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Weight Of It

It's a workout he'll never forget.

Josh pumped his legs, lifting the weights on the machine, and stole glances off to the side.  It was all he could do not to stare at the handsome man doing easy reps on the bench, not far away.

He had a bulky, well-sculpted frame.  He was broad-shouldered and square jawed.  That jawline sported an immaculately trimmed beard that put Josh in mind of an idealized lumberjack.  If it wasn’t his first time at the gym, Josh knew it was the first time they were there at the same time, because he wouldn’t have missed such an incredible specimen of manhood.

How he wished the man had asked him to spot, instead of the hulking black man who stood behind the bench.  The spotter had his own charms, but Josh had never found the full-blown bodybuilder look particularly attractive.

Not that he would have known what to do with himself if either of them had approached.  Growing up in a small, conservative town, he had kept his sexuality a secret out of fear.  Despite the far more progressive environs of college, he still hadn’t found the courage to come out, or even attempt to act on his desires.

The barbell settled back into place, and the object of Josh’s lustful desire sat up.  He offered a hand to his spotter and said, “Thanks.”  His voice was deep and authoritative.

The black man’s hand clasped his, and he said, “No problem, man.”

Josh sighed, finished his set, and allowed himself a long look as the bearded man headed for the locker room.  Thankfully, nobody was looking in his direction.  Despite his best efforts, Josh was half hard, and it was easy to see in his tight gym shorts.  He took his time wiping down the machine, thought about what he was going to do with the rest of Saturday, and gave his erection time to go down.

He walked into the locker room at just the right – or perhaps wrong – time.

Only his fear of discovery prevented Josh from gawking as the man crossed into the shower.  A patch of dark, well-groomed hair decorated his chest.  More sprouted everywhere, though it wasn’t overly thick.  A trail of hair on the man’s stomach pointed downward, bisecting his V-line, and terminated in a perfectly trimmed patch of kinky black.

Below that dangled the most gorgeous cock he’d ever beheld.

The vision lasted for only a pair of seconds, but it burned into Josh’s brain, and set his manhood to rising again.  As he stood in front of his locker – trying to catch his breath while his cock swelled – he briefly considered skipping a shower to escape.  The thought of putting on his street clothes over his sweat-coated skin quickly dissuaded him of that notion.

Again, the fear that someone would notice his erection and make the connection with his hidden sexuality helped, as did scrolling through social media posts on his phone.  By the time the shower shut off and he heard heavy, barefoot steps slapping on the tiled floor, he’d drooped enough for it not to show through his shorts.

Josh waited, continued to scroll on his phone, and tried not to think about what was happening beyond the two banks of lockers.  They were the only two in the locker room, so when he heard the sound of a bag zipping up, he breathed a sigh of relief.  After that, he heard footsteps, and waited a few seconds longer before undressing for his shower.

Setting the temperature on the cool side encouraged him to hurry, and discouraged other things.

His heart nearly stopped when he exited the shower with a towel wrapped around him to see the bearded man leaning against the wall.  It then began to race with fear and alarm as the man pushed away from the wall to follow him.

Sure enough, the object of his secret desire rounded the lockers and lifted a foot up onto a bench.  He glanced toward the door to the gym, and then turned back to ask, “So, you just shy, or still in the closet?”

Panicking, Josh stammered, “I...  Uhm...  What?”

The man gave a nod and said, “In the closet, then.  The weight of that will crush you, kid.  Name’s Paul.  If you want me to open that door for you, I’ll be outside.  South corner.  I won’t wait long, though.”

With that, he turned and headed for the door.  Josh stood in stunned disbelief, his thoughts a whirl of chaos.  It was an offer part of him was absolutely screaming to accept, yet he was deathly afraid.  A dozen horrifying possibilities ran through his head.  It could be a trap.  It could be a prank.  The guy could be a serial killer for all he knew.


Get dressed.  The thought cut through the muddle in his head.  It was a simple thing, and committed to nothing.  Fortunately, it also required little conscious thought, because he had virtually none of that to spare as he descended into the whirlpool of lust and fear again.

Once dressed, he zipped up his gym bag, and knew he had to make a decision. Again, he took it one step at a time.  He left the locker room, and made his way toward the lobby.  As he approached the door, he slowed, and then stopped.  He stared at the door – his heart pounding.

Josh looked away after a few seconds, still too fearful to commit.  His eyes fell on the receptionist.  She was staring at him with an expression that was easy to interpret as, What’s wrong with this guy?

The embarrassment was enough to push him out the door.  He turned slowly toward the south.

