She closes her eyes as her orgasm begins, tensing and letting out a low growl as she starts to gush and again finds my eyes as I watch her pleasure overtake her.

Suddenly, I am distracted from the vision in front of me by a flashing amber light to my left, telling me my time is just about up. Shoving my hand into my pocket I pull out a handful of change and not one quarter. Slipping the change back in my pocket as the divider closes on the window in front of me. I smile, making a mental note to bring more quarters next time. Heading out of the booth and out onto the street, back to my everyday life. I think to myself, “I know she could see me this time, mine was the only window open.....”



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