A Business mans surprise

By webbyhose

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I was on business and was staying a couple of nights in a hotel.

I had just phoned my wife and now was wondering what to do with myself. I decided rather than hit the bar I would go for a swim in the hotel pool. When I got there I had it all to myself and was enjoying the luxury of swimming alone. I had done a few lengths and was having a breather when I heard someone else coming into the poolroom. I felt a bit aggrieved as my peace was disturbed. I glanced up and to my surprise felt a jolt of sexual urge. I was surprised because the person sliding into the water was a man. I was 44 and had never had any sort of bi or gay tendencies.

The man getting into the pool was in his late 50’s or early 60’s. He had a full head of silver hair and a tanned and very muscular body. I could see an impressive bulge in his black Speedos. I looked up and noticed that he seen me staring. I blushed as he smiled and then I went back to swimming. I was confused about how attracted I was to this man. I put it down to being away from home, feeling horny and that the site of naked flesh even on a male was alluring to me. I kept checking his body out of the corner of my eye. I realised my cock was getting hard. Feeling even more confused I decided to get out of the pool and get dressed. Even though I say it myself my cock is by no means small being 7 and half inches and thick. I got out as near my towel as possible so I could hide my obvious excitement. I quickly walked into the changing area without looking back. I went into the communal shower and started to clean off the chlorine. My cock stubbornly remained hard. I either needed the shower on cold or to start masturbating. I decided on the former and stretched my hand out to the mixer when a voice said,

“Mmmmmmmmm very impressive. I thought it was good in the trunks but in all its uncut glory it’s a corker.”

I looked up and saw my pool companion smiling at me and lowering his Speedos. I couldn’t help but look at his hardening cock. It was about 6 inches, thick and cut. He walked over to me a stoked my cock. It was like an electric shock through my body.

“Look I’m not gay,” I spluttered.

“Your cock and the look you gave me would give a lie to that.”

His hands were now around my waste and he was pulling me towards me. Our cocks crushed together. His hands stroked down my back and around my arse. My head was telling me to push this guy away but my body was telling me to let him use me. He leaned towards me and kissed me. I couldn’t believe a man was putting his tongue in my mouth and that rather then punching him I was kissing him back. As we kissed and his hands explored me we heard the changing room doors open. We broke apart and I picked up my towel and went back to the changing area. My companion remained to clean himself. A couple of guys were just slipping into costumes. I chose to use a cubicle, as my cock was still painfully hard. As I came out my companion was drying himself.

“ My name is Giles and I am in room 241. Come along in 30 minutes if you want but I’ll understand if you decide otherwise.”

I went to my room and sat on my bed confused, horny and undecided. My cock was still hard and I could not get Giles body and cock out of my mind.

After 30 minutes I found myself outside room 241 and knocking on the door.

The door opened and Giles stood in a dressing gown smiling the biggest, whitest smile I had ever seen. His hand took mine and pulled me into the room. He started to kiss me and I responded giving in to the intense desire. Giles took off my pullover as I pulled down my jeans. I was naked and standing before him. He pushed me slowly down on the bed and began to stroke my cock. The feeling of a mans hand on my hardness was fantastic and being a man he really knew how to wank a cock. I moaned and lay back. His other hand stroked my thighs.

I was close to cumming and Giles expertly brought me to the edge before easing off. This went on for about half an hour and I was begging to cum. After a few more minutes he brought me over the top. My orgasm was the most intense I had ever had. Hot cum sprayed over Giles’ hand. He leaned over me and licked his hand clean.

He kissed me and whispered, “ My turn.”

I pulled him towards me and kissed him, my tongue explored his mouth and my hand wrapped around his cock. I had never held another cock and the feel of hardness and smooth flesh felt fantastic.

Giles gave a low moan as my pace quickened and my kisses got stronger. I wasn’t quite as expert as Giles at keeping another man on the edge and I soon felt warm fluid on my hand as Giles held me even tighter. We pulled apart and without thinking I licked it’s salty protein from my hand. Giles and I sat naked on his bed catching our breath. His hand stroked my thighs whilst mine idly explored his muscular chest and washboard stomach.

“ Well straight guy how was your first experience with a man?”

“ Unbelievable,” I gasped “ I hope that there is more to come.”

He laughed and pushed me on the bed and sat on my chest. He moved up so his cock was in front of my face. The musk of a man filled my nostrils. My cock grew hard again. My tongue licked the end of Giles’ cock where the taste lingered. In a swift movement He was lying on top of me his legs and cock between my legs. He held me as I had held my wife many times and kissed me. I responded and wrapped my legs around him.

Our hard cocks rubbed together. It felt so good.

Giles started licking my ear and then whispered, “ I want to fuck you. I will be gentle and you will love it.”

I looked him in the eye. Deep down I knew that when I took the decision to come to this room I knew Giles was going to fuck me. I nodded my agreement.

Giles opened a drawer and took out a tube of lubrication. He knelt between my legs and put lube on his fingers. He slowly began to rub my hole. I shuddered at his touch. He stroked me for a minute or so before beginning to slide a lubricated finger inside me. He fingered me for several minutes eventually getting three inside me. It felt great. I had never felt horny and sexy. I started to thrust back at his insistent exploring.

“Fuck me!!!” I cried.

Giles smiled and poured lube on his now condom covered cock before positioning himself in front of my man pussy. He entered me. It took several minutes of patient moving in a little then out until he was fully inside me. The feeling was strange but intensely satisfying. Giles then fucked me. Waves of pleasure shook my body. I held him tight as he told me how sexy I was and how he had wanted me since seeing me in the pool. His talk got dirtier as his thrusts became stronger. He called me his cock hungry bitch and got me to admit that I was a dirty cock whore.

I was delirious with desire and feeling of wild abandonment.

Giles shouted out he was cumming as I felt him tense. His face showed force of his orgasm. He collapsed on me and rained kissed over my face and neck.

His cock slowly deflated and my arse began to feel very empty.

Giles then found my hard cock and once again treated me to an expert hand job. My cum sprayed over his hot body and I collapsed gasping. We slowly drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms..