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Too Tempting

The fantasy is just too tempting, and I can't wait
I can’t resist any longer as we stand on the pedestrian bridge, watching the headlights and taillights passing below. I’ve been turned on and thinking about it from the moment we left the apartment.

The fantasy is just too tempting.

He shivers when I lean in to tell him how horny I am. He groans when I squeeze his swelling cock through his jeans. I can see the panic in his eyes as I sink to my knees, but he doesn’t stop me.

Though I’m hidden from the traffic by the sides of the bridge, I know someone could come along at any moment. It makes my heart race. The danger is as exhilarating as I’d imagined. He glances nervously to the left and right as I pop open the button and pull down the zipper. When he looks down at me again, I’m looking up – right into his eyes.

His hardness throbs against my palm when I lick my lips and moan.

The thrill that shoots through me as I pull down his underwear is even more intense than usual. He’s so big, and so hard for me. The musky, manly scent of him draws me in.

His hand settles on my shoulder and a stifled grunt escapes him when I dart in to tongue his balls. I slide my tongue up his shaft and delight in the way it makes his cock dance. When I reach the tip, he already has a reward for me.

The drop of pre-cum sets my taste buds alight when I scoop it up with the tip of my tongue. His cock bumps against my tongue, begging for more.

I give it to him.

The head slips between my lips and I pause to tickle it with my tongue while I wrap my hand around the root. I feel his grip on my shoulder tighten and he growls. His manhood throbs against my tongue, and I need more.

I have to open so wide to take him in. I can feel every ridge and vein as he slides between my lips. When my lips touch my fingers, I lift my eyes to his. Gone is the fear of discovery, replaced by hungry need.

All it takes is a tickle of my tongue or a squeeze of my lips to pull his strings. My seemingly subservient posture is a ruse. Down here, on my knees, I’m in control. I could tease him. I could make him beg.

But not tonight.

He doesn’t hold in his groan when I pull back, and then quickly engulf him again. My stroking hand rises to meet my lips, and retreats at the same time – a tug of war where everybody wins. I cradle his balls in my palm after a few sucks and I can feel them tightening. They move as if they have a mind of their own, but they’re just as much mine as the rest of him.

I almost want someone to catch us. I want them to see me with his big cock in my mouth and be jealous. The cars zip by below, and the vibrations of their passing make me wonder. Are they looking up? Can they see his face? There’s no almost any more. I want them to see.

His other hand slides to the back of my head as his breathing picks up. He’s getting close, and it makes me want it all the more. I take him fast and deep – the head sliding against the back of my tongue and pushing into the entrance of my throat. His fingers tighten in my hair, and I moan around him when I hear his grunt of surprised delight.

He’s almost there. My stroking hand squeezes tight, sliding the skin over the hard core. I pull back to the swollen head and suck it hard, short strokes. He growls with every breath – growing louder – and then I feel it.

The throbbing ceases for a fraction of a second as his cock swells between my lips. His fingers pull at the roots of my hair and dig into my shoulder. His hips lurch, and an explosive cry bursts out as he comes.

His cum spurts against the roof of my mouth harder than I’ve ever felt before. Over and over again his cock pulses, flooding my mouth with jets of bittersweet cream. The tang of it tickles my throat, raising goose bumps on my skin. I keep my lips locked around him, not letting a single drop escape as I milk him with my hand – down to the last fitful dribble.

He croaks as my lips slide over his sensitive flesh, and lurches when I finally let him escape. A shiver takes him as the night breeze kisses his glistening manhood and I look up into his eyes. When I open my mouth to show him my reward, he has to snap a hand to the railing to support his trembling legs.

Swallowing sends chills shooting up my spine and draws a weak groan from him. I stay on my knees, caressing his legs as he gasps for breath and his cock slowly softens. There’s nothing I love more than making him come hard and leaving him weak-kneed.

Except when he inevitably returns the favor.

As I tug the underwear over his softening cock, I see something in my peripheral vision at the far side of the bridge. By the time my eyes can focus on the movement, there’s nothing there. Real or imagined, that figure seen out of the corner of my eye is the true fulfillment of my fantasy, and my arousal surges.

Even as we head home and he tells me what he’s going to do to me there, I know this won’t be the last time. The thrill is like a drug, and I want more. I need it.

It’s just too tempting.

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