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Zen and the art of toast

Who needs to shop when you have a girl who can improvise?
The Dualit made short work of the artisan wholemeal bread,toasting it to perfection. I left it in while I poured the boiled water into the cafetiere, placing it carefully onto the tray along with the mugs. I opened the fridge.

“Babe, there’s no spread.”

I heard her stirring in the bedroom.


“There’s no spread. We need to shop.”

I lifted the still hot toast onto plates, adding them to the tray. Picking it up, I pushed the bedroom door open with my backside and entered the bedroom. I placed it carefully on the bedside cabinet, and shuffled into bed.

Claire lifted her head, hair all tousled, eyes half open. I bent and kissed her, breathing in her sleepy scent.

“No spread? Hmm. I’ll just have to improvise.”

She leaned across, picking up a plate. Moving the duvet down, she exposed my stomach, placing the cold china on my skin. My stomach fluttered, dangerously close to upsetting the contents onto the sheets. I looked at her quizzically.

Without a word she moved down the bed, her hand on my thigh, moving up and under my shorts. I felt a twinge in my pelvis, an involuntary action.

Claire knelt beside me, still half covered by the duvet. Her hands pulled at my shorts, I lifted myself to assist her. Now exposed, her hand cupped my sleeping cock, stroking it awake.

Her hand closed around the shaft, feeling the blood surging and thickening the spongy structure. I groaned, softly.

Claire’s thumb traced a circle around the head, the foreskin peeling back as I reached almost full hardness. Her eyes on mine, she dipped lower, her tongue flat to lick the head. After two or three tentative licks, her head bobbed as she took me fully into her mouth.

Her lips closed around the shaft, the pressure exquisite. Claire’s tongue flicked over the head as she began to gently but softly fellate me, one hand cupping my balls, the other hand keeping the plate in place, the toast centred upon it.

Claire’s head moved up and down, her lips in constant contact with my shaft. Her tongue pressed against the head on the upward movement, tickling the frenum. On the downward motion she ran her tongue along the ridge on the underside of my cock.

Claire lifted her head, her fist wrapped around my shaft. She pumped her hand up and down, gazing intently at my hardening tool. Satisfied with her progress, her hand slipped to the base and she once again took me fully into her mouth.

Twisting her neck one way then the other, she continued to suck and lick me. I shifted my legs slightly, freeing my balls from between them. Claire’s hand moved to cup them again, gently squeezing and massaging them. She began to deep throat my cock, taking the head against the back of her throat, making me groan again, louder this time.

Spurred on by my groans, Claire began to hum softly as she continued sucking me, the vibrations sensational around my shaft. Her hand squeezed my balls a little tighter, causing me to gasp. Her eyes on mine, smiling under her fringe of black hair.

She gripped my shaft in her hand, concentrating on licking and sucking the head, her tongue dragging over the slit, shiny with precum. Her lips closed over the glans, still making that humming sound, and driving me wild.

I gripped the sheets as I felt my orgasm building inside me. Claire sensed it, too, her tongue flicking hard over the tip of my cock, then her mouth plunging down to engulf me.

“Ummm…” I tried hard to suppress my release for as long as possible, but Claire’s attentions had tipped me over the edge.

Claire slipped my cock from her mouth as I came; a spurt of cream flew high. Claire angled my cock towards the plate, my cum landing more or less on the toast. She continued to milk my shaft, pulling the plate nearer my cock so she could catch my emission.

She stroked the last drop of cum from my cock, giving the head a soft kiss. Taking her finger, she spread the white cream over the toast before licking her digit clean. Satisfied, she lifted the toast, taking a bite. She smiled at me, swallowing.


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