A Soldier's Story

By thanksbewell

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Enlightenment for a young soldier
Returning home on leave for the first time since joining the army as a young 18 year old I had headed down to the local bar to see if any of my old friends were still about. Sadly with it being mid-week all was quiet and there was just my-self and one other guy sat at the bar.

We were soon making small talk and generally having a laugh and joke in between drinks and I found my-self relaxing in the company of a well groomed and very articulate chap called Sam, around late forties and dressed in a stylish and well cut dark blue suit and a dark shirt that clearly showed an athletic and sun bronzed chest with a whisp of silver hair just visible.

As the evening wore on we had both relaxed sufficiently to be able to tell each other of our general likes and dislikes of all manner of things and the time was approaching for us to say good night. It was now that Sam offered me a lift home as neither of us where drunk and as he kindly offered it would have been rude to refuse. On reaching his car and sinking into very luxurious leather upholstery Sam asked if I minded him making a short detour to a friend’s house with whom he needed to drop off some papers. I was in no great rush and more than happy to have some company so agreed readily.

The short journey passed in a contented silence with both of us happy in each other’s company and when Sam asked if I would like to come in for a minute while he handed over the papers I was happy to join him. Sam introduced me to Neil and I entered the most sumptuous of houses I have ever been privileged to explore. It was not particularly flash but just very tastefully decorated in a refined manner that suggest more than a passing acquaintance with technology without compromising on elegance.

Neil handed me a cold bottle of beer and I followed home and Sam into the living room and sank once again into leather luxury. The lighting was diffused but not confining and we chatted amiably about this and that and joked about how frustrating it can be to be so young and surrounded by only guys. It was only then that I realised how close Sam and Neil were sat to each other and how Sam had been stroking Neil’s thigh as we chatted. Talk turned to porn and at this Neil got up and put a cassette into the vcr. In minutes I was confronted by two men sucking each other in a 69 on the screen and my cock reacted violently by thrusting hard against me jeans as it jerked into an involuntary erectness at the sight.

Neil walked over to me and asked if I was ok? As he slowly unzipped his trousers only inches from my face. I had never found anything so horny and simply reached out to touch the very first penis other than my own as it sprang from his trouser fly. The end was hard and shining and seemed to be crowned by a little tear drop of glistening juice. I heard Sam ask if I was ok as he moved up behind Neil and then there it was full in my face, a hard shaft of muscled cock that seemed to pulse as I moved my hand to stroke it’s length. Neil moved back at this point and I saw Sam naked from the waist up come towards me and in seconds I was naked and lying full length along the leather of the sofa as I was covered in kisses along my taut stomach and down towards a cock that burned with the tension of the moment. Hot warmth engulfed my shaft as Sam and then Neil to turns to suck me and my tight little arsehole was massaged by fingertips and finally penetrated as I lay before my new friends.

As the second finger pushed its way into me I could hold back no longer and erupted in spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum into one mouth and then the other not knowing or caring who was taking it. I sank back slowly in a warm intoxicated glow where I seemed to drift quietly into sleep. I must have been like this only minutes at most as I was gently turned over and I felt a tongue licking and probing my relaxed entrance. Hands gripped my cheeks as I turned my head to be greeted by a leaking cock that was pushed gently towards my accepting mouth, opening and gagging but slowly taking more and more until my cheek was full of hard penis. The gasp and cry as I felt myself penetrated and my insides warmed to the feel of my first arse fucking. Each time I cried out the cock in my mouth was pushed further as saliva dripped along it’s length and the tight balls that swung below it slapped and stuck to my chin.

As the fucking that I received got faster and faster and my arsehole gripped at Neil’s’ cock tighter and tighter I felt my own cock harden and then release a spurt of liquid along the leather that made me buck with intensity and then as my own orgasm washed over me a sensation of fluid filling my arsehole and stomach as the cock in my arse twitched and I gagged to swallow the load now filling my mouth at the same time.

Sam slumped down at the side of the sofa and Neil pulled himself gently from my arse as he moved to rest alongside me. Later as we dressed and Sam finally drove me home I could only thank my new found friends for the evening of enlightenment and joy that they had given me and hope that I might be invited back for more some time.