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A new friend with benefits

one friend takes the place of another
So I had been chatting with a guy online for almost a year. He was several years older than me and he was the ideal fuck buddy that I was hoping to find. I’m 5’10” weigh 175lbs, mostly smooth and I am a clean and horny bottom. I had only been with four different guys ever, two of those were long term fuck buddies. I had gotten used to having a nice cock coated with silicone lube sliding into my ass and shooting a warm load of sperm as deep as possible. My first fuck buddy was a corporate guy and after several years of him fucking me several times a week he got promoted to another city far away. It was tough to find another new fuck buddy, but I did and he fucked me for several years more until he, a health-care professional got promoted and moved to a city far away again.

I was left without a fuck buddy for the third time. This was tough because I didn’t want to become some slut that was with everyone and I wanted to stay clean, so the only possibility was to find a new friend with benefits.

I had been a member of just about every hook up site there was and had a number of regular buddies online who would always chat me up. There was a guy in particular who would always try to chat with me anytime I was online, which was pretty much everyday. He was just a bit older than me, which was a big plus, since I found guys younger than me to be very pushy and quite insensitive. This guy called himself BigDaddy. He had been chatting with me for a couple years; always grooming me for the day he knew that he was going to breed me with a huge load of very aggressive sperm deep in my ass. Once I told him that I no longer had my regular fuck buddies he really turned up the sex on me. It never failed that he could chat me into a hard cock leaking precum everywhere each time he came online. This guy would coax me into showing my webcam and shooting a load all over myself quite often.

BigDaddy was a very patient instructor. He groomed me for several months even before my fuck buddy had moved with instructions here and there. I kind of think that my long time fuck buddy may have told this guy to take care of me and fill my ass with sperm several times a week. I knew that is what this guy wanted and it was kind of a suspicious coincidence he came on to me so strong right away even though we had been online buddies for years. He started by getting me to take zinc and potassium supplements everyday several times. Well he was right on the very first time I tried it. I took my extra zinc and potassium and about an hour later my cock was leaking cum everywhere. Then he convinced me to use penis pump, which I did and still do. I makes my cock swell up for about eight hours when I use it for an hour first, not to much pressure, but just enough. The next thing he did was to get me to use a certain machine at the gym. I go to the gym every other day and use a machine to strengthen my lower abs. This worked so fast, like after the second time, it was unreal. After three weeks, it only took me a minute or two to shoot a load when I jerked off. The zinc supplement really started to show with me shooting a handful of thick ropey sperm every time.

This wasn’t the first time I had been informed of the benefits of zinc. Twice before I had been given zinc that lead to huge loads of sperm, but this time it I didn’t write it off to just getting super horny before getting laid. When I thought back to the previous times, I knew that I was doing it to please someone and thought that the size of my load was due to being super horny. This time I knew it wasn’t. It turns out that five tabs of zinc and two tabs of potassium along with a multivitamin have proven to be quite a surprise. When I do this, I experience an involuntary leaking of precum that lasts many hours or until I shoot a load of enormous size. It also tends to make me much more horny.

This guy had been coaching me for a couple years, but now that he knew I didn’t have a surething, he started to pour on the charm. He is very clever when it comes to chat, just the thought of him sending me a message was enough to give me that feeling that drops straight through your body and brings you back to a feeling of excitement. I would see him online and pretend not to notice only to have him send me a message about how he couldn’t wait to feel the head of his cock pressed against my sphincter. This always gave me an instant hard cock. In another minute I was leaking cum. He got me to start using the pump and a dildo that was long but not too thick. The dildo would slide in and out of my ass with my favorite lube silicone. As a bottom, nothing turns me on more than silicone lube. I hate the porn films that show guys using spit or nothing as lube. That would really be nothing more than pain. There is nothing like silicone. The first time I ever got fucked was because of silicone. When a cock tries to enter your ass with silicone there is nothing you can do to prevent it. There is also nothing you can do to stop gravity from pulling the sperm from your ass when silicone was the lube….the load will push itself right outside when it reaches your sphincter and nothing you can do will stop it. Several times my ass has been entered by a cock that I had yet to give total permission due to silicone lube, not that I wasn’t going to let that cock in anyways, I just couldn’t keep it out before my indecision had cleared up.

BigDaddy was the one who got me to get a prescription for Cialis and Viagra even though I didn’t need it, but I found out it was free under my health plan, I did it anyways. I had been given both on other occasions and really enjoyed getting laid with an involuntary hardon and a continuous cum leak going on. He wanted me to split a whole Viagra in to seven slices and take one everyday along with my daily Cialis. What it did was to give me a boner just like junior high school. I started having a hard cock whether I wanted it or not everyday from 11am until 2pm. I had to make sure I only went to the gym after 2pm and even then I wasn’t 100% safe from the surprise 

So there I was online chatting with a guy who has been grooming me for over a year. I was soooo ready to get laid and I loved his pics and wanted his cock in me as soon as possible. I had no other possibilities and didn’t want to look for any. He had told me to put on my cock pump on low pressure over an hour ago and I had it on for at least ninety minutes where it wasn’t too much. My cock was swollen up, but not so much like when you really pump it up for an hour or more. I was at just the right amount of swelling.

