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A break-up leads to reliving earlier experiences

A chance encounter and I find a new male friend.
I was home from college and I decided to go for a walk. I was bored and needed fresh air. I went down to the nearby park and there were a few kids kicking a football. I watched them and the ball came in my direction and I kicked it back.

“Thanks mister,” a couple of the boys yelled at me and I walked on.

My mind was all over the place. I had broken up with my girl and was missing her and the things we did together. We had been lovers for nine months and I loved the time we spent in bed naked and enjoying the sexual activities we fondly engaged in. She was not the first girl I had intercourse with, but I was her first man, and I had shared her virginity. We believed we were in love but the love faded and we parted. I was missing the good sex we shared. I wondered if somebody else was now enjoying the pleasure her body gave me at that moment.

Without realizing it, I had wandered out of the park and into some bushland adjoining it and was following a well worn path. The more I walked the more I remembered the times Jan and I had spent together and her laugh as we made love. The image of her body and the times we spent together naked enjoying sex in a variety of ways for hours, was filling my mind and my cock was getting harder. I stopped at an intersecting track. I decided to masturbate to ease my frustrations. My cock was hard, my mind full of my ex, the wonderful naked Jan. The image of her beautiful breasts and pubic patch leading to the wonderful pink well of pleasure was imprinted on my mind. I thought of her lips that had caressed not only mine but my cock as well.

I began to look for somewhere I believed I would not be seen exposing myself and engaging in personal pleasure. At the place I was standing one of the tracks was overgrown, so I followed it for about 50 meters. There I found a nice secluded patch out of view from the main pathway. Somebody had made a camp site some time ago and it had a few logs to sit on.

I undressed completely apart from my sneakers. I was naked with my cock as hard as it could be and damp from the pre-cum that had already found its way from my one eyed trouser snake. I began to gently stroke my cock up and down feeling the skin slide over the firm hard muscle inside the thin covering. I closed my eyes and imagined it was my beautiful Jan that was doing it for me as she did so delicately.

The image of her long fingers wrapped around my shaft with her nails painted black, stroking me, filled my mind again. “Oh God," I said to myself under my breath.

It felt awesome, even though it was my own hand. Slowly, I continued to move my hand up and down the shaft, then a little quicker. The feeling of me masturbating took me back to when we were all sixteen or seventeen and experimenting with the satisfaction of self pleasuring ourselves. A few of us would occasionally get together and have what we called a circle, and masturbated together. My mind was filled with those experiences, those wonderful days, of the exploring and enjoying with each other, the pleasures of the sensation and the joy of sex.

We had competitions to see who could cum first. If somebody else had his hand around your cock masturbating you, then you had to be the last to cum. It was naughty, but nice. During those days I had a friend who lived up the road and we often masturbated together. One day I was stroking him and I don’t know why but the sight of his cock head appearing each time I stroked his cock with my hand as I moved it up and down mesmerized me.

I lowered my head to his cock, took him into my mouth and sucked his cock. It felt awesome. It wasn’t something we had done before and it was my first experience with oral sex. It felt wonderful with the feeling of his cock in my mouth and the sensation of his soft cock skin against my lips. He was a little shocked and said, “Shit that feels fantastic, Oh God, Oh God, that’s great.”

I looked up to his face with his cock still in my mouth and I had never felt so good in my life.
I continued to suck on him and kept it going for about five minutes when he sat up straight, grabbed my head and held it hard onto his cock. Then he uttered a long, slow, groan. His body jerked a couple of times and filled my mouth with his cum. I was not expecting that to happen, but it had, and I had to deal with it. I wasn’t sure if I should spit it out, but I had no idea what would happen if I swallowed it.

He was still holding my head firmly over his cock. He continued to cum and by then I had another mouth full and no alternative, so I swallowed it all. All I knew was it didn’t taste like piss. He let go of my head and I took my mouth off his cock. “I am sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen, ” he said. ”When I started to cum I couldn’t stop and I was enjoying it so much I held your head down. Do you mind?”

