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A Casual Encounter

A casual encounter becomes a very hot afternoon
This is a true story that took place in mid August. I had been very horny for quite some time. My wife felt like sex once or twice a month was plenty. It had been several weeks since the last time we'd had sex. I was starting to look at more porn and read more stories. Then one day I was looking at Craigslist and came across the casual encounters section.

I started reading through the ads but nothing caught my eye. I decided to post an ad myself. I posted in the M4M section to see what results I would find. I had been fantasizing about being with a man for a really long time.Within minutes of my ad being put up I received several emails from different guys of all ages, then I came across an email from a guy about my age and build who sent a picture of his cock that looked very nice.

I was really nervous about responding to him but you only live once. What the hell, here goes. We exchanged a few emails then phone numbers and some hot texts saying what we would like to do to each other. We were both free later that afternoon and he was able to host. It worked out perfectly so we decided to meet around 4:00 pm at his house.

I have never been so scared as I was that day when I pulled up in front of his house. I sent him a text letting him know I was there. He replied with "come in".

When I knocked on the door I heard a voice call out, "It's open."

I went on in to find him sitting in a recliner with a laptop on a TV tray, watching porn. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to throw up. As I sat down in the recliner next to him he asked what I was into. I didn't really know what to say. I told him it didn't matter to me. We hadn't even introduced ourselves, we just sat there for a few minutes watching porn and rubbing our crotches.

I apologize for not using "his" name but I never asked and he didn't offer. That was fine with me but for the story's sake I'll call him Jake as that was the name of a coworker of mine who was really hot.

After a few minutes Jake got up and came over to me. He pulled his boxers down and put his cock right in my face. I had never had a cock that close to my face before. I reached up and put my hand around it. His cock felt so smooth in my hand as I started stroking him. Jake started to make quiet little moans.

While I was stroking him I became braver about actually wanting to put his throbbing cock in my mouth. I decided to go for it. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and let him slide his hot dick into my mouth. He was very clean tasting, not musky at all.

As I started to bob my head on his dick he reached down and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. This felt incredible, a nice cock in my mouth and Jake rubbing my cock. Jake then started to unbutton my shorts and pull them down. I had to stand up to be able to pull them and my boxers over my hard on.

We lay down on the carpet in a 69 and went work on each other. Jake had obviously done this before, he was giving me one of the best blow jobs I had ever received. I, too, was doing pretty well from the humming and moaning he was doing on my dick.

We kept this up for a few minutes until I had to pull away, not wanting to cum yet. Jake took that as a cue to pull out of my mouth also. Jake then got up and went to another room, then came back with condoms and lube. Just when my heart had stopped pounding so hard I thought, "Oh fuck, I don't know if I'm ready for this," but I just sat there as he opened one of the condoms and rolled it over my dick.

I immediately calmed down and got a lot hornier at the thought of fucking his smooth ass. Jake pushed me back down on my back and straddled me reverse cowgirl style. He guided my dick to his lubed up man pussy and sank down on it in one steady motion. His ass was so hot around my cock as he began to ride up and down on it. All I could do was lay there, hold his hips and enjoy myself.

As Jake was riding my cock he began rubbing my balls, sliding his finger down to my asshole and rubbing all around it. I loved the feeling of my balls being fondled while I was fucking and to have him playing with my asshole almost sent me over the edge.

We started speeding up the pace as I spread my legs to give him more access to my hungry hole. By now Jake was really grinding on my dick and fingering my ass. I was in total ecstasy as I filled the condom with my hot cum. I could feel my cum running down the condom as my dick began to soften.

I knew now that I was next. I was so ready to be fucked after he had given me a good fingering. I rolled over on to my hands and knees with my ass in the air. I propped myself up on my elbows awaiting the fucking I was about to receive.

Jake moved in behind me and started kissing my ass crack and licking my virgin asshole. He then put a finger in and started working it all around until I was begging him to fuck me. I felt him lube up my ass and then his cock push past my opening.

The pain was crazy but it felt too good to ask him to stop. I could feel my cock beginning to grow once more as he slowly pushed deeper in me. Jake began to speed up his pace until he was fucking me like no tomorrow. The longer he fucked me the better it felt. By this time I was pushing back on his cock as hard as he was fucking me. I reached under with one hand and started rubbing his balls as he did mine, finally putting a finger in his ass also. Just a couple of minutes of this and Jake buried his cock balls deep in my ass and shot his load in me.

I was really surprised to feel his hot cum inside me, not realizing he didn't put a condom on. I thought, "Are you fucking kidding me?" I got up, really pissed off, and used his boxers to clean myself. I got dressed and he told me not to worry because he was clean. He then left the room and came back with some sort of health card saying he was in fact clean.

I was still a little upset but had to admit it felt really good to be filled with his spunk. I left shortly afterwards and haven't had any contact with him since. I don't know if I could go through with it again but at least I will not regret never having tried.

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