He was really taunting me, after all these months of chatting me up and grooming me, he was finally telling me it was time. I had that nervous feeling in my heart and told him I was ready. He told me to get ready and he would be coming to get me in 30 minutes. I instantly went to give myself an enema, which turned out to be three enemas just in case. Then I dressed conveniently, to enable me to remove my clothing more quickly, and went outside to meet him. It wasn’t even five minutes before he showed up. We went straight to the adult bookstore where he bought a huge bottle of silicone and a huge bottle of my favorite poppers. Then we proceeded to his place. We pulled into the garage under his condo and he asked me if the poppers were any good. I took the cap off and without shaking or sniffing them, I put them under my nose and took in a breath. Immediately I felt warm. This was a sign that these poppers were very potent.

We got out of the car and went upstairs to his place. There was only a single light on and it was in the bedroom. A big TV was playing one of my favorite bareback porn movie compilations where a huge load was shot into an open ass every sixty seconds. It was really good. I had already taken my Cialis many hours ago and it was ready. The funny thing about those kind of drugs is that they work the second you get really horny, but they stay in standby while you are building up to being super horny. We went straight to the bedroom where the covers had been pulled back and several super huge towels were covering the bed. BigDaddy undressed me and then I pulled of his clothes and sucked his cock for just a minute when he told me to lay down on the bed face up. I did as he said and I was laying face up totally naked with my hard cock throbbing and leaking cum.

He handed me the poppers and set the bottle of silicone lube down on the bed. The only light was from the TV and the sound was low level, but clearly I could hear the sounds of breeding going on where guys were getting sperm injected deep into their asses. I was paralyzed.

He started licking and sucking my throbbing cock just a little. There was so much cum leaking that it took him a little while to get it all. Then he started sucking me just a bit. At the same time he had opened the bottle of lube and put some silicone on his fingers. Now I don’t really like fingers in my ass, they always feel rough and nails just plain hurt. He wasn’t doing any of that. It was becoming clear that he was trying to stuff as much lube into my ass as he could. Then he was sucking on the end on my cock and pressing a finger onto my prostrate making me leak out more cum. This only lasted a couple mins until he was satisfied that I was hard, leaking cum and ready shoot a load whenever he wanted. He rolled me over onto my hands and knees.

I took a couple of sniffs from the poppers and waited. I felt the silicone lube being dropped onto my sphincter. He pushed some of it into my ass and then there was a pause where he lubed up his cock. His cock was probably about 7” which wasn’t huge nor was it small. I felt the head of his cock at my asshole and slowly it entered. Just a little at first and then slowly about an eighth of an inch at a time. Finally his cock had slid all the way in and was sliding out and back in again very slowly. I loved the feeling; I was just rightly warm from the poppers. I took a deeper sniff of them and was just flying. His cock went in and out of me while he kept telling me how he knew this day would happen and how he was going to fill me with more sperm than I had ever had. He kept on by saying that from now on he would fill my ass every other day. What I didn’t know then was that when he said fill, he meant that he was going to unload no less than 3x each time I was there. That was a lot of sperm in my ass and just the thought of it made me even more horny.

Then it was time. He pulled my hips into him very hard and close. He put his cock into me as deep as possible and then he started throbbing and shooting nice warm ropes of sperm into my ass. It was about twenty throbs of his cock that finally drained his prostrate and his balls of all he had at that moment into my ass. I felt that warm and wet feeling in my ass. He fell down on top of me with his cock still in me. It was such a great feeling, and I kept feeling his cock spasm as the sperm was ejected from his balls through his cock and into my ass. I waited with his cock deep in my ass. It kept throbbing and shooting sperm in me. Then he said that a the biggest load of sperm he ever had was coming up his balls and through his cock and into my ass again. I felt a big swelling in his cock and then like the air escaping from a balloon, his cock shrank and all the while I knew something big had escaped from him. It was such a heavy weight of sperm in my ass that I was even more dizzy than I had gotten from the poppers.

All this time my cock was stiff and leaking just a ton of cum. Slowly he slid his cock out of me and only because my ass was up in the air did all that sperm stay in me. The he said to me that that was just the first load and he wanted to taste my sperm before he filled me with another load. I turned over onto my back and suddenly felt something big on the other side of my closed sphincter. It was all sperm knocking on the door. The silicone lube prevented me from holding it all in no matter how hard I clenched.

The sperm leaked out of my ass and at the same time he was making me cum into his mouth. He said many times that he wanted to taste my load. In less than three minutes all the sperm in me left my body through my cock and into his mouth. It went right down his throat and he told me that it was just like it had always been meant to be. My was gone and down were it was supposed to be. He gave me five more zinc and some magnesium and a small glass of tea and said now we rest for an hour before it was time for him to administer another injection of sperm into my ass. I was in heaven, my cock was still leaking cum and then he slid his cock into me again. I felt the pulsing of his semen coming up the shaft and placed into me. There was just soooo much sperm everywhere.

As far as I was concerned this was it, I would look no further for a fuck buddy. He could shoot a load in my ass every hour for as long as he could take it. We fucked like this every couple days for a couple years. Then, like always he got a higher paying job far away and my search would have to start again.

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