As I licked my lips I told him, “I must say it was a shock and I wasn’t expecting it but it was okay. I don’t know what the cum will do to me though, I wasn’t expecting you to cum in my mouth. It tastes funny too, but it’s really not that bad, it has a salty taste and a bit like vinegar. It’s weird. I can’t believe it makes babies.”

It was the beginning of a long association with him.


Having enjoyed the memories of my youth I continued to masturbate myself and it was feeling good. I was happy and my hand was giving me the feeling I enjoyed when I pulled myself.

Even when I fucked Jan I was till masturbating a few times week. I touched my nipples as I wanked my cock because Jan had done that and found out I loved it. I had one hand stroking my cock, the other playing with a nipple, and the feeling I was enjoying was fantastic. I knew from the feeling in my balls that it would not be long before I would cum.

I decided to shoot my cum all over the ground. The feeling was getting stronger and stronger and I stood up to finish it.

I really was jerking my cock hard, and I could feel that wonderful pre-ejaculation sensation. In less than a minute my whole body began to tremble with the wonderful feeling that goes through me when I cum. I was really enjoying it. I smiled and said to myself, this is fantastic. I was sweating and breathing hard and fast now. It felt wonderful. Only fucking Jan was better than this.

My knees went weak as I shuddered and watched the first stream of cum shoot out. It went about a meter, then another and another, three good spurts and the fourth and fifth ones didn’t go that far. The rest just dripped from my cock down to between my feet. Oh god that felt really good. I sat down and gently milked my cock, getting the cum out of it as it slowly deflated and returned to its normal flaccid state.

I sat there for a few minutes just enjoying the euphoria of my orgasm, the feeling that makes me feel really good.

As a young guy, I sometimes sort of felt ashamed of what I had done after I had cum, or that I had done something wrong. We never admitted we masturbated for some reason, but we all knew we did it, and I was often ostracized for openly admitting I did. Girls would giggle when I admitted I masturbated. I felt embarrassed. Today I was not. I would have been happy for every girl in the world to know I had done it. My only regret now was I was masturbating instead of fucking someone.

I remember vividly the sounds Jan made when she came. The grunts and groans when we came together were amazing. I have videoed Jan and myself a few times, and we couldn’t believe some of the noises we made when we fucked, or as we were cumming. God I missed her.

I was just about to get dressed when a voice from nowhere said, “You did that well. May I join you?”

It was a male voice. I could not see the person talking to me as he was behind me. Then he appeared from behind a rock.

He was much older than me, I guess about 40. He was naked and carrying his clothes in his hand. His cock was circumcised, longer than mine and hanging beautifully over his soft scrotum.

As he walked, it swung from side to side. He had a big patch of pubic hair which appeared to be trimmed back, similarly to girls that trim their bikini line. I later found out his balls were shaved and smooth.

As he walked toward me, he called to me, “Hi, I am Jack."

I stood up and replied, “Hell, I didn’t realize I had an audience. I am Mike."

“Hi Mike," he acknowledged my presence.

He continued to approach me and was saying, “That was a good show you put on, I was behind you coming down the track when I saw you walk up here. I gathered that you were going to have a piss or something. I stopped back there and watched. I saw you strip and then begin to jack off. I know this area pretty well; I come down here a lot to do what you do. I enjoy the feel of the sun and breeze on my naked body for an hour or so, and have a wank at the same time. I have never had company like you before. Occasionally, a few people may find their way along the track, but from back here they cannot see you. You were a welcome sight for me. I hope you don’t mind me interrupting you. Seems we have something in common. Have you been down here before?”

He dropped his clothing next to mine and shook my hand.

I replied, “No it’s my first time. I don’t normally wank off outdoors, but I have just broken up with my girl and I am a bit depressed. I was going for a walk to try and get my mind off her. I got me a hard-on and decided to take matters into my own hand, so to speak. How about you?” I asked.

He was standing in front of me now with his hand gently fondling his cock. “I come down here occasionally to beat the meat as some say. I saw you and that really got me going too. I was going for my life on my cock as you were on yours, and we came pretty much at the same time. I could see you, but you couldn’t see me. You had a good spurt on you. I was impressed.”

We sat down together on the log and continued to talk about ourselves. We talked about where we live and a few other things like that. I explained my break up with Jan.

