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A cock-filled Cruise

What happens when two straight guys board a gay cruise ship.
It all started when I won the bet against Jacko; I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him but I did so I can’t change it.

Anyways I won this bet and the prize/winnings ended up being two tickets for an amazing Mediterranean cruise. Since I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time I decided to take my best mate, Rob. As two smoking’ bachelors getting on an awesome boat for two hot weeks, I was sure we would score. That was until we boarded the ship, we thought it was a bit odd seeing so many guys about, but we made nothing of it until later that evening.

Anyways, Rob and I had rooms beside one another. The rooms each had a massive double bed, a small mini bar, a TV and a bathroom. 'These rooms were obviously made to get lucky in', I thought to myself and my cock started to stiffen at the thought of sex.

Rob and I then met up for drinks in the bar later that night, this is where we realized we were on a gay cruise. The stares we were getting from guys was remarkable, the amount of testosterone in that room was definitely rising by the second.

Rob yelled“Fucking Jacko!” as we walked back to our rooms.

I couldn’t believe it, that son of a bitch. I bet he was just sitting at home, laughing his face off.

Since we couldn’t get off the boat we decided to embrace it, so what if we didn't have countless women begging for our stiff cocks, we still had an amazing swimming pool, a gym and a bar.

Thanks for the holiday Jacko.

Each day I spent about 3 hours doing gym work, two hours lying by the pool and god only knows how many of the rest, drinking. All I really know is that I was extremely happy; the booze, sun and weights were all I needed.

I began to notice that Rob was becoming distracted by another guy on the ship; this other guy was a dirty golden haired Australian with an average body and a nicely shaped package which I could see through his swim shorts. Later that night I cornered Rob and asked him what’s going on.

He said “Matt, I’m just so curios, all the guys on this boat are at it with one another and it’s almost as if I’m missing out.”

I said “So what, are you gay now?”

He replied “Na’ mate, um it’s kinda’ like scientific research if ya’ know what I mean.”

By that stage I knew I’d lost him. The next day at the pool, Rob got up to go and change into his swim shorts and as he entered the changing room the “Dirty Australian” also got up and followed, I don’t even want to know what they are up to.

That night I could hear Rob’s moans through the wall. I could only imagine a sweaty Rob with an Australian's cock spraying cum into the back of his throat.

The next day I went and sat by the pool, Rob was also there. Rob came over to me.

I looked up and said “So how was the dirty Australian's cock?”

He looked at me in disgust and said “His name is actually Tom, and it was amazing. It’s everything I could of wished for.”

I looked up at him in surprise, I couldn't believe that my best mate may be swinging the other way. I needed to get out of there so I decided to take my anger out on the gym equipment.

There was one other guy in the gym doing flexibility training on a Swiss Ball. I decided to mount the bike and go for a short ride. After about 10 km of hard pumping, I decided to have a rest. The other guy asked me if I'd mind spotting him while he lifted.

I replied “No worries mate, I'll be over in a second.”

I made my way over to the bench and stood above him.

“Hey I’m Matt” I said.

He replied “I’m Kris, just trying to get in peak form for the college lacrosse team.”

I had never actually met a lacrosse player so it was interesting finding out about the game and how physical it was. Kris was quite strong and could definitely bench a respectable amount. After three sets, he decided to call it a day and head back to his room. As he walked out the door he yelled, “Hey Matt, tomorrow at 10am I’m going to do some laps round the pool, you should come too.”

“Sounds good, see you there mate,” I responded.

It looked as if I had a gym buddy. I went to bed that night and fell asleep to the dull thuds and moans of Rob and Tom fucking, next door.

The next day I got up at 9:30 and headed down to the pool, I met Kris as I came out of my room.

“Oh you’ve got a nice one,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I replied,

“I’ve only got a single bed and that’s about it,” Kris said.

I just laughed. We got to the pool when I realized that I didn’t bring my own swimming togs so I’d have to wear some of the supplied ones. Kris and I went into the changing room and got into our swim shorts.

