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A new day brings a new surprise.
You know what it's like. You drift out of a dream toward wakng, but you are still more than half asleep and more than a little drunk from the night before. The only thing that you are conscious of is the immediate demand of your throbbing hard-on.

So somehow you throw the cover sheet onto the floor and somehow you rid yourself of your boxers. Your hand descends to your rigid cock and slowly closes about it. The feeling has never been more pleasurable. You begin to stroke it, lightly at first. You want it to last. But the heat in your belly builds all too quickly and you find your hand moving ever faster. Your heart races. Your breathing grows short and labored. Your balls tighten and then explode as bursts of warm cum splash onto your stomach and chest. You continue pumping your cock until it is drained.

You lie there, eyes closed, while your heart and breathing return to normal. You brush your arm against your chest smearing the cum into your skin. Then you hear a noise. You are not alone. You open your eyes. There is a naked man standing beside your bed.

That's when you realize in a panic that you are not in your own home, in your own bed. You are in a hotel at a three day writer's conference. The man is the room mate that was assigned to you by the conference officials to keep costs down for the two of you.

His eyes are closed. He stands there stroking his own enormous cock. It is only inches from your face. You have never seen a cock as large as his before except in porno films. You realize that you could grasp that cock in both your hands and still not cover it from view.

You want to jump up but you do not. You want to yell, "What the fuck are you doing?" You remain silent. You continue to stare up at the monstrous cock above you. You are hypnotized by what you see.

His ball sac is large and smooth, free of hair as is the rest of his body. It bounces with each stroke of his hand. The shaft is thick and straight. The veins on it stand out like the muscles on a straining athlete. The engorged cockhead is purple and shiny. The slit at the tip is already oozing precum that glistens in the early morning sunlight that now floods the room. His hand moves up and down that swollen piece of flesh as he moves ever closer to his finish.

His face is a grimace now. His movements grow ragged and swift. His body tenses. His back arches. He lets out a sound someplace between a groan and a yell. His spasms begin as ropes of white cream blast from his spurting cock onto your face and neck. You open your mouth in surprise and warm cum splashes onto your tongue. You have just tasted another man's juices for the first time. Without thinking, you open your mouth even wider.

For what seems like a full minute, he coats your face in cum. Still, it is done too soon.

He opens his eyes and looks down at you with a sheepish grin. "I'm sorry. I really am." he says.

You know he's not. You can see it in his face. There is a challenge there.

"I saw you beating off. It got me so hot. I couldn't help myself."

You want to be angry. You have a right. You want to yell and scream and threaten. All you can manage is "It's okay. No problem."

He smiles, pats your shoulder and trots off to the bathroom to clean up.

You stare after him. With the cum drying on your face and body, your hand drifts down to your newly hardened cock and you wonder what other surprises the weekend will have in store. 
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