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A Time of Discovery

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Getting older doesn't mean you can't have new experiences.
Adrian had not had sex in eleven years! Well, at least not in the traditional sense of two people mutually satisfying each other and wrestling in the throes of passion. When his wife passed away, he was at loose ends. He had been out of the dating scene for almost 30 years, and all of his female friends were either married, or so straight-laced you would have thought that they wore corsets to bed at night. He had been satisfying himself, ever since she had been hospitalized, by watching videos that he purchased from those “newsstand shops”, and had even bought a plastic gel tubular vagina, but of course, it just wasn’t the same as sharing the moment with another person. He became increasingly concerned, as his enthusiasm waned and he was no longer able to produce the hard-ons he had been used to. He decided that something HAD to be done. It was then that he began to explore the possibilities that were available on the internet.

He had made a few friends online, even some girls, but so many of them quickly deserted him, even blocking him, when they found out that he was in his 60’s, balding, and carrying a bit of extra padding around. Still, he found some videos that promised some titillating delights, and once again he was fairly happy to take care of his own needs… until that one fateful night when he had meant to input “older GUY gets sucked” but mistakenly typed “older GAY gets sucked”. Suddenly, there was an entirely new world that beckoned to his stiffening cock deliciously. He had no idea that there was an entire populace of young men who not only were NOT bothered by the fact he was 60, balding and overweight… but downright craved him that way!

He joined a site and was soon inundated by younger men who wanted to get to know him. Besides being flattered by the attention, he was actually excited by their eagerness. He began to fantasize what an encounter with one of them might be like and soon began masturbating, as he thought of a young man servicing him. That was why that intern at the office began to arouse him. Patrick was newly graduated from high school, 18 and spending the summer on a work/study program with the company before heading off to college to pursue his degree in Business Administration. He was a slim youth, small-framed, with sandy hair and with such incredible puffy, ruby lips, that Adrian wondered if he used lipstick. He had small hands, but muscular arms and carried himself with a distinct feminine air. He enjoyed chatting with the secretaries and other female workers, but rarely interacted with the other men in the office.

He had been getting the distinct feeling lately, that Patrick was actually flirting with him! Oh, the bits of brown-nosing were to be expected, like bringing him morning coffee and running mundane errands to other departments for him. After all, he was a partner in the firm and it was expected that people would butter-up the boss, but there had been some more pronounced clues recently which Adrian couldn’t ignore. Patrick had begun to find opportunities to engage Adrian in conversations that were not strictly pertaining to the business of manufacturing furniture. Like that afternoon he was helping Adrian take some photos of tables and chairs, that had been sitting in a store room for a long time and had spent several hours dusting them off and polishing them when he bluntly asked Adrian if he ever felt lonely since his wife had passed away.

It took Adrian quite by surprise and he looked sharply at Patrick and growled something like it was “… none of his business…” or something along those lines.

He instantly regretted his tone as he saw the sting his words carried and the red-faced, wordless apology from the lad. Patrick averted his eyes and mumbled that he was sorry, that he didn’t mean anything by it… Adrian actually thought that the boy was going to burst into tears! He came out from the display and put his arm around the boy and guided him over to a chair and sat him down in it.

“Look, Patrick, I didn’t mean to lash out like that, but even after all of these years, it’s still a tender subject.” Adrian was idly rubbing his arm and could feel the firmness of his forearms and upper arm. “It’s just not something I talk about, okay?”

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Ward, I really am!” His bottom lip trembled a little.

Adrian was shocked to have a little thought dash through his mind,“I wonder what those beautiful lips would feel like wrapped around my penis?”

He guiltily got up and tried to busy himself again with the display and finally gave up.

He cleared his throat and said, “Tell you what, Patrick, it’s closing time, everybody’s left and locked up. I don’t think we could finish anyway…” He sighed and tried to keep his thoughts on business, “We can finish up Monday morning. A young fellow like you must have plenty of things to do on a Friday night.”

He straightened up and smiled at him.

“Oh! I don’t mind staying, Mr. Ward,” the lad said brightly. “I… well… I don’t really have a lot of friends… and I’d like to help,” he said, all smiles. “Really, Mr. Ward, please?”

Despite his best efforts, Adrian couldn’t help but chuckle. The kid seemed so much like a little puppy eager to please that he almost reached out and patted him on the head.

“Okay, Patrick,” he said, “but let’s take a little break and maybe get cleaned up. I feel all gritty and dusty.”

They made their way to the breakroom, got a few snacks and cold drinks out of the vending machines and sat chatting about this and that.

Finally, Adrian said, “What did you mean about not having many friends, Patrick?”

Adrian leaned back and took a long sip from his can.

“I don’t know, Mr. Ward…” Patrick said and looked down at the floor. “I guess I just feel sort of out-of-place with kids my age. I just don’t seem to have anything in common with them, you know?” He kept his eyes downcast and went on, “I… I like, well, I like older people…” He suddenly looked up and said “Oh! No offense, Mr. Ward, really! Oh, geez.” He looked down again and frowned. “I just think that older people… older men particularly… are so much more… interesting.” He still wouldn’t look up, but went on, “That’s why I asked if you ever get lonely… ‘cause I sure do.” He finally lifted his face to Adrian and said again, “I sure do.”

Adrian stammered, “Yes, well, ah, I miss someone giving me attention, of course…” trailing off.

It was about this time that Adrian began to toy with the idea of seducing the lad, but somehow he had to make it look natural and not taking advantage of him.

“Patrick?” He said quietly. “You say you like older, uh, men. Men like, me perhaps?”

Adrian’s heart was beating wildly and he couldn’t believe what he was doing, but it was starting to give him an erection.

Patrick jumped at the chance, “Oh yes!” he almost whispered. “You have been in my thoughts almost constantly. Is that… is that okay with you?”

He dropped his eyes again and sighed.

“Yes, ahem, well…” and left the rest unsaid. “I need a shower.”

He abruptly got up and headed out the door to the company locker room where the workers cleaned up at the end of the day. He purposely did not look back, but heard the scrape of the chair as Patrick got up and followed him.

The locker room was still slightly steamy and damp from the employees’ showers, and Adrian went straight to his own locker and opened it, and took out a towel and soap and a small bottle of shampoo. Without turning around, he began to undress. Behind him, Patrick was clattering around at his own locker across the room and Adrian idly hoped that he was watching him. He pulled his shirttail out of his pants and unbuttoned it. He let it drop behind him as he pulled his arms out of the sleeves and quickly yanked his tee shirt over his head. He didn’t hear any noise behind him and smiled secretly to himself. He loosened his belt, undid the button and unzipped his fly and stepped quickly out of his pants. He stripped his socks off and then reached to either side of his boxer shorts. Still silent behind him, he chuckled to himself, and quickly bent over and peeled his shorts down and off of his ankles. He knew that it was just a brief glance of his old butt… but his member was awakening, thinking about this young man looking at him. He wrapped a towel around himself and turned to head to the showers.

Patrick was staring, slack-jawed, his hand frozen in mid air as he had been interrupted in unbuttoning his own shirt. He continued straight to the showers, not looking at him, but knowing Patrick was still staring after him. As he rounded the corner, he almost burst out laughing as he heard the hurried stripping of clothes and hastily slammed locker, followed by the padding of naked feet on the tiles. Adrian had chosen the nozzle at the far end, and still had his back to Patrick as he tested the water, slung his towel over the bar, and stepped under the stinging spray. Patrick had chosen the nozzle two down from Adrian, and started the spray himself. This was making Adrian harder and harder, and soon it couldn’t be disguised. He turned around, closed his eyes, and leaned backward as he let the spray cascade over him. He cleared the water from his eyes and looked directly at where Patrick again stood frozen, staring open-mouthed.

Adrian’s eyes pointedly dropped to Patrick’s midsection. The young man had a raging hard-on, his thin dick stood almost perpendicular to his body, twitching, the head purple and engorged. He had a slightly muscular body, but not grotesquely so, tight stomach, but not skinny and with a wonderfully curved waistline. Without realizing it, Patrick’s hand had moved to his shaft and he was slowly stroking himself as his eyes roamed up and down Adrian’s legs, his belly, and back down to his cock, which had thickened up considerably. Patrick finally raised his head and met Adrian’s eyes.

Adrian had never done anything like this before, but he was so turned on that all he could do was swallow thickly and croak, “Is there something you wanted to say, Patrick?”

“Mr. Ward! I… I think you are a very handsome man!” He continued to softly stroke his stiff penis, “I, well, I…” he trailed off and looked down, “I have thought about what you look like naked.” He admitted as his face turned red. He suddenly looked up and said, “Please don’t think me weird or anything, Mr. Ward! And I hope it doesn’t hurt my job, but mature men turn me on. I just think that they have a, a wisdom about them.” He looked down again, “Please don’t think I’m crazy, but that’s the truth.”

Adrian shut off the water and toweled off his face and turned again to look at Patrick. He was looking at Adrian’s cock again, seemingly fascinated by the thickness. Adrian wasn’t hung like a pornstar, and was really quite short, but he had an impressive girth of shaft, and his head had the classic look of Darth Vader’s helmet. The sight of the young man standing there, his hand on his very stiff cock, and staring at Adrian’s caused him to stiffen some more. He walked slowly toward the youth until he stood just in front of him.

“Would you like to touch it?” He said softly.

“Can I?” Said Patrick eagerly. “Would you let me?”

“Only for you, Patrick.” Adrian whispered as he leaned forward and took him by the wrist. “I’ve never had another man touch my penis.” He murmured, “You, Patrick, will be the first.” (That wasn’t strictly true, since he had fooled around with his buddies back in Junior High.)

Adrian guided Patrick’s hand to his thick, 60 year-old member and the lad shifted his weight to stand next to him. Adrian put his arm around his shoulders and pulled him against himself. Patrick’s head was level with his hairy chest and he could feel his stiff little cock throbbing against his leg as Patrick wrapped his arm around Adrian’s waist and curled his fingers around Adrian’s shaft. Adrian reached his other hand to Patrick’s head and guided it toward his nipple. The youth had closed his eyes and started to nibble and suck hungrily on it. Adrian’s hand traced down the smooth back of the young man until he reached the firm curve of his asscheeks. They felt wonderful as he palmed over the rounded globes and allowed his fingers to drift briefly within the crack. They stood there together, the older man and the young man, hugging like father and son, but with wholly other ideas than a mere fondness for each other. Adrian began to slowly move his hips back and forth, fucking Patrick’s hand who then took Adrian’s cock in both of his hands, forming a tunnel for his thick penis. This all felt so good to Adrian, it had been so long since he had felt someone else’s hand on his sex that the feeling was almost overwhelming.

Adrian disengaged and led Patrick over to a bench and had him sit down.

“Have you ever tasted another man, Patrick?” He breathed huskily. “Ever gone down on someone?”

His cock was standing out straight right in front of Patrick’s face.

“Yes, I have, Mr. Ward…” his face turned red again, “A friend of mine and I used to do it to each other when we had sleepovers.” He licked his lips, “But that has been a while back.”

He looked up at Adrian, who had lifted his foot and placed it on the bench next to the boy.

“Would you like me…? Would you like me to show you?”

“Ohhh, Patrick…” Adrian groaned, “Yes… show me, my boy!”

Without a word, Patrick leaned forward, his face against Adrian’s upraised inner thigh and slid his mouth toward Adrian’s throbbing cock. Adrian looked down and watched in fascination as Patrick slid his head ever closer to his penis. He had never been so stiff in his life! A big drop of precum had formed at the tip and Patrick slid his tongue out to capture it. His mouth opened and slowly engulfed Adrian’s thick penis. Adrian watched Patrick’s lips close around his shaft and moaned as the youth slid further down his shaft, working his jaw muscles as he went until his nose was buried in the hairs at the base of his cock. He stayed there a moment, and then slowly withdrew. Patrick pursed his lips tight