“I was married once,” he told me. "Unfortunately it failed. I had made friends with another guy and the two of us began having sex together. She found out, and that was that. I was Bi and she couldn’t handle the fact I liked ass as much as I did cunt. Have you ever been with a guy before?”

“Yes, I have but not for years. As a teen, a few of us used to get together and have wanking sessions, but then girls came on the scene. Girls were better than boys to have sex with and a much better experience.”

“Have you ever fucked a guy?”

“No, we never took things that far, as I said, girls appeared and we directed our attention to them. No I have never been tempted, or to be honest never been interested. I know a few guys who have fucked their girlfriend’s ass but I have never gone that far.”

I looked down at him and could see his cock had become erect; he was slowly stroking himself. He was about 8 or 9 inches long. He was bigger than my 7-1/2. I commented, "That looks like a damn fine cock,” as I watched him fiddle with it. ”Not many of us are circumcised these days.”

“I like it. It has served me well with women, and men. Would you like to feel it? Maybe we could have a bit of fun together?”

My cock had hardened; the two of us were now sitting together with our hard-on's and playing with ourselves.

“Would you like to see what it feels like to hold my cock?” Jack asked.

It wasn’t bothering me that Jack was encouraging me to do the ‘Gay’ thing. I was in the mood and he seemed fine to me.

I didn’t reply. I put my hand around his hard cock, and it brought back all the memories of my teen days and the fun we had back then masturbating each other. Without another word, he took mine in his hand and we were both stroking each other.

“Shit, this takes me back a while. Its years since I did this to another guy,” I said.

“Feel free to relive your past,” Jack replied. “I think the both of us are going to enjoy ourselves. What else did you do back then?”

“Well we wanked a lot.”

“And never fucked each other’s ass?”

“No as I said girls came on the scene. We were all legal and we diverted our desires to what they were offering.”

“How about sucking your mates off? Ever do that?”

“Yep, I have vivid memories of that happening. In fact the first time I did it I had no idea he was going to cum in my mouth, and when he did, I got a shock.”

“What did you do, spit or swallow it?” he inquired.

“I swallowed.”

“Did you like it?” Jack asked.

 “Not really, the first couple of times. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined at first. I did it with him a few more times and gradually acquired the taste for it, as some say. How about you Jack?”

He put his other arm around me. As he stroked me he told me, “I didn’t get involved with guys until after I got married. I can’t really explain it. One night at a company function, one of the guys asked me if he could see me outside for a few minutes. I went with him and he tried to kiss me. I had never kissed another guy and I pushed him away and said, 'What the fuck are you trying to do?'

“He said, 'I want to make love to you.'

“I said, 'Fuck off, what do you think I am a queer or something?'

" 'Please,' he said. 'If I can’t kiss you can I suck your cock? I have been trying for a month to try and get you alone, so I can tell you how much I want you and me to be together.'

" 'Shit', I said once more. 'What happens if I say no?'

" 'Then I will be heartbroken. I want you and I to be friends and lovers, please help me.'

“He started to cry and there is nothing more depressing than to see a grown man cry, beg and grovel. I still can’t tell you why I agreed to let him do it. I was stupid.

“The function was at a golf club. We went down onto one of the fairways where it was dark, and I dropped my pants. He immediately wrapped his mouth around my cock and I hardened up immediately. Then as he sucked me, he used his hand to stroke it at the same time. To be honest, I actually enjoyed it.

“Eventually I came in his mouth,” Jack continued. “Then without taking it out of his mouth, he worked on my cock and fondled my balls with his hand, and I was hard again in a few minutes. Then he proceeded to do it to me again, exactly the same way, and I came again about 10 minutes later. He swallowed both times and praised me for the beautiful taste of my cum. He wanted me to suck him, but I refused that night. I went home confused and ashamed of myself.”

I had a feeling he was a bit embarrassed telling me that.

Jack continued, “Over the next few days I began not to question myself as to why I did it, but to convince myself I was just doing something for him. I eventually convinced myself it wasn’t as repulsive as I had at first believed it to be”.

He changed the hand he was wanking me with, and continued his story.

