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Working from home

Working from home

When the courier calls

On Thursdays I have a late start, never arriving at my office until twelve pm. It’s my law practice and I work long hours so this is my treat to myself.

I had woken at eight and spent an hour on my fitness routine enjoying a leisurely breakfast of croissant and fresh orange juice.

It was as I was adding the last touches to my makeup that I heard the familiar rumble of a diesel van in my drive and looking outside saw the blue and white International Express van pull to a halt.

I had already donned my navy-blue seamed stockings with a matching set of garters and French knickers, again silk, blue with white polka dots. As the doorbell rang I slipped my admittedly rather sheer kimono on and headed for the door.

Passing the full-length mirror in my hallway I could see that my breasts were still quite evident through the fabric but it was nothing old Joe the courier had not seen before.

Honestly, he’s always made sure my deliveries are prompt and If the house is empty he’ll leave them somewhere secure so I had no problem with adding a high point or in this case two high points to his day.

Opening the door my breath caught in my throat, no old Joe. Instead a tall willowy blonde. Gone were Joe's baggy blue shirt and trousers, now it was tightly fitted tailored shorts and a polo shirt, white ankle socks, and blue trainers.

Ever wondered what lingerie models do in their spare time?

“Hi, I’m Veronique and I’m your new International Express courier,” she offered with a bright white smile

“Hi, no Joe,” I managed to reply, my eyes locked on the beauty before me

“No, he’s taken an indoor role now,” she had the most stunning blue eyes and they were locked on my breasts

And no wonder, the slight breeze had combined with the sight before me to make my nubs rigid and aching with desire. A desire mirrored by a build-up of moisture in my panties.

“Where would you like it,” although she was indicating the package sitting on my drive at the end of those long-tanned legs I could sense a hidden meaning.

“Oh, In the hallway please,” I stepped back to allow her to pass

She lifted the package in and we were face to face inside the doorway.

Our eyes locked, our lips locked our tongues locked.

In a flash those toned tanned arms were inside my kimono slipping it from my shoulders as her mouth moved to my turgid nipples, those white teeth gripping and nipping at my aching flesh.

I pushed her back against the wall pulling her shirt over her head and revealing a non-too sexy sports bra. A quick and practiced fumble released the catch and a pair of full tanned globes.

Our mouths dueled as our hands roamed, soon I had her stripped to her shoes and socks, while I was reduced to stockings and garters. I remember seeing her thong and my knickers laying out on the front step.

Releasing her hair from its ponytail she pushed me back onto the hall floor before turning to lower her neatly trimmed sex onto my face. I inhaled deeply as her juices moistened my cheeks. Surrounded by the aroma of female arousal I licked from her slit to her pucker, noticing the richer earthier aroma from her ass.

Her tongue was deep inside my wet slit, her fingers were pulling my swollen lips apart to allow her full access.

It was quick, hard and needy, in moments we both screamed in pleasure as our bodies bucked in release.

Five minutes later Veronique was fresh from the bathroom and correctly attired to resume her route. I was wrapped in my kimono, stockings laddered, knickers wet and makeup ruined.

“I believe I have another packet due tomorrow,”

“I will look out for it,” smiled Veronique jumping into her van and firing up the engine.

Maybe I will work from home more often.

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