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A Love of Two Teachers

Two teachers have some hot sex.
“Spit it out,” Mr. Miller said roughly, “You know it’s true.”

Mr. Lee sighed. “I already told you, I wasn’t flirting with Palmer! I mean really now, Bill, this is getting ridiculous. You think that I, a teacher, would think about any student of mine like that?”

Bill Miller laughed derisively. “Well, that explains why you, Eric Lee, single, is around him like ninety percent of the time, eh?”

“That’s not true!” Eric said frantically. “He’s just a good student, that’s all.”

“Come now, that won’t do.”

“Think what you want, but leave your delusions about me out of it!” Eric said, storming out of the teachers’ lounge and slammed the door shut.

Bill sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Eric had a peculiar personality that almost no one could fathom, but the fact that he fancied Aaron Palmer, a student in his fourth period P.E. class, was clear.

Even though Eric was only twenty seven, Bill didn’t think it was appropriate for a teacher to be flirting with a student, no matter the situation. Bill wouldn’t understand such emotions; he was approaching thirty six and was married for many years. Although…

Sometimes Bill wished that Eric’s attentions would be paid to him. Eric was a sweet kind of guy, pretty, innocent and unsuspecting. Even though Bill was a bit hypocritical, he couldn’t help but love Eric. It was more instinctual than anything physical, though. Even though they were both P.E. teachers, Bill was buff and stocky, while Eric was fit and slim. They couldn’t be more different, and yet… the attraction that Bill had for Eric was undeniable.

Bill sighed again. His head kept running around in circles over what he knew couldn’t be true. It would never happen, and thinking about it was pointless. Bill grabbed his clipboard and left the teachers’ lounge.


Eric Lee sighed as we walked in the halls to the gym. Bill was such a problem at times, especially when he figured things about Eric that no one else did. After all, no one else had realized who he liked in class. And yet, Bill still wasn’t astute enough, otherwise he would’ve realized.

The reason why he liked Aaron Palmer was because he was young and muscular and all that. But he couldn’t really compare to the nice body that Bill had; even though he was pretty old, his body was full of muscle like it was chiseled out of stone. If his cock was like that too…

Eric’s mouth watered just thinking about it. He thought that the cock would be pretty long, maybe eight inches at least… with a lot of muscle, so pretty thick… a nice soft red cap… If it was even remotely close, Eric would be happy. If only he could be with Bill.

Of course, Eric wasn’t lacking either. He had a decently sized dick, around seven inches, but he preferred having a hard cock in his mouth or ass. He loved the feeling of being taken over, being controlled by another powerful male presence.

He pushed all this out of his mind; it had no dominion there during class. As soon as he entered class, however, Aaron ran up to him.

“Hi Mr. Lee!” he said, smiling openly.

Eric gave him a warm smile back. “Oh hi Aaron, how’s life?”

“Oh, nothing much,” Aaron said, “hey, you want to go out for a drink tomorrow afternoon?”

Eric was totally caught off guard, and stuttered a bit. “Er… sure?”

“Okay, cool!” Aaron said. “I’ll see you tomorrow then. We’ll meet by the fountain.”

He held out his hand to shake, and Eric accepted. He felt Aaron press a paper slip into his hand, and put it deep inside his pocket. Aaron waved and headed back to his group of friends, leaving Eric standing there with a bewildered and slightly confused look on his face. As he pulled out the paper slip, he glanced at it and saw a phone number messily scrawled on it.

“Yo,” Eric heard a voice behind him and turned, startled.

“Oh, hi Bill,” he said nonchalantly.

“Umm,” Bill said, shifting from foot to foot. “What did the kid want from you?”

“He asked me if I wanted to go drinking tomorrow afternoon after school.”

“Oh.” Bill looked thoughtfully at Aaron, and then turned away moodily. Eric didn’t particularly care though; if he couldn’t get what he wanted most, he would get the second best.

And the rest of the class wasn’t really particularly interesting any more.


Eric hummed gleefully on his way back to the teachers' lounge. He had whizzed through fourth period without thinking about anything but Aaron, and he was still in a dream-like haze. Even though it was lunchtime, he couldn’t even think about eating; he was so hyped up.