These were tiny Lycra shorts a bit bigger then Y-fronts but a lot smaller than boxer briefs, my cock was pushing hard against the fabric and I could definitely see that it would probably fall out during our swim. We started our lengths and swam for about and hour until our legs felt like jelly. It was nice to have someone to train with that had about the same fitness level as myself. We made our way back into the changing room when Kris looked at me and let out a laugh, “Umm, you may need to readjust there, Cowboy!”

I looked down to see my cock running down my leg and quickly stuffed it back into my shorts with embarrassment. We got changed back into our gym gear and headed off to the gym. At the gym Kris got into his lacrosse gear.

“Why are you all kitted up” I asked,

“Well there’s no point training without it!” he exclaimed.

I went over to the Swiss ball and dumbbells to do some upper body work while Kris ran on the treadmill. After another steady 90 minutes of hard work, we decided to call it a day.

Kris said, “Hey bro, do you mind if I use the shower in your room, I don’t really have one.”

“No problem mate” I replied.

We got back to my room and I said “You can shower first.”

Kris started undressing in the lounge while I turned on the TV, as he took of his underwear I noticed what a good looking guy he was, he had short black hair, nice blue eyes and an amazing smile. His body was in peak physical condition and his abs and pecs were rock hard from the intense cardio work he had been doing.

He was fully shaven and he had a nice cock, really thick and it would have been around 7-8 inches long. I stalled him and asked him how old he was and if he was gay, he said he was 21 and that he was bi.

I threw him a towel and he put it round his waist and walked into the bathroom. As I sat on the bed thinking to myself I became more curious. Rob’s thoughts popped into my head and I suddenly realized that I was missing out, my cock stiffened at the thought of Kris naked in the shower, soon about to re-enter my room naked.

I heard the water turn off and the door open, he was standing there, butt naked with the towel around his neck and his arms on his head.

Wow, what a stunner.

I dropped my clothes onto the floor and my cock started to stiffen. I couldn’t help but notice Kris glancing at my 9 inch cock and my abs. I noticed he started to get hard. I quickly went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. After about 15 minutes of standing under the hot water. I got out of the shower to realize I didn't have a towel. I opened the door and noticed Kris lying on my bed, still naked and still smoking hot.

“Come on Matt you know you want to...” he whispered in a dull hypnotic voice.

I couldn’t resist any longer, my cock fully stiffened into a massive 9 inch erection and I fell onto the bed beside Kris. His thick dick also stiffened and made me even harder. We just lay there, checking one another out until Kris put his hand onto my thigh and ran it up to my groin.

He grabbed my cock with a nice strong grip and started stroking up and down. After about 2 minutes of steady stroking, he got onto his knees and knelt over me, his massive balls were just hanging there; I felt as if I could just grab them and put them in my mouth.

He put his mouth next to my groin and then took me in. It felt amazing - the warmth of his mouth and the tightness of his throat just sent me over the edge. I could hear him, gagging on my cock, his head rocking back and forward. I then felt a tension arising within my balls and I could tell he sensed it too. After a few more head bobs I started shooting, 12 shots of warmed, salty cum flowed into his mouth.

He swallowed half of it but he savored the other half. He motioned for me to roll over and I rolled onto my stomach. I then felt a warm slimy liquid being rubbed all over my ass.

Kris said “You’ve got some nice cum on ya’ boy. Do you mind if I break you in?”

I don’t know how he knew about my virginity but he did.

I replied “As long as you take it slow.”

He told me to get onto my knees and put my head down. I could feel his strong hands spread my cheeks and rub in the rest of my still warm cum. I then felt the push of his thick throbbing cock against my tight hole.

He shouted “How’s it going down there, Cowboy?”

“Good” I replied.

I then felt him push harder as my hole began to stretch open, I let out a groan of pleasurable pain yet Kris kept of pushing. I then felt myself give away completely and he was inside me.

