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A Preacher's Son

He was there again. On a Sunday, underneath the same oak tree that block the view from every one walking around in the park. He was sitting in a hallow that the root of the tree made. It was like a little campfire circle. His brown hair was whipping around in his face as the fresh wind blew. He looked so unlike himself when he was at school. His name is Micheal O'Conner. He was a really popular guy in the school. He was smart, talented, athletic and totally cute. His eyes drew every one in, since they were golden in color. He stood at the height of 5'8 and around 115lbs. He was not the jock type. He wasn't any type really, but I'll tell you what he was. He was forbidden, at least by the terms of the church. He was a preacher's son.

Micheal was actually a shy 16 year old. He didn't hang around in the usual popular crowd. With him, it was strictly from home to school or home to church, and school to home or church to home. He never looked at people in the eyes, especially me. With me, he just goes out of the way to avoid. I know all this and more about him. Why? For the simple fact that I was insanely attracted to him. I tried my best to befriend him, but he always gets away from me, just like he does to every one else. I had even started to attending his father's church and dared to listen to his father condemn homosexuality over and over again.

That day, he seemed as he was crying. It literally pain me as I watch silent tears fall from his eyes as he hugged himself tighter. He seemed to be crying a lot lately but today I couldn't sit in my favorite hiding spot and do nothing. I was probably 15ft away to the left. When I stood up, and walk over to him. He didn't even noticed me until I was almost 5ft away. His eyes opened huge in surprise. In an instant his tears dried up as the his attention seemed to swerve to me. "Joseph?!"

Call me corny, but I felt really happy when I heard him utter my name. I wasn't sure he even knew it. "Can I?" I ask gently pointing to a root protruding out of the ground looking like a seat.

He nodded and scooted a little more to his right. I could see how a light blush crept up his neck through his church shirt. He was probably embarrassed that a guy had caught him crying.

"So... today's sermon was... uh... interesting," I said trying to strike up a conversation. I got no answer. Dammit, I was going to get him to talk, I said to myself. "Do you help your Dad with his sermons?"

He gave a 'hmpf' and replied, "As if. I don't think the same way he thinks."

It was maybe the scent of him clouding my judgement but the tone of his beautiful voice had me believing that he felt uncomfortable and probably angered by the sermon. Could it be...?

"I-I'm s-sorry. Did it made you feel bad? Please, it's just that my Dad is a bit,... over-dramatic," he said apologetically. The puppy eyes that he was giving me were totally cute. I had to fight to keep my hands to myself. "Well, I better get going," he stated standing. Shit, he was running away again. "And, thank you."

"For?" I asked almost dazed.

"For just now," he said. His soft smile seemed to even blind my eyes with its innocent brilliance.

I couldn't let him get away. I reached for him just as he begun stepping out of the arms of the tree. I held on to his hand and he gasped at the contact. I pulled him into me and backed him up against the tree. I was so close to him that I breathed in the air he let out. He just stood there, engulf by both the tree and my arms. "Micheal," I whispered into his ears as I buried my face into his shoulder, smelling the scent that was attached to him. "Is... the preacher's son... taken?" His body shivered, and it wasn't from the cold. "Yes? No? Maybe?"

I slipped my hand under his shirt to touch his skin. "Ah, no," he exclaimed at the other contact. My hand continued to travel up his body slowly and gently. "Can I?" I whispered looking at his full red lips. He shivered again as my fingers brushed his nipple. He nodded again panting.

Our lips met. We kissed. What I felt was stronger that anything I had ever knew. His lips were so really soft and they tasted sweet like apples. Which was ironic, considering the apple being the rumored fruit of knowledge. Each one of his moans were capture between my lips. I wanted to touch him more. My whole body felt like it was on fire as my blood boiled in my veins. His body molded into mine as we both sunk into the hallow of the tree. My cock begun tenting my trousers and I pressed myself into Micheal even more. I knew he felt my hardness as he moaned louder.

His eyes weren't golden anymore, but a more heated darker color. He placed a shaky hand on my belt, and rubbed circles over my covered manhood. Damn, my cock felt like it was choking in the cotton material of my trousers, but before I decided to do anything about it, I moved my hand from tweaking Micheal's nipples to grope his crotch. Sure enough, he was affected by me more than he let on. I tugged at his dick through the material as he covered his mouth to try and stifle his whimpers. His face was red and eyes wild. Oh, he wanted it.

"Joseph, not here," he whimpered again. He was so fuckable looking at that exact moment. I dropped to my knees and took out his cock. His pants had fallen to his ankles, just as his boxers.