There he was, leaning against the corner of the building.  Paul waved a hand, beckoning him, and Josh found himself walking that way without much conscious thought.

“So, what’s your name, kid?” Paul asked.  There was a hunger in his eyes Josh had never seen directed his way before.


“You just made it.  I was about to leave.  Walk with me.  My place isn’t far.”

Josh hesitated, and said, “I...  I don’t know.”

“Look, Josh.  I’m not going to pussyfoot around.  I like what I see.  The way you were staring, I assume you like what you see.  You want to do something about that, then walk with me.  It’s up to you, kid.”

Swallowing hard, Josh tried to think – tried to make a decision.  In the end, it was a small thing that broke through the cacophony of opposing thoughts in his head.  Though it lasted only a second, seeing Paul reach down and adjust the swollen bulge in his shorts was a siren song.

He fell into step beside the handsome, bearded man.

“So, you in college?” Paul asked, pointing at Josh’s t-shirt.

“Yes.  Just started last fall.”

“Hmm.  Freshman,” Paul responded, and grinned as if remembering some private joke.  “From the Midwest?”

Josh acknowledged, “Kansas.”

“Iowa myself.  Probably went through a lot of the same things.  What’s your major?”


Paul chuckled.  “Really?  I’m an architect.  Small world, kid.”

The casual conversation helped loosen the knots in Josh’s stomach, and he found himself relaxing as they walked.  “How is the job market around here?”

“Competitive, but if you’re good, you’ll find work easily enough.  Looking toward a specialty?”

“I’ve been thinking residential, but green design.”

“That’s hot with the rich and famous out here,” Paul said.  “Not a bad area to get into.  Been looking into the green thing a bit myself – but for commercial development.  All the building codes spreading out from Sacramento are pushing everyone that way as it is.”

They continued to chat about their shared choice of occupation, with Josh growing more comfortable by the moment.

Finally, Paul nodded toward a high-rise to their right and said, “This is me.  First floor.”

Not long after entering the building, Paul fished a key ring out of his pocket, and unlocked the door.  Josh was stunned by what he saw inside.  Though not particularly large, the front room was immaculately decorated, and furnished with leather, glass, and steel.

“Looks can be deceiving,” Paul said, and then laughed as he gestured for Josh to come inside.  “I have friends in interior design.  They have friends who have access to the scratch and dent overflow of several manufacturers.  So, I got almost everything at a fraction of what it would have cost in a store.  There are little imperfections in everything.  Barely noticeable, but enough to keep them from passing inspection.  The television probably cost as much as half the furniture.”

“It’s amazing,” Josh said as he continued to take in the scene.

“It’s home,” Paul said, “But thanks for the compliment.  I’ll be sure to pass it along to the guys who actually deserve it.  Didn’t want you to have any illusions about getting rich in this line of work.”

Josh – already somewhat awestruck – couldn’t stop himself from staring when Paul dropped his gym bag next to the couch and stretched his arms.  The sight of the handsome man’s muscles bulging and flexing made his heart beat rapidly.  That only intensified when Paul met his gaze and approached him.

Paul reached out and slid one hand around Josh’s waist, while looking intently into his eyes.  “Like I said earlier, Josh – I don’t pussyfoot around.  You a virgin?”

Josh nodded, not trusting his voice as he basked in Paul’s palpable aura of masculinity.

“Shooting up drugs, or steroids?”

He shook his head, and then Josh answered, “No.  Never.”

“I’m clean too.  A little weed on occasion, but that’s it.  So, you ready to open that door and step out of the closet, kid?”

Josh couldn’t believe the intensity of Paul’s gaze.  The strong hand gripping his waist made him feel weak in the knees.  He drew in a shuddering breath and nodded.

Paul growled – a brief, hungry sound.  He then slipped his other hand behind Josh’s head, and pulled him into a kiss.

Years of pent up desire erupted within him, and Josh crushed his lips to Paul’s.  He slid his hands around the older man’s waist and shuddered from the feeling of his hard muscles.  Paul kissed him just as passionately, and began to bunch up his t-shirt.

Another growl sounded as Paul pulled away from the kiss, grabbed Josh’s shirt with both hands, and pulled it upward.  Josh lifted his arms, allowing the older man to remove it.

Paul negligently tossed the shirt away, and then reached out to run his hand over Josh’s bare chest.  “Look at you.  Fucking delicious.”  At the same time, he pulled the younger man’s hand between his legs.

Josh gasped as he felt another man’s hard cock for the first time.

“You ever done anything, kid?” Paul asked while continuing to caress him.

Still awestruck by the hard organ he was exploring, Josh shook his head.

