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A Taste of Black Security

I suck the cock of a black security guard at a hotel while out of town on business.

I have been visiting Yahoo Groups for about seven years, and over that time I have accumulated literally thousands of pictures of all kinds, and especially pictures of cocks and balls.  I probably have five thousand pictures of black cocks and balls alone, and I’m continually intrigued by the length, and especially the thickness of many of them. 

My favorites are pictures of older black men in normal settings, such as standing by their car with their cock hanging out, sitting at their computer, or their cock hanging out of their pants in a motel room.  I especially like older men who are either small and skinny, or over-weight, and who have big, thick cocks and low-hanging balls.  I suppose I like to see them in those settings because it somehow makes the possibility of sucking a big, black cock more realistic. 

Other pictures that really turn me on are of black men in the back seat of a car, with white guys sucking them off.  The air-brushed professional pictures don’t do much for me.  I want to see a picture of a man that I might actually have a chance of sucking, and in a realistic setting.

I am a fifty-seven year old, bisexual, married white male who occasionally travels on business to the east coast, from the Midwest.  On this particular trip I was staying at the Hyatt in mid-town Manhattan, and I had been there just two days when this event occurred.  The room in the Hyatt has these big cabinets with doors to house the TVs, and there are also shelves where they have a room safe just big enough to hold my lap top computer.  I kept my lap top in the safe while I was at work during the day. 

On the third day I started having problems locking the safe, and I called the front desk to ask for help.  After about ten minutes I got a knock on my room door, and I answered it and let in an older, black, uniformed security man.  He is about five feet and nine inches tall, must have weighed about one hundred and seventy pounds, and was probably fifty-five years old.  

He said, “Hi, my name is Calvin, and I’m here to take a look at the safe.”

At the time he knocked on the door I had been sitting at the little desk next to the cabinet, looking at and enjoying my cock and balls pictures, and I just happened to be looking at a file that had a lot of older black men with rather large and thick cocks.  Calvin opened the doors to the cabinet, which obscured his view of the desk, and began working on the safe.  I didn’t really think Calvin would be able to see my computer screen since the door was open, and I had turned my computer slightly away from his view. 

I continued sorting through the pictures and was getting pretty turned on by them.  I was rubbing my little cock from the outside of my shorts, and had temporarily forgotten about Calvin being there.  I paused for a few moments to enjoy the picture of an average sized, older black man standing by his car door, and he was stroking an unbelievably thick cock that was about nine inches long, and the best part was a set of large, low-hanging balls that must have been the size of plums.  All of a sudden I sensed that Calvin must have stepped from behind the cabinet door, and he was looking over my shoulder at the picture.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Calvin said, “Nice pictures.  Do you look at those kinds of pictures often?”  

I then turned a little in my chair to face him, and because he isn’t that tall, I was staring right into his crotch, which had a very large bulge developing down the leg of his uniform pants.  He didn’t say anything else right away, and I assumed that he must be afraid to make a move on a guest in the hotel, and risk being reported and losing his job.  

I spoke next and answered his question saying, “I do look at these kinds of pictures a lot, because it excites me, but I’ve never had a chance to act on my fantasies.  If you’d like to make my fantasy of sucking a thick, black cock come true, I promise you that I won't say anything to hotel management.  After all, I’m a married man with kids, and I can’t afford to have a scandal.”  

He seemed to be satisfied by my comments and stepped closer to rub the lump in his pants against my face.  He had more confidence then and started acting more aggressively. 

Calvin said, “Come on then and rub my nice cock.  You know that you want to suck it!”  He then held me against the growing bulge in his pants and started humping my face.  He then said, “What are you waiting for, cock sucker, unzip my pants and take out my cock.”

My hand was trembling as I reached for Calvin’s belt buckle and then his zipper.  As I lowered the zipper, I saw the massive bulge in his tight, white underwear, as well as the bulge from his huge balls.  I pulled his underwear down and was staring at a nine inch piece of cock that was as thick as any I had seen on Yahoo. 

His balls were hanging very low, and they are the size of large eggs.  Calvin must have been staring at my computer screen through the crack in the cabinet door by the hinge, because he then said, “I noticed that you have a lot of pictures of black men with large balls, so come over to the bed and I’ll give you an up-close look at my huge jewels.”  

I laid down on the bed with my head at the corner of the bottom of the bed, almost hanging over the edge.  Calvin then backed up over my face, and his large, low-hanging balls dragged across my face.  The aroma of his crotch was strong, and musky, but not unpleasant, and I got a good sense of his manliness.  He then sat on my face and told me to take his balls into my mouth. 

The view was unbelievable, and his ball sack was a little leathery.  He continued rubbing his balls and perineum area on my face, and kept forcing me to suck his huge balls.  From my position I couldn’t see much, but I felt his heavy cock moving about on my forehead and the top of my head.  

Calvin then said, “That’s right, cock sucker, suck my balls and warm up my nut for your feeding!” 

After sucking his balls and perineum for about fifteen minutes, Calvin pulled himself away from me and turned around facing me with my head on the edge of the bed.  He then said, “Open wide, here comes the biggest piece of cock meat you’ll ever experience.”

Calvin then pushed the large head of his cock against my lips, and I tasted the heavily flowing pre-cum, which was to be a predictor of a large load of cum that was soon to be pumped into my mouth.  Calving continued to push forward and the head and first two or three inches of his huge cock entered my mouth.  I had to open my mouth as wide as possible to take his meat, but I finally got used to it as he establish a smooth rhythm of pushing his cock into and pulling it out of my mouth.  The thickness of his cock felt so good in my mouth, and I was really getting excited as he pushed in even more of his cock. 

I’m guessing that he had about six inches of his thick meat in my mouth, and I couldn’t take any more.  Calvin started a more aggressive pumping rhythm, and I got the feeling that he was close to ejaculating.  Finally, I felt Calvin’s huge meat stiffen even more and begin to swell, and then the throbbing started.  His cock pumped string after string of thick Negro cum into my mouth and throat, and the continuing throbbing of his cock got me so excited that I shot my load in my pants. 

Calvin continued to pump my face until his massive cock began to deflate, and then he pulled it out of my mouth and backed away, leaving a trail of cum remnants and my own saliva across my forehead.  His cum was thick and tasted a little bitter-sweet and salty, and I enjoyed what must have been two tablespoons of his nut.

I rolled over on the bed and just watched Calvin stand there with his partially inflated cock hanging heavily against his thigh.  His cock and balls were the fulfillment of some of my best fantasies, and he continued coming to my room in the evenings for the next four days that I was in New York.  Now, when I look at my Yahoo pictures of huge, thick black cocks and large hanging balls, I get even more turned on from the memories of my time with Calvin.        



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