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A freindly visit

I was in college for about 2 years now doing a computer science degree and I was a little sad that I didn't have a girlfreind yet. I studied, I did homework, I ate, I slept, but I never got to fuck somebody In all the time I was here. the College stereotype is so misleading I remember thinking but oh, man was I ever wrong!

I had met a freind in my class and he was holding a party this saturday. He told me that his select freinds were invited and at that moment His eyes looked at me in a very peculiar way. I knew he was gay so I didn't think much of it. He knew where I stood on the sexual orientation thing and He knew I felt no attraction towards guys. We carried the conversation on for a while and I told him about my involvement in the local karate club. He said "wow, I should come to that next time!" I told him that it was fine if he went and that we gathered every tuesday and friday. he invited me to join his club the following day.

I got to the club early but my freind (Darren by the way) was waiting for me outside the dojo. He was wearing a tight tee shirt that showed off his huge biceps and hard abs and a pair of shorts. I was wearing the traditional Gi but I couldn't help feeling guilty at his great body image that was absent in me. I couldn't help but notice the rather large bulge in his shorts and felt another surge of jealousy. "shall we go in?" he asked.

It was a fun class. We did sparring and throws and breakfalls on pads the sensei brought out for us and I managed to throw darren down onto the mats with a big THWACK. we laughed at that and everybody played a wrestling game to try to get the vollleyball away from each other. The class ended with a game of dodgeball that left us all sweating and tired. We all changed in the changing rooms but I decided to close my eyes and rest awhile. When the noise around me died I saw It was just me and Darren left. He was  naked for some reason and was combing the entire room in search of something.

"stupid sons of bitches" he said and I asked what he was looking for he told me his clothes were gone. I helped look for them but they were nowhere to be found. Darren sighed and said "well are you going to get changed or what?" I gave a start and stripped off in front of him. I felt a strange tingle in my dick but I thought it was just nervousness from being naked in front of another guy. He was looking at me while I changed and I noticed he was fondling his cock a bit. And that was a huge fucking cock! As I had guessed before, He was huge down there! I looked and said to him "you fuck many guys with that thing?" He laughed and got up. "oh you would just love it would't you?" he gave some joke thrusts against my leg and I backed away in a fighting stance. " get off me you gay fucker". "you know you want it" he said. We laughed and started wrestling. I realised halfway through that I was naked and he was too.

Our bodies were pressing together and His cock kept hitting me. He let out a moan and I realised he was getting pleasure out of this. But oddly I was not repulsed. I was hearing another moan and I realised it was me. This was getting blatantly erotic and I did not really care. All the odd curiosities in my life were coming together in one realisation. I wanted to try it. I wanted to suck him, be fucked by him, to feel his hard body and that is just what I did.

I started to run my hands over the parts of his body and I slowly worked my way down to his cock. I took the thick pole in my hand and started rubbing him. He groaned and I could tell I was doing a good job. He grabbed my head and brought it to his for a long passionate kiss. His tounge was swirling around in my mouth and I thought fuck this guy is good. I broke the kiss and brought myself slowly down onto his meat and started sucking with abandon. He groaned and his breating quickened while I was able to inspect his monster meat more closely.

I ran my hands over his veins and rubbed his pubic hair. He was a good 9 inches long and I longed to suck it. I took him into my mouth and ran my tongue over his head and tasted salty precum. I fondled his testicles and my other hand found it's way to his anus. I thought he's been with another guy before, so why not? and started to fingerfuck him. My other finger worked it's way into him and he moaned untill I had all of my fingers struggling into his asshole. He moaned in pain or pleasure or maybe both I don't really care and My fist popped all the way in. It was surprisingly easier to move once I was already in him and he was going wild over this. His anal muscle was tightening around my wrist and he started to cum into my mouth. I tickled his prostate with all of my fingers and he still came. again and again shots of hot creamy cum came pouring into my mouth untill I was struggling to swallow. He was comeing more than once! I spat out a bunch of his come and used it as a lube with my one free hand. I rubbed his own come all over the base of his cock and he was shouting while he came again and again.

He finally calmed down but couldn't manage coherent speech. I heard "oooh.....ehh......ahh......uhh..." and I reveled in come. Come was everywhere. On my face and the floor on my hands on my chest on his stomach and I reveled in it. but I was in serious need of getting a nut off so I went over to him once more and he immediately got the idea. I positioned myself behind him and had no trouble getting into his already streched out asshole. He groaned again and I started fucking him harder, each stroke hilt deep and I lost myself in it. He was shouting again and The come stream had started. I had built up a hughe fucking load and he knew just how to get it from me. I was yelling with each stroke as the suspense became painful and then I thought "here it comes ohhh here it comes ohh fuuuuck" I don't know If I really thought it or if I said it but shortly After I screamed in a mind-blowing orgasm.

A fucking full cup of the stuff went shooting deep into Darren's asshole and He shouted at me, grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me deeper into him. His ass hole was milking every last drop of come out of me and It all kept comeing untill I was afraid My balls would dry up.

We collapsed in a heap on top of each other. Darren managed to speak first and he said


"just wait till you visit MY club !!!"


To be continued

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