“First time getting your hand on a cock?”

“Yes,” Josh answered as he squeezed Paul’s erection, and felt it throb.

“Then get hold of it.”

His heart pattering, Josh pulled the front of the older man’s shorts down.  A sigh of pleasure escaped him as he revealed the erect phallus.  He wrapped his hand around it and groaned as he felt the hardness of a real cock other than his own in his hand for the first time.  His eyes took in every vein, contour, and subtle change in color.

“There you go,” Paul said.  He grabbed the waistband of his shorts, pushing them down to his thighs.

Josh squeezed the shaft – fascinated by how different it felt from his own.  His fingers moved upward, gliding over the textured skin of the bulbous head while he squeezed again.  He reached out with his other hand, cupping the heavy, hairy orbs below.  They moved in the most amazing way as the sack tightened from his touch.

Josh grunted as Paul’s big hand squeezed between his legs.

“Let me see what you’ve got hiding down here,” Paul suggested.

Hand still pressed tight against his erection, Paul guided Josh to turn, and then sat down on the corner of the coffee table in front of the couch.  The older man obviously had confidence in the strength of the glass top, as he didn’t hesitate at all.  He quickly dispensed with his shoes and socks, and then kicked his shorts and underwear away.

Paul used the waist of Josh’s jeans as a convenient handle to pull him closer.  He then wasted no time popping open the button, and sliding the zipper down.  A growling moan escaped him when he saw the bulge in Josh’s underwear, which was topped by a darker spot caused by the younger man leaking pre-cum.  Paul quickly wrestled down the denim far enough to hook the elastic of Josh’s underwear beneath his balls.

Josh gasped as another man’s hand wrapped around his cock.

“Hard as a rock, kid,” Paul remarked.  He then slipped a hand around to Josh’s half bared ass, and guided him forward.  Once Josh was straddling the older man’s knee, he couldn’t resist the cock that was within reach of his fingertips.

Paul looked up, and the two shared a smile.  Then the older man twitched his eyebrows, leaned in, and engulfed Josh’s cock.

A rapid series of gasps drew air into Josh’s lungs.  No matter how often he had fantasized about it, his erotic imaginings paled in comparison to reality.  Paul sucked him hard and fast, while simultaneously kneading Josh’s ass.  In an instinctual reaction, Josh slid a hand behind the older man’s head.

When he could keep his eyes open, Josh watched in awe as his cock vanished into Paul’s mouth.  As often as not, the pleasure was so overwhelming that his eyes would pinch closed, and grunts rose up unbidden, to burst from his lips.  He could see the older man’s cock bouncing in his peripheral vision, and the sight of Paul’s muscles bulging beneath his shirt was breathtaking.

In less than a minute, he felt an itch building in the head of his saliva-slick cock.  Embarrassed by his lack of stamina, it was almost a relief when Paul slurped his way back to the tip, and let it go.

“Feel good, kid?” Paul looked up and asked.

Josh answered with a few short, rapid nods, and then said, “In...  Incredible.”

Paul chuckled.  “Well, you got nobody to compare me to, but I’ll take it.”  He then leaned in, gave Josh’s twitching erection a lick.  “Damn shame you’ve kept this all to yourself for so long.”

Josh steeled his will as Paul’s lips slid down over his turgid member once more.  He was determined not to come in such a shamefully brief time.  The older man sucked him for only a few strokes before letting it pop from his lips again.

“Get those pants off,” Paul said, and then grabbed the tail of his shirt.

The sight of the older man revealing his broad, hairy chest caused Josh to draw in a shuddering breath.  Josh stepped on the heel of one of his shoes, attempting to remove it, but the laces were too tight.  He bent over and tugged on the right bow, loosening it.

Paul put a hand on Josh’s hip and said, “Turn around for me while you do that.”

Josh straightened, turned to face away, and then bent over again.  He stiffened and grunted when Paul grabbed a double handful of his ass.

The older man’s brief, excited growl gave Josh chills.  He focused sufficiently to loosen the laces of his other shoe, and remained bent over while Paul’s hands explored his ass.  A broad finger glided between his cheeks, setting off a shiver.

Paul asked, “You ever open this back door?”

“I...  Uhm...” Josh stammered.  He had certainly thought about it, and had gone as far as pushing a finger deep inside the puckered opening while masturbating.  The resulting orgasms had been mind-blowing.  However, the thought of taking anything bigger was daunting.

“It’s okay, kid,” Paul said.  “I won’t push you too hard.  Go ahead.  Get those pants off.  I’ll just admire the view.”

Josh pulled off his shoes, and could feel the older man’s gaze the whole while.  His socks soon followed, and then he bent low to push down his jeans.

