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What You Do To Me

Pent up passion unleashed

Your hands are gentle but firm as they stroke the tops of my thighs, pushing them apart opening my pussy like a flower opens in the warmth of the morning sun. Your sweet kisses and tantalising tongue work their magic, dancing a seductive tango with my throbbing clit as your fingers trace a delicate pattern lightly over my swollen nipples.

A fine film of sweat glistens on my nakedness in the moonlight as your tongue explores my moist silky soft shaven lips, you dip your tongue into me and lap contentedly at the sweet nectar you discover there.

I writhe in ecstasy, delighting in the shots of pure pleasure that are coursing through me, building fiercely, growing with momentum with every lick and kiss you administer to my molten hot pussy. I gasp loudly as your relentless fingers pull on the hard excited buds at the centre of my flushed heaving breasts.

Purring and moaning I clutch the sex dampened sheets beneath me and ball them up tightly in my clenched fingers, driving my hips upwards, forcing my pussy harder against your lips and tongue, desperate for the sweet release that only you can bring to me.

My breath is coming in short sharp gasps now. My tummy is in knots, as though a thousand butterflies, fluttering their wings softly, are sweeping me along with them, on an unstoppable flight to the brink of my orgasm.

I fall over the brink and every muscle within my entire being clenches and spasms as I spin frantically into the whirlpool my pent up lust and desire has created and which you alone have exposed me too. Incoherently I say your name and beg you to never stop loving me like this.

Shaking uncontrollably as the aftershocks run through me like miniature bolts of lightning, I try to catch my breath taking in huge gulps of the cool pure night air. I can feel the myself calming slowly, like a feather spiralling in an ocean breeze. The waves of passion are washing over me, as tears of sheer joy spill down my flushed cheeks.

Your mouth is on mine now and you kiss me tenderly as I come down from the crashing intensity you just brought upon me. I can taste the tanginess of my juices on you and kiss you back softly, murmuring words of love as you gently wipe away my tears promising to love me forever.

Wrapped in the warmth of your arms, bathed in the aftermath of our lovemaking, I inhale deeply enjoying the musky smell of our entwined bodies and drift off to sleep.
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