“A couple of days later I said to myself, 'If he asks again I will let him.' I could not believe I could bring myself to believe I was feeling that way, but I was. I gave no thought about what would happen if my wife found out.”

“The following week I was working back at the office. I was alone, I thought. Somehow he found out I was working back. Then just as I was packing up, he appeared at my office door naked and with his penis erect and a bow tied around it. I laughed, it looked so funny. Before I knew it I was naked as well, and we were on the floor sucking each other sixty-nine style. He was giving me another amazing sensation, as he really knew how to make it feel like heaven on earth. We virtually came within a few seconds of each other. As he began to fill my mouth with cum, I went up a notch and came too. He quickly spun around and lay on top of me. Before I realized it he was kissing me and I could taste cum in his mouth, my own cum.”

Jack was now getting quite animated as he recounted his experience. His hand was now stroking my cock quite fast.

“We swapped our cum orally. I won’t say I was repulsed kissing him, but I was still on a high from being sucked and cumming, and it happened so fast I didn’t reject his advance. Later he referred to what we did as snowballing. I could not believe I had actually kissed another man passionately, swapping each other’s cum between our mouths. I have to admit I preferred sucking his cock to kissing him. I never kissed him again."

Jack continued, “A few days later, I got back from a meeting and he was under my office table waiting for me. He sucked me off while I sat there. I could not believe it. After that, I never rejected his desire to suck me.”

“Shit,” I said. “That is an amazing story. I don’t know if I could have done that with him. I have sucked cock and enjoyed it, like I said. I don’t know that I could kiss another guy though; please don’t ask me to do that.”

By now we had been wanking each other for quite a while as he recounted his story.

I was enjoying the feeling of his cock in my hand, like it was back then when I first did it to Eddy. He had his arm around me and was making me feel good with the way he was stroking my cock. Then that feeling and emotion that I had for Eddy when I sucked him off, and had overcome all those years ago, returned.

“Would you mind if I went down on you?” I asked Jack.

“Be my guest,” he replied.

I got down between his legs, took his cock into my mouth, and began to suck it. I cannot explain why I did it but all those emotions came flooding back and I continued to give him, as best I could, a good oral work out.

I fondled his hairless balls, which were now all soft and hanging down in their sac and felt great in my hand. My eyes were only a few inches from his hair, and I could see and feel his hairless balls and smell the wonderful scent of him there. It was quite different to the scent of a woman, but it was still sexually erotic. Shortly after I began to fondle his balls he spread his legs wide and I knew what was coming.

I still had his cock in my mouth; I looked up at him and he just nodded, and a few seconds later he moaned.

I felt his hands gently hold my head to him, and then the warmth of his body fluid sprayed into my mouth. His body jerked, and he moaned each time he ejaculated. He came four or five times. I swallowed each spurt. His grunts as he came were muffled, and his body jerked quite violently each time he came. He held my head over his cock until he had finished cumming.

I stood up and finished licking my lips.

Jack was breathing quite heavily and took a deep breath. “Well that was something I never expected to be getting today, a very special surprise. Thank you, that was wonderful of you. Even after a few years you haven’t lost the knack,” he told me.

I could not believe that I did it. The experience of my youth came surging back to me, and I just took up where I left off all those years ago. It was as if I had not stopped doing it.

I told him, “I must say though that your cock is far bigger than we all were back then, and it was so much more enjoyable. The taste of cum hasn’t changed though. It is just as I remember it.”

I was now almost back to a full erection. He came to me and I thought he was going to try and kiss me and I said, "No kissing.”

Jack was now looking directly into my eyes.

“I promised. Can I give you a hug, then I will return the favor for you.”

He did respect my wishes, particularly after me giving him such a great head job. I let him hold and hug me for a minute. He was very endearing, and our heads were on each other’s shoulders. Our naked bodies pressed to each other. It did feel good. There was no way I was going to kiss him, though.

I sat down on the log; he got down and began to suck on my cock. It hadn’t been that long since Jan and I had been having oral sex together. Jan had her way of doing it, which was different to Jack. I was enjoying the difference. He was quick to get my balls into the action. He sucked me beautifully for about ten minutes.

