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A Casual Encounter

A curious teen decides to experiment at a local cruising spot
I'd heard about gay cruising, and the idea always intrigued me. Just showing up to a random place and having a guy suck you off, or sucking him off, sounded incredibly exciting when I read about it online.

Let me explain; I'm an eighteen year old guy, well built with dark brown hair and a hidden desire for cock. The idea of licking a shaft up to the head and swallowing it down my throat sends a shiver down my spine every time. In time, thoughts no longer satisfied me; I needed to actually taste a cock.

So, I search for gay cruising spots in my local area and find one not too far away, in a disused public loo. I headed down there at the stated time, around 9PM, to try and get some action. I entered the toilets; three stalls, all empty, with a banks of urinals opposite. Two small sinks by the entrance completed the furnishings.

Upon investigation, I found two holes, around four inches in diameter, cut into the stall walls around the height that your face would be at when sat on the toilet. With these holes, the occupant of the middle stall could service the occupants of both end stalls. I sat on the middle loo, and locked the door. Thus began the wait.

Fifteen minutes later, I heard somebody walk in. He entered the stall to my left, and I heard the rusty bolt slide into place, locking the door. I heard a zipper and trousers dropping to the floor. I peeked through the hole to see a guy in his mid-forties, dressed in a smart pinstripe suit and with a nice looking cock.

As his body turned towards the hole, I quickly withdrew. A finger probed the hole, which I knew indicated his interest. I copied the action, and subsequently a large, hairless cock slid through the gloryhole. So here it was; my first encounter with a real cock (other than my own). I gingerly placed my hand upon it, and it jumped at my touch, My own cock began to harden as I realised that I would be making this guy cum.

I planter a kiss on the tip of the cock; a dab of precum stuck to my lips - it's heavenly taste I shall never forget. I closed my lips around the head, and began to suck. I drew him into my mouth, flicking my tongue across the head as I did so. His cock grew in my mouth, responding to the attention that I was giving it.

My head was bobbing up and down, savouring each and every second. Before I knew what was going on, I found myself the receiver of a merciless face fuck; nay, a skull fuck. The owner of this glorious appendage began to pound the toilet wall, forcing his cock down my throat. I just sat there, just a passive recipient.

Finally, I heard him moan loudly as he shot his load right into my waiting mouth. Stream after stream of cum landed on my tongue, some of the ropes landing on my cheeks and chin. I held him in my mouth as I vacuumed the last few drops from his urethra. The cock withdrew, and he left very quickly.

I hadn't swallowed yet; I wanted to enjoy every last morsel of this 'gift'. Using my fingers, I took the cum off my face and sucked it into my mouth to join the rest.When all the cum that had been delivered was sitting on my tongue, I swilled it round, enjoying the saltiness of the load.

Gratefully, I swallowed the sperm. The feeling of the semen sliding down my throat was too much; I bust a nut in my pants at the feeling. Not wishing to leave a trace, I quickly swallowed that load too.

My experience was satisfying, but I still craved more. Needless to say, I returned to the disused toilet...

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