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A Little Experiment

As a curious teen James had always wondered about sex. Not just straight sex, nor lesbians, but gay sex. He wondered, what would it be like to taste semen in my mouth or occasionally, does it hurt having another man inside my ass? These were all thoughts he had never acted upon and doubted if he ever would.

Yet as a sportsman he would often see his team mates in the showers, and couldn't help but linger at the sight of their cocks. Yes he had masturbated over the images they left in his head before, but never thought anything of it. Sometimes, it led to watching a bit of gay porn on his laptop. But he always felt dirty afterward.

On a warm summer ,he was home alone and was going to be all day. He woke up late, and laid in bed, too hot to wear clothes, exposing his athletic body and hairy cock and balls. He loved the feeling of the sheets against his skin, the soft gentle linen turned him on.

He saw his laptop on the floor next to his bed; he'd stayed up late last night talking to friends. He thought to himself, well I'll treat myself to a wank. So he pulled on the internet and saw a girl sucking a guy off as the first link. He wished he was that girl, with a throbbing cock in his mouth, filling his throat with cum.

He decided to load a video of some gay porn, not unusual but all the more exciting! Whilst watching the two guys kissing, and rubbing his hands, he found his way to his semi erect 7 inch cock and his ample ginger balls. He began to rub his balls gently and slowly moved his hand up and down his shaft.

His little finger grazed from his balls onto his tight virgin hole. Woah, that felt good. It tingled. James began to contemplate again what it would be like to have something inside it. He decided to try it, just one finger. It can't hurt, and he could stop if he wasn't enjoying it.

His hand moved away from his balls and cock and began to gently rub his hole, making it moist with sweat. He took his middle finger and tried to slide the tip in.

It hurt, it stung, but the tingles went all the way into his balls and he loved the feeling it left deep in the pit of them. He wanted more. He had to have more.

He forced his middle finger all the way into his arse; it felt uncomfortable, but there was no turning back now. He pushed it deeper. The tip of his finger hit something. Something moist. Something soft. Something that made his cock harder than ever before. James realised he had found his prostate, and boy, did it feel good. He rubbed his finger back and forth over his new found pleasure zone. Making his breathing heavy, and his cock harder he carried on.

His spare hand found his cock; it began to rub up and down in time with each stroke of his prostate. It felt amazing, it tingled in his balls, his arse squeezed tight around his finger, wanting more and more, he wanted to explode!

He was so close to cumming; he rubbed his cock harder, pushed his finger into his tight hole harder and rubbed his prostate faster. He was there, in heaven, it was about to explode!

Sure enough, James shot his load all over his face, and his chest. It was hot and sticky. He liked it. He made sure he licked every drop of his hot sweaty salty cum off of his face. His ass pushed his finger out. He felt sore, violated, but relieved.

He'd definitely be experimenting with this again.

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