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The enjoyment of going against tradition.
Our traditions say that once a year the men may choose any woman for the night. You can decline, but I have not had any reservations since I came of age two years prior. We are instructed to resist, playfully, to ‘protect our honor,’ but I do not resist. Therefore, when it was my turn to have the blinding placed I stood tall and accepted the loss of sight. When he checked my wrists were bound tight anticipation washed over me.

As I stood in the square waiting to be whisked away and listening for their approach, desire overtook me. The intensifying sounds sped my heart and my panties became drenched. I smiled knowing what was in store. I heard some of the women being taken away and let my anticipation overload. When he grabbed me, even with my desires heightened, I let out a surprised squeal.

As he cradled me, I listened to his breathing and heard twigs and leaves crushing under his feet. I concentrated on only the sound of his breathing as I tried to calm mine.

He turned my upper body into his and dropped my legs. I could tell he was tall because my feet did not hit the ground. As he lowered me a few inches my feet rested on a soft, yet hard ground. When he pushed me against the bark of a tree my heart was in my throat. I swallowed hard just as he pushed my wrists above my head and pulled me to my tiptoes. Anticipation sped my breathing and I had no doubt he saw it as fear.

I heard buttons being separated from fabric as he tore my dress open. The cool night air chilled me and I took in a sharp breath. He loosened his grip on my wrists and let his fingers trail down my arms. I tried to move my wrists, but I was hooked. I squirmed out of reflex and heard him laugh.

His calloused fingers and hands lightly grazed down my skin causing goosebumps in their wake and as he reached my breasts my nipples stood hard for him. He pinched and pulled each nipple until I squealed for him, but I refused to resist. While he continued to squeeze and pinch my left breast and nipple, he started to bite and suck at my right breast. The sensation of his mouth, teeth, fingers, and hand mauling my breasts brought light moans and gasps as my eyes started to roll back. Just before I felt the ground starting to give way beneath me he stopped making me shudder.

I was in the midst of refocusing when he pulled my legs up. I expected him to hold them against his waist as he entered me, but instead it was a different wet part of his body. With one quick flick he had me back on the unstable ground wanting to feel that sudden drop. He teased his tongue past my opening just before making small circles around my swollen and hard nub. I tried to angle my hips where I wanted him, but he had a firm grasp on them.

As his hair tickled my inner thighs and his tongue teased me I started to plead with him. Each of my pleas was left unanswered, but for a hard squeeze to my hips. My desire for penetration increased ten-fold with each stroke of his tongue and I was starting to think I would go before he entered me. He set my fears to rest before I could finish my thought.

With the precision of a hawk after a mouse he pushed his tongue inside me as deeply as he could. I gave in with that first entry covering him with every drop he had created within me. He moaned against me and lapped up as much as he could and elicited more as he used his tongue like a man possessed. He reached every pleasure spot and had me writhing for more and begging with soft pleas.

As he began to slow let me catch my breath he gave me a quick kiss. I felt my wrists free of the hook and lowered me to the ground. The cool earth brought my closer to my senses. I wanted to see him, but I did not have that choice.

Wet flesh brushed my lips and as I licked the salty residue off I knew what he wanted. I was ready to give him what he had given me. I opened my mouth and immediately it was filled.

I tried to gasp for air, but he was deep inside me and I only gagged. Before I could relax he pulled back and I let him caress my tongue. As I closed my lips around him he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tight. I was ready this time and let him slide down my throat as I inhaled his musky male scent. I wanted to tease, as he had; but he had most of the control. When he would release and let me breath I took some control and licked every inch I could. With one last thrust I felt the veins along his shaft start to swell and I knew he was close. What I expected was for him to give in, but he pulled out of me.

I turned my face upward in surprise only to be pushed down on to the hard ground as he again lifted my legs up. I had no time to react as he shoved his length deep into me in one stroke. This brought us both immediately and intensely. He tried for another round as he softened, but we were both spent. He kissed my cheek and without a word was gone leaving me as tradition states: wrists untied and alone.

As I lay there thinking about everything that had happened I knew what my mission was: to find him.

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