I felt so good to have something that seemed so foreign penetrating me.

I felt Kris rubbing my back in congratulations and then he started thrusting. I could feel his massive, shaven balls slapping against my ass and his thick cock going in and then back out. The feel of his knob rubbing against my sphincter aroused me and the constant massage of my prostate made me want to ejaculate once again.

After about 15 minutes of hard thrusting and loud groans supplied by both of us, I finally felt his cock swell and his hot semen shoot into my anal cavity, we both collapsed onto the bed and then we fell asleep.

I woke up late the next morning to see Kris had gone but there was a note, it had his email address and said he had gone to the gym. Boy was he serious about his lacrosse. It also said he had borrowed my clothes as he’d left his in the gym, and that we might see one another tonight.

I lay in bed for a while, reminiscing over last night when I heard a knock at the door, “Come in” I yelled.

I presumed it was Kris, however Rob walked in with a massive grin on his face,“Good night there bud...or should I say cowboy?” he smirked.

“Ha-ha, very funny mate but actually it was, I can see how you and Tom are still at it after four days” I replied.

I got out of bed and forgot I was stark naked, I quickly grabbed a towel and caught Rob having a good look,“You can’t afford this” I joked and turned to walk into the bathroom.

Rob then asked “Matt, what’s that all over your back?”

I turned around to look in the mirror and a layer of dried semen coated my lower back and bum, “It's moisturizer” I jokingly replied and shut the bathroom door.

As I showered again I couldn’t help but wonder what Rob was like in bed, I had never seen him naked and the mysteriousness that surrounded him was kind of arousing. As I got out of the shower and walked back into my room, I noticed that Rob was standing there in his boxers.

He said “The actual reason I came here was to ask if I could have a shower, Tom broke my one shower.”

“Go for it mate” I replied.

I noticed he was hardening up at the sight of my wet body, I bent over my suit case to lure him in and boy did it lure him. I felt his hand on my ass and then his cock press into my glutes. I stood back up and dropped my towel as he checked out my body. I think he was impressed by my nicely shaped 6-pack and my 9 inch cock.

Rob dropped his boxers to reveal his surprising massive cock, was about the same size as mine but almost twice as thick, he was also fully shaven; it must be the new thing, he alsohad a really nice body with well defined muscles.

I pushed him onto the bed and his cock began to stiffen. All 9 inches of it was standing and I went in for the kill. First I started by licking from the bottom to the top of his shaft, when I got to his massive knob I started to swirl my tongue around it.

I knew this got him off as his ball sac became tight and hard. I then took him in my mouth and into my throat. I rocked my head forward and back and could taste the salty pre-cum spurting from the end of Rob’s penis; I could hear him letting out dull moans every 20 seconds.

Finally I felt his cock swell in my mouth and before I knew it Rob was moaning fiercely and I was having steady strings of his hot salty cum hit the back of my throat. I kept some of his cum in my mouth and rubbed it all over my cock and his ass, “You’ve just been moisturized!” I laughed.

Rob let out a short laugh but I think he was still surprised about my killer blow job.

I rolled Rob over onto his stomach and hoisted his legs over my shoulders. I then pushed my cock into his ass, there was a lot of tension at first but after a while Rob’s ass just gave in and a reassuring pop was heard as my knob entered.

I started rocking back and forward, my hard cock pushing into his prostate, satisfying him more. After 10 minutes of vigorous thrusting I felt a burning within my loins and I knew it was time for me to blow my load, Rob knew it too. He began to feel my cock swell and I started to cum, after 3 shots inside him I pulled out and came all over his chest and face.

He responded by shooting his remaining semen into my face. I lay there beside him, breathing heavily and fell to sleep once again. After another 3 hours of sleep, Rob woke up and jumped out of bed; I sat up and observed my handy-work. He was completely covered in dried cum on his front and his bum and lower back were as well.

“I wonder what else we can do in 7 days?” he laughed.
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