"But you're feeling good. I want to make you feel even better because I really do like you," I said mesmerized by his cute pink uncircumcised cock leaking pearly juices. I wasn't sure if he would answer, so I pulled back his foreskin a little to expose his entire cock head. My tongue slid all over his helmet. Micheal moans louder. People would be able to hear if they were to walk a little bit closer. I pushed my right index, middle, ring finger into his mouth for him to suck on. He still whimpers as I continue to deliberately tongue and tease his cock. Then I engulf him totally into my mouth with an audible slurp. His knees buckled but the huge tree trunk keeps him upright. I was so turned on to know that I could bring such desire to the one I liked, that I begun sucking on him more freely almost in worship.

"Joseph ... " he panted. His chest was heaving above me. I took my fingers from his mouth and played with balls a little as I kept on sucking. He tasted too good. "AAH!" he shouted as my fingers lightly pressed against his gooch area. He slapped his hands back over on his mouth. "Joseph... It feels... so good..." My ears ring at the sound of his sweet sex filled voice. My middle fingered teased his virgin rear hole. It felt so hot and unbelievably tight.

"Ah! Soo, good!" he moaned out. My hand jerked and tugged at his cock faster and harder. I worked my finger up his back tunnel and felt his little hole clench greedily at my finger. He moved and started thrusting into my mouth so that when he withdrew, my finger with sink deeper into his back entrance. "Oh! Nn!..." My head bobbed up and down, faster and faster by the minute. Micheal balls were tightening and his ass clenching tighter. His moans couldn't be contained.

I was beyond turned on, that in a second I pulled down my pants and brief. My own stiff cock sprung at attention. Its head covered with pre-cum. I nearly exploded as my cock head touched his. His dick was soo hot against mines. I was still fingering his ass but now I had both his dick and mine jerking both in my hand. The heat of his manhood radiated on mine powerfully. My cum was surging up like the beginning of a volcano. My hand jerked us both faster. "Oh Yes! Uhh, Micheal," I groaned as I felt myself about to spew. What threw me over the edge was my Micheal's shaky fingers reaching over to caress my balls.

"AAAHHH!!! SSSHHIIITT!!! Cuming!" "Oh Fuck!! Oh Fuck Micheal cuming!!" we both warned as our bodies begun loosing control. The softness and warmth of his hands, had me shooting five or six ropes of hot cum over Micheal dick. My fingering had gotten fast and ruthless, driving my finger up his tight ass, and jerking him faster. Finally, his body contracted violently as cum after cum leaked through his purple slit. My blood was cursing through my veins like adrenaline and my dick continued to twitch as I continued to ride out the strong orgasm.

We were both breathless. Pulling up our pants, we walked out to the park clearing, and hoped noone had heard us. The session hadn't lasted more than 15 minutes, but it was worth it. As we walk out in the opening, we saw his Dad coming towards us. He was too far away to have heard us, but the look on Micheal was as if his Dad had bat ears and believed he heard everything. His face was flush, his movements nervous and his delicious scent seemed to dance around my nose strongly. I elbowed him gently and smile reassuringly.

His father stared at us. "Good sermon Sir," I said to get his attention away from my Micheal. "Joseph Cooper," I said shaking his hand. "I enjoy your lecture Mr. O'Conner." I tried my best to butter him up.

He looked at me and I can see recognition registering. "Oh, yes. You're the new kid Micheal was talking about. It's rare to see a eighteen year-old walking into a church nowadays with all the temptation lurking at every corner." I laugh silently wondering what vein would pop if he knew what his son and I had just done.

"You seem like a nice young man." He rustled for something in his pocket and took out a key handing it to Micheal. "Go on ahead, I still have some duties left to do. Invite your friend to your mom's heavenly cooking, and please do stand up prouder than that."

"Yes Father," Micheal said humbly fixing his stance. The after effects of my rough fingering must have him still feeling my finger up there. I could feel myself getting hard again.

For a chance to go to Micheal's home, I jumped right on it. "That sounds like a splendid idea." My mind was running wild. "He did mention that he wasn't feeling well. I would gladly drive him home."

As we begun walking away, his father pulled him back and said, "Your mom might not be home, so take of the house."

My mind went even wilder with all the things I could do. I was getting so very excited and turned on. My blood was at thermometer breaking degrees. With all these hot thoughts, and images of a lewd Micheal begging for my stiff rod, had my mind in a blur.

He both walked away, and once out of sight, he hooked his pinky finger with mine. It was a strange thing for me, but to have that cute happy smile on his face longer, I kept my pinky hooked with his. Finally, all my waiting has paid off and there's going to be a bonus, all in the same day.

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