“God damn,” Paul growled when Josh’s ass thrust toward him.

Once he stepped out of his jeans, a hand on his hip guided him to turn around.  Paul wrapped his big hand around Josh’s erection, slid another behind his ass, and pulled him close again.

While slowly stroking Josh’s cock, Paul asked, “You were getting close, weren’t you?”

Josh curtly nodded, his cheeks growing warm.

“Don’t worry about it.  It’s your first time.  Let go and enjoy it.  Give me a nice, big mouthful.”

That wasn’t going to be a problem.

Paul’s lips were tight around his cock, sliding up and down the shaft with hot, wet friction.  The big man cupped his balls and gently rolled them, while letting a finger slip beneath them to massage his taint.  Though he had slipped back from the edge while removing the remainder of his clothing, the older man soon had him on the cusp once more.

Josh grunted and gasped – his fingers fisting into Paul’s hair.  Though he had soared quickly to the point of no return, he remained trapped in that moment of almost painful pleasure for long, agonizing seconds before his cum surged up.

A loud, inarticulate, barking sound erupted from his lips as his cream flooded the older man’s mouth.

Paul moaned around the pulsing shaft – sucking relentlessly.  Josh had never come so hard in his life.  Each volcanic blast caused every muscle in his body to contract, and left him feeling weak and wobbly until the next fierce ejaculation took control of him.  His fingers dug into the older man’s scalp and shoulder, and his hips bucked forward.  Paul easily contended with the younger man’s climax-fueled strength and the cock invading his throat, to continue sucking for his reward, without missing a single drop.

Josh panted for breath and grunted long after the last of his cream dribbled into Paul’s hot mouth.  His knees nearly buckled when the big man’s lips slid over the sensitive head and let him go.

“Now that’s what I call a load,” Paul said.  He licked his lips and chuckled.

“I...  God,” Josh stammered between gasps for breath – still struggling to remain on his feet.

“Better sit down before you fall down, kid.  Sucked it all out of you, huh?”  Paul said, while nodding toward the couch.

Josh tentatively stepped toward the couch, keeping his hand on the older man’s shoulder for as long as possible.  He sat down heavily and his head thumped against the leather back once he reached the couch.

Paul sat down next to him, cupped his cheek, and turned his head.  They came together in a long kiss that was frequently broken by Josh’s continuing pants.

“Never come that hard,” Josh said once he caught his breath.

The older man smiled.  “Been a while since you jerked it, huh?”

Josh nodded.  “Couple of days.”

“Me too.  Feel up to returning the favor?  I may drown you,” he joked.

Josh, feeling giddy, laughed.  “I’ve never done it before.  I’ve practiced a little.”


Josh nodded.  He added, “And cucumbers.”

The big man grasped his wrist, and pulled Josh’s hand into his lap.  Josh groaned as he fingers curled around the hard organ there.

“Ready to see how you do with the real thing?”

The hunger in the older man’s eyes was powerful.  The throbbing cock in his hand was even more enticing.  He gave a brief nod and swallowed.

Paul growled and said, “Then get in there and suck that cock.”

Josh slowly leaned into the older man’s lap.  Aroused to levels he had rarely felt, he palmed the stiff organ looming large in his vision from behind, and leaned in to lick it.  A groan of excitement welled up as the salt-tinged taste and hot, manly aroma assaulted his senses.

“Ah, yeah.  That’s it.  Look up at me,” Paul said.

Josh cut his eyes as his tongue slid up the older man’s turgid shaft a second time.  Paul’s hand settled on the back of his head.  Josh slathered his tongue all over, exploring his first cock with zealous abandon.  Paul’s grunts and groans were the sweetest of music to his ears, and the demanding hunger still lurked in the gorgeous man’s eyes.  His own sensitive cock protested, but the uncomfortable twinges rapidly faded into the background.

The hand on the back of his head pressed down.  Paul said, “Give those balls some love.”

Josh dipped lower and gave the orbs a broad-tongued lap, slicking back the kinky hair adorning them.  The taste and scent were both stronger – more intoxicating.  He licked feverishly, moaning all the while, and curled his fingers around the cock above to stroke it.

A chuckling growl emerged from above, and the big man shuddered.  The growl remained in his voice when Paul asked, “Hungry for it, aren’t you?”

“Uh huh,” Josh responded – his tongue never stilling.

The growl that followed that was louder, deeper, and accompanied by Paul’s fingers fisting into his short hair.  Josh dragged his tongue upward along the ropy crease bisecting the older man’s balls, and then up the shaft.  Paul groaned in approval, and then let out a deep chuckle when Josh tickled the head with the tip of his tongue.