The he suggested I lay down, which I did. He then began to suck me kneeling between my legs. Then he lifted each leg over his shoulders and lifted my ass off the ground. He had exposed my asshole. It was then I felt his finger rimming the ring of my ass.

I wasn’t sure where this was leading, and it felt nice, but I was not going to let him fuck my ass.

“Sorry Jack, I am not going to let you fuck me like that.”

“I wasn’t planning on fucking you, just let me try this with you.”

I was curious and said, “What?”

Then he slipped his finger into my ass as he sucked my cock and rimmed my ass internally. It felt good. I liked it.

“That’s okay, but no further Jack.”

“I promise.”

He then began sucking on me again. His finger was fucking my ass, pulling and pushing his finger back and forth inside me, as well as around my asshole. I relaxed a little and was now really enjoying it. The two of us said nothing for the next ten minutes I guess. He sucked and fingered me and I lay there, relaxed and enjoying the pleasure of a guy sucking on my cock.

Then I got that beautiful feeling and I began to squirm and wriggle. I was manufacturing the impending flood of semen I was going to deliver to him. He recognized my body language and prepared himself. Then it happened; my body tensed up and began to shake. My legs began to tremble. The sensation down deep in my body built up. My balls tightened. I had reached the climax of our intimacy, and I was about to enjoy a most amazing orgasm.

My balls felt amazing as he fondled them. I began to cum as he moved his finger deeper into my ass. It became obvious he knew exactly where, and how, to massage my prostate. This added an amazing unique sensation to my already fantastic orgasm. My only experience having that done previously was a prostate examination for testicular cancer by a doctor. That was embarrassing; this was heavenly.

As he was doing that, my sperm mixed with my semen and began its journey to the eye of my cock, then explode into his warm mouth and covered his tongue. I began to grunt with every ejaculation. There must have been five or six spurts. It was a really good ejaculation, with copious quantities of my milky white warm semen filling his mouth a few times.

He swallowed all I could give him. Jack was wonderful and didn’t spill a drop, as he sucked it all out of my still hard cock. The sensation was enhanced by the way he rimmed my cock head with his tongue and fingered my prostate to enhance my climax, which had drained my balls completely.

I was in sex heaven. I could not remember a better orgasm, and my cock feeling as good and still as hard ever. I had to admit that was even better than cumming when Jan and I really fucked hard.

After I had cum, I was completely exhausted. I was lying prostrate on the ground.

After swallowing what must have been a pint of my cum, my cock began to wither. He crawled up over me and lay on top of me, putting his head on my shoulder. If he had tried to kiss me I would not have had the energy to avoid his lips, but he respected my wishes and didn’t.

I was breathing very heavily and my heart was racing. I could feel his hard wet pre-cum covered cock pressing against my stomach. It felt awesome. He ground it between us as it oozed more of his clear sticky pre-cum between us. He hugged me as he rested his head on my shoulder. He could have been my wonderful Jan. I had no love for the man but it was an amazing sensation. I was as happy as I could have possibly been, except perhaps if it was Jan lying with me.

We talked for the next half hour about sex, how he broke up with his wife, how he and his male lover met for sex. Then we talked about how he had enjoyed what we had done together that day, and together and what we could do in future.

I was more than happy for the two of us to share together what we had begun today, for now.

When we finally dressed again and walked back to the park, we parted.

We had each exchanged telephone numbers. I wanted to enjoy what we had achieved this afternoon again with him.

I am not gay, but I really enjoyed my time with Jack.

I was just going to be more bisexual than in the past. Cock sucking was back in my repertoire of sexual pleasures, and I wanted to learn more about prostate stimulation. What he did to me and the results he achieved were awesome.

That will be the subject of my next intimate experience with him.

Author's note:

This story was written by me after talking to one of my boyfriends. He recounted the events of a few years earlier when he had engaged in what he said was an ‘affair’ with another guy. It was well before he met me. I have written it in the first person as he told me the story and I have embellished it a little, and there is some literary license used. 

I have enjoyed a sexual relationship with him and four others (M&F) as Friends With Benefits for over a year. This experience may explain many of the adventures the “boys” enjoy when we are all together.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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