Bill followed him into the air-conditioned room. “So umm…” he said hesitantly, scratching his head, “are you going to go?”

“Yeah,” Eric said, “why not?”

“So you do like him!” Bill said, pointing accusingly.

Eric blushed. “It’s not like that! What could happen, anyways?” He pushed Bill away roughly and walked towards the restroom.

Bill groaned and collapsed onto a sofa. All through fourth period he had been unable to think about Eric. About what lewd things he might do with Aaron. Would it start with drinking, and then Aaron taking advantage of Eric’s drunken state? Would it then go to gentle kissing, and touching, and then…

He shook his head roughly. He hoped that Eric wouldn’t be drawn in by Aaron, and that they wouldn’t do anything that a teacher and student shouldn’t.

Eric walked out of the bathroom, and Bill quickly composed a smile on his face. “So, you want to get lunch?”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Even though we only have to teach fifth period after lunch, a guy’s got to eat, eh? Which reminds me, Aaron doesn’t have a sixth, does he? So we can go then!”

Bill groaned inwardly. It was going to be a long day.


“How do I look?”

Bill turned around quickly only to be met by Eric coming out of the bathroom. He was dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans the clung to his legs. He wore a gray t-shirt that clung to his fit upper body and outlined his toned muscles, and pulled the look together with a small black jacket that hung loosely on his body.

He drew his breath silently, and it took a few seconds to recover his wits. “You look… great! But why are you putting it on now? You still have fifth period.”

“I’m going to wear it under my regular clothes so that I don’t have to waste time on changing.”

“Oh great, umm…” Bill said hesitantly. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Okay, but let me get some lunch first.”

“No wait,” Bill said, blocking the way. “I have to talk to you like right now.”

Eric stopped at looked at Bill quizzically, feigning innocence. “Umm… okay?”

“I…” Bill paused as he struggled to overcome his fear, and then turned away so Eric wouldn’t be able to see his face. “I… I like you… a lot.”

“Ehh?” Eric was startled not so much by the statement itself, but by how forthright Bill was. “What?”

“I said I like you a lot!” Bill said, his face growing red even with his back turned. He felt ridiculous; an old married guy like him confessing his love to his coworker. “So umm… don’t do anything immoral with Aaron, okay?”

Eric smirked. “Do what, have sex? Why not, hmm? It’s not like I have any other way to get off.”

Bill blushed even deeper. “Just don’t. Please.”

“Well,” Eric said, “it’s obvious I can’t do it with you, since you probably can’t get it off for a gay fuck like me, eh? You couldn’t fool anyone by saying that you like me, it’s just so blatantly untrue.” He was just being coy at this point.

Bill’s face hardened immediately. Before Eric could respond, he found himself pushed up against the beige walls and his tight jeans being pulled by an angry Bill. They ripped at the seams and bulged obscenely, until they finally ripped at the seams and exposed Eric’s boxers.

“What makes you think that I can’t do it with a little fucker like you, hmm?” he said, smiling cruelly at Eric. He pulled Eric’s jacket and shirt off of him as well, leaving him totally naked save his underwear.

The power play really did it for Eric, who had a hard-on already tenting his boxers. He was sweating with excitement, but Bill mistook it for fear and let go of him. Eric collapsed into a heap onto the ground, panting with pain and disappointment. Bill held his head and collapsed on a sofa, groaning painfully.

“I’m so sorry, Eric… I’m shameless. I…” he seemed at a loss for what to say. “I’ll get you a new pair of jeans tomorrow.”

“What if I said I liked it?” Eric whispered as he rose. He looked at Bill only to find that Bill was sobbing and couldn’t hear a word he said.

He rose from the ground, walked steadily up to Bill, and slapped him full in the face.

Bill only stared up at him through his tears, slightly confused. Eric practically screamed at him. “WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT YOU MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A MAN?”

That did it. Bill’s face transformed from an emotional mess instantly into a dark expression, with angry eyebrows and an even angrier frown.

He stood up and instantly punched Eric in the gut, sending him flying back to the wall. “Did you just hit me? DID YOU JUST HIT ME YOU LITTLE FUCK?”

His muscles rippled with strength and even through the haze of his pain Eric couldn’t wait to get to know all of that powerful flesh up close and personal. But it looked like Bill needed some anger to get it going, so he continued his act.