At long last, Josh parted his lips and filled his mouth with cock for the first time.

“There you go,” Paul groaned.

Josh took it slow, concentrating on keeping his teeth out of the way.  It was nowhere near as easy on a real, live, throbbing cock as it had been with vegetables, but he adjusted quickly.  Once he found the right angle, his confidence swelled, allowing him to do deeper, and faster.

A burst of flavor caused a high-pitched moan to well up from deep within him.  Josh had tasted his own pre-cum many a time, and knew the sweet treat well.  Causing it excited him beyond anything he had ever imagined.  He closed his eyes, committing to memory every contour, vein, and change in texture of the hard member sliding between his lips.

“That’s right.  Suck that cock,” Paul encouraged him.  “That practice paid off, kid.”

Josh broke out into goosebumps.  He’d imagined a hard cock exploding in his mouth so many times.  The assault on his senses was nearly overwhelming.  Paul’s grunts, his musk, and the throbbing of the cock in his mouth made Josh feel almost drunk.

He jerked away and coughed when his enthusiasm got the better of him, and he took the older man’s cock a little too deep.

Paul growled, and the sound trailed off into a deep chuckle.  “Easy there, kid,” he said while tousling Josh’s hair.  “Getting close.”

Josh wiped the strands of thick spittle from his chin and asked, “Really?”

“Fuck yes.  You ready for it?”

Josh nodded, and unconsciously squeezed the saliva-slick phallus he still held in his right hand.

“Then suck me dry, kid.”

Josh leaned back into his lap and engulfed Paul’s cock once more.  He could feel it twitching harder as he sucked.  He could hear the pace of the older man’s breathing pick up.  The hand on the back of his head stiffened.

Paul growled, “Almost there.  Going to fucking come.”

A moan escaped him as Josh sucked harder.  His hand pumped around the base of Paul’s cock, and he let his middle finger slide back from where it cupped the older man’s balls.  When the digit found the puckered opening beyond, he pressed hard.

“Ah, fuck yes!” Paul barked.  “Here comes!”

Josh’s eyes shot wide open as the first burst of semen erupted into his mouth.  His stomach rebelled as the viscous cream pooled on the back of his tongue.  While he rarely wasted his own cum – always licking it from his hand – the blast was something entirely different.  He steeled his will, kept his lips tightly around the pulsing shaft, and accepted another hard ejaculation.

Paul’s cock pulsed and jerked, filling his mouth with hot cum.  Josh swallowed, and his euphoria overwhelmed any physical reaction to the feeling of it sliding down his throat.  He sucked and swallowed – grunting in delight.  The older man growled and gasped, giving him more cum than he ever could have dreamed of.  He swallowed every drop.

An especially loud gasp preceded Paul’s strong hand pushing on his shoulder.  Reluctantly, Josh let the magnificent phallus slide from between his lips.  He offered his own gasp when he saw the tight, reddened expression on Paul’s face.

He had never felt more alive.

For a minute or two, he simply admired the big man trying to catch his breath, and the slow droop of his cock.

“You... You hustling me, kid?  If that’s the first time you’ve ever sucked a cock... God damn.”

Josh couldn’t help but grin.

“Got me good, kid.  So fucking sexy with your mouth full of cock.  Took that load like a champ, too.  Taste good?”

“So good,” Josh answered.

Paul offered a weary chuckle, and then blew out a long breath between pursed lips.  He sat up straight, turned, and they both leaned in for a cum-flavored kiss.

“I need a beer.  How about you?”

“Sure,” Josh said.

“Provided I can get up,” Paul said, and then laughed.  Despite his words, he popped off the couch a moment later and headed for the kitchen.

Josh drank in the sight of his hard ass, and then the bounce of his dangling cock when the older man returned with two bottles.  They opened them, and – still nude – drank.

“Ever been out to anybody, Josh?” Paul asked after a couple of minutes.

Josh shook his head.  “No.  Too afraid.”

“Well, call me selfish, but I’m glad I got to be your first.  I know how hard it is.  Glad I got to see how hard that is.”

The older man’s words and his glance were enough to trigger a reaction, and Josh drew in a fast breath through his nose as blood rushed between his legs again.

Paul growled, and his own manhood twitched with signs of life as well.  “A little of that weight off your shoulders?”

“Oh yeah,” Josh answered with passion creeping into his voice.

“I’m up for some more heavy lifting.  How about you?”

Josh’s cock bounced energetically, and his nod matched it.  It was a workout he was never going to forget.


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