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A Long Voyage to Sydney

Two teenage brothers have a hard trip to Australia

In 1963 my family decided to emigrate to Australia. My father had an offer
of a job so he, my mother and little sister sailed to Sydney in May. My
twin brother and I stayed with our grandparents until June, after we had
taken important school exams.
     So on 14th of June our grandparents took us down to Tilbury docks to
embark on the P & O liner "Orsova". We were allocated a two berth cabin,
and nobody felt it strange that two 16 year old boys were travelling on
their own.
  The first three days were spent mainly in our cabin, the weather was
rainy, the sea was rough, and we were seasick. When we woke on the fourth
day the sea was as calm as a millpond, and the sun was shining down on the
ship. We quicklystripped down to our little swimming shorts and made our
way to the ship's swimming pool, where we stayed all day.
  After a few days I became a bit worried because my brother, Peter,
started to go off with members of the ship's crew. Sometimes, he was away
for a couple of hours at a time. When I asked him about it, he was a bit
cagey, saying that they were showing him the parts of the ship that
passengers normally didn't see. I decided to follow him, the next time he
went missing. Next day I saw him talking to the Ship's Bosun and then walk
off with him , so I carefully followed them. After going through various
passages they entered a door marked "Petty Officer's Mess" and closed the
door behind them. I waited for about twenty minutes and as they didn't come
out. I decided to follow them inside and see what was happening.
    As I entered the room I saw six men including my brother sat round a
large table playing cards, they were all in various stages of undress.
Peter was only wearing his underpants, and look shocked to see me. I
demanded to know what was going on a the Bosun said " We are playing strip
poker and your brother is losing, why not take over his hand and see if you
can win his clothes back, overwise he will have to buy them back with sex."
I was appalled, but could not see any other way out of the situation that
my twin had got himself into.
    I started playing but very quickly started to lose my clothes as
well. Soon I was down to my little white briefs, and lost the very next
hand. Peter and I were helped onto the table and the randy seamen's hands
touched us everywhere. Then hands grasped our pants and started to pull
them down over our hips down our legs and off. I noticed that my brother
had got an erection but I was terrified.
   We were then pulled off the table and both of us were bent over it.  The
seamen were stripping off as well and I felt a couple of fingers coated
with some oily substance invading my bottom. Peter seemed to be in heaven,
even when the ship's carpenter started to slide his cock between the cheeks
of my twins skinny little ass. I felt a large cock exploring between my
cheeks and realised that the Bosun was going to fuck me. As his weapon
forced itself through my rosebud I had visions of him splitting me, but
although it hurt, it was not too bad. Having got all his cock inside my
youthful bottom,the Bosun started a slow and gentle thrusting motion.
    I looked over to see how Peter was handling the Carpenter's cock and
was amazed to see that not only was he being reamed up the ass, he was
sucking The Head Waiter's cock as well, and obviously liked the twin
assault. It was not long before I too had a giant cock thrust in front of
my face and a voice said "suck it or else". I had no choice and opened my
mouth to accommodate another angry cock. After about ten minutes both cocks
exploded in my ass and mouth, near enough simultaneously
    My brother and I had to service all five crew members, not once but
until they got fed up with molesting our young bodies. Eventually they let
us go, and we made our way back to our cabin. Every step I took reminded me
that my bum was stretched and sore, and my mouth tasted of the many loads
of cum that had been shot into it.
    It took four weeks to get to Sydney and the crew used us time and time
again. After a time, my ass got used to the abuse it was getting and the
feeling of pain was replaced by intense pleasure.  When the ship stopped
off in what was then Ceylon, we were taken ashore to entertain some rich
local businessmen who fancied our little white asses, and in Singapore we
were fucked by Chinese bankers. By the time that "The Orsova" berthed at
Cicular Quay, Peter and I were confirmed cocksuckers. Although this took
place many years ago, we have never looked back, and still enjoy taking a
juicy cock wherever our partner wants to put it.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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