“You can say all you want,” Eric said, smirking evilly, “but it looks like you still can’t fuck me, eh?”

A little color rose to Bill’s cheeks. “Just you watch.”

He first pulled off his shirt, revealing a mess of chiseled muscle. Eric gazed at it and almost drooled; the muscle was definitely a turn on for him. Then, Bill pulled off his pants and underwear in one fell swoop, and his cock popped out, hard and ready. Eric gasped as he saw it; it was everything that he had imagined it to be and was even better in real life. He felt a wave of lust come over him, and suddenly he couldn’t think of anything except for Bill’s cock.

Bill roughly grabbed Eric and pushed him to the ground. Eric gasped in pain, and tried to take a deep breath to try and recover. Before he could respond, however, Bill shoved his big cock into Eric’s open mouth.

Bill suppressed a moan as the soft flesh of Eric’s mouth drew him in. His wife had never agreed to blow him, and she had lost interest in sex for several years. To finally have such a nice hole to shove his dick down was truly something that he had missed greatly.

As he was being face-fucked so roughly, Eric felt his mouth filling with saliva, and a wave of ecstasy passing over him. Being so roughly treated and yet having such a heavenly dick inside his mouth felt so delicious that he could relive it forever. Bill was pushing down from above, and Eric could feel the cock deep within his throat, putting a delicious pressure on the walls. It felt so good that he couldn’t wait to have it deep in his ass.

He caressed Bill’s hairy arms although he made it seem like he was struggling. They were packed with powerful muscle, and the hair really turned him on a lot; it was so soft and tickly and he couldn’t help but love the strong arm of the man who was shoving a rock-hard dick deep inside of him.

“What’s that?” Bill interpreted Eric’s groping of his arm to be a need to say something. “What do you want, little fuck?”

He pulled his cock out of Eric’s wet mouth. Eric breathed deeply a few times, and then managed to groan out a weak sentence. “Please… fuck my ass.”

Bill laughed manically. “Okay, one assfuck coming right up.”

He ripped off Eric’s boxers, pulling them from the back and tightening the fabric against Eric’s cock. He moaned lasciviously and tugged at Bill’s arm as his cocked was rubbed all over. But finally, the fabric ripped, and he was totally and utterly exposed.

Bill grinned. “Well, go get the lube, boy. Or do you want to get fucked with this monster without it, eh?” He smacked Eric’s ass hard, causing him to groan in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

He ran to his desk in the far corner of the room like a dog, and quickly brought out a bottle full of lube. He quickly ran back to Bill, and drizzled it over Bill’s hardened cock. He rubbed it all over with his bare hands, marveling at how smooth and muscular it was.

“Condom?” he inquired, looked up at Bill.

Bill smirked. “Bitch, you don’t need a condom.” He leaned down and whispered in Eric’s ear. “Don’t worry, I’m clean.”

He suddenly picked Eric up and turned him around, like he was going to sit on Bill’s lap. Eric felt weightless and smiled exhilaratingly as he was lowered, down, down, down.

Contact. Eric felt his tightly puckered hole touch with Bill’s cockhead. Suddenly, Bill shoved the head in, and Eric gasped. He felt light-headed and woozy, and having just the fleshy head in his ass felt like the definition of euphoria. He groaned and moaned as he felt his ring becoming accustomed to Bill’s immense girth.

All of a sudden, Bill shoved his entire shaft in Eric’s ass. He screamed as he felt like his ass was splitting from pain, and his ring was stretched even more by the rest of Bill’s enormous cock. But even before a second had passed, he felt a numbing pleasure spread from the insides of his bowels throughout his entire body.

He nearly came right then, but Bill didn’t move, forcing him to overcome the urge to move. Bill was in control, so he had to let him play his game. He could feel Bill’s immense cock pulsing inside him, like it had its own heartbeat, and every time it did, Eric convulsed in pleasure as his insides vibrated with the sheer power of the pulse.

“Oh? Do you like my fat cock in your ass?” Bill asked, grinning. Eric could only moan in response.

Bill began to bounce Eric up and down on his cock, and each time Eric gasped as the long cock slid past and rubbed his prostate. He could feel an orgasm building within him, and he held on tight to Bill’s firm arms.

Suddenly, Bill stopped thrusting. It was so sudden that Eric nearly cried out in distress and disappointment. Bill smiled with a glinting edge. “I want to try something.”

He stood up with his cock still buried inside Eric, pushing it even deeper. He carried each of Eric’s legs in one of his hairy arms, and Eric gasped as he felt the loss of control. The only things holding him up were Bill’s hairy arms and his humongous cock.

Every time Bill took a step, his cock shook inside of Eric, causing him to gasp a little more. At the same time, however, each time he walked, Eric’s ass constricted a little tighter, squeezing his large cock firmly.

Bill walked to the other side of the room, and roughly pushed Eric onto a plush sofa and began to fuck him doggy style. Eric moaned as Bill finally began to give him long deep strokes that he had wanted so bad.

“Fuck, you like that?” Bill asked aggressively. Eric panted hard, beyond words in pleasure.

They fucked for a few minutes, and Eric could smell the sweaty virile scent emanating from the strong man behind him. He felt every curve in his ass getting pushed by Bill’s humongous cock as it ravaged his insides as he pushed into Eric. Every thrust, Eric felt Bill’s balls slap into his own with incredible force, and it turned him on incredibly.

Bill suddenly pulled Eric off his cock. Before Eric had time to complain again, he was turned around until he was facing Bill and lowered back down on his cock like he was sitting on Bill’s lap, but backwards. He couldn’t help it anymore, and pushed his lips onto Bill’s, thrusting his tongue viciously into his mouth. Bill’s tongue pushed back, rubbing around his, and thrusting into Eric’s mouth. His tongue was long and as muscular as the rest of the body, and it almost felt like Bill was fucking his mouth with his tongue. He moaned around Bill’s powerful tongue.

Bill smiled, and reached down to pinch Eric’s sensitive nipples. Eric gasped again, as his nerve endings fried in overstimulation. His nipples were especially sensitive and having them pinched was just too much.

Bill suddenly stopped moving. “Oh, I remembered. I want you to do something for me.”

Eric moaned. “Why the fuck now?! Just let me come already, god damn you!”

Bill grabbed his cell phone from a nearby table. Eric heard Bill dialing a number on the phone. “I found the phone number on your desk. I assume it’s Aaron’s.”

Eric gasped out loud. “No, please no!” As Bill nodded maliciously, Eric groaned. Bill held the phone next to Eric’s head and began thrusting viciously.

Eric heard Aaron pick up on the other side. “Hello? Who is this?”

“Oh hi—nnh—Aaron this is—hah—Mr. Lee.”

Aaron’s tone instantly changed. “Oh, hi Mr. Lee! Are you ready to go drinking after school?”

Bill lowered his mouth to Eric’s free ear. “Tell him you can’t go,” he whispered, still pumping away.

“Uhh yeah, umm Aaron—ah—I can’t—unh—go drinking with—hahn—you today…”

“Oh, okay, that’s fine,” Aaron said. “You don’t sound so good, are you okay?”

Eric tried to control his voice as he felt the pressure building in his ass. “Yeah, I’m—hah—fine, don’t worry about—hn—me. Okay, bye.”

He hung up without waiting for Aaron to respond, he couldn’t hold it anymore. Bill whispered darkly in his ear: “Good boy. Now you’ll get your reward.”

Suddenly, Bill began pumping much faster than before. Eric suddenly cried out in ecstasy as a wave of pure pleasure came over him, riding through his entire body. He didn’t care who heard or who saw, and he screamed out his euphoria so that the whole world could hear.

Bill felt Eric’s ass tighten incredibly, and he suddenly began to come. He clenched his teeth and pushed for one last time before shooting his load into Eric’s ass, flooding it with his warm cum.

Eric panted as he tried to recover from his groundbreaking orgasm. He had shot all over Bill’s stomach and chest, leaving a drizzle of whitish liquid over his muscular body. His ass was throbbing and he felt Bill’s warm semen dripping out from around Bill’s steadily softening cock.

And there they sat, in each other arms, with Bill’s soft cock still deep inside Eric’s bowels, joined together as a pair.

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