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True Love Online

This is a love story. A story of regrets and affirmation.

I had joined an internet story site which allowed its members to interact. After reading the stories available, I decided to try my hand at writing some myself. They were well received.

And there were chat rooms available. One could get to know other members of the site, on a one to one basis.

There was also the capability to have personal chats with select members, if they also desired it. This is what happened to me in this situation.

I found I had something in common with a certain girl named Navidad. We seemed to share the same humor and had the same values, from what one could tell in the chat rooms. One never really knew. But one could read the profile data that was posted by the individual. And in our case we seemed to mesh. Navidad and Rodrigo.

So we tried a chat on our own. It turned into a beautiful experience, and at the same time was an expression of passion I had not felt before.

This is part of that first conversation.

"I am reaching out to hold you in my arms."

"I am letting you hold me, even though I am married to a jealous man."

"Now I give you some kisses, nibbling at your lips and moving to your ears to lick them and give you a great sensation."

"I accept the kisses, and return them, putting my tongue into your mouth and sucking on your tongue."

"As I kiss your lips my hand move up to your full breasts, squeezing and making your nipples hard."

"Rejoicing in having my tits caressed, I reach down to feel your cock. It is hard, of course, and large, to my joy."

All the time this chat give and take was going on I was jerking off my cock, and, Navidad told me later, she was fingering her pussy, trying to come. Both of us trying to come on the internet.

So the chat continued.

"I unzip your fly and release your huge cock. Then I start caressing and jerking it."

"While you play with my cock, I pull down your skirt and start fingering your now wet pussy. I tickle your clit and cram a finger up your wet cunt."

"I decide that you need a blow-job. So I take your hand from my pussy, and kneel down to pay homage to a grand cock. It is leaking pre-cum and I lick it off."

"As you suck on my dick, I continue to squeeze and play with your tits. Your nipples are huge. I so want to suck on them. That will have to wait until I shoot my wad in your mouth."

"I am licking all over your cock, up and down and all around. I lick the veins, and suck on the head. Then I start to deep-throat. Every man loves this. You are no exception."

"You have my cock deep in your throat, and you start sucking and ramming my cock into your mouth. I cannot hold my come much longer."

"As I deep-throat and suck and let you fuck my mouth I feel the come building in your balls. It will be soon I know."

"You have forced me to come in your mouth, you little minx, and I shoot my come down your throat. You suck and suck and drain me dry."

"When you come I taste everything and love it. I love come in my mouth and love sucking it down."

All the while this conversation was going on I was jerking off, and Navidad was tickling her pussy, both of us trying to come, and finally succeeding.

"I'm shooting my wad on the floor sweet cakes."

"I'm coming all over my fingers, my great big daddy."

Then we would have an after conversation. Nothing important. But building up a relationship.

This would happen at least once a week. We would meet in a chat room then decide to have a chat on our own. After a week or two we became "friends."

We continued to have chat sessions where sex was the main course.

During all this chat room activity, each of us were jerking off, or fingering pussy, or ramming a dildo up a pussy. That was the life of chat room lovers.

Then I discovered that she had other chat room friends, and a lover. 

She had to make a major decision. Who was her true lover and who was her true love. And I had to decide. Did I want to be the true lover, or the true love. The soul mate. 

I choose honor, and the love of a soul mate.

Now we would continue to have our chats without sex. True love and destiny does not rest on sex. It rests upon a deep and abiding love and caring for the soul mate, the true love, the eternal one and only.

So now, we abide in peace and understanding. Knowing that we are there for each other, for eternity. Or this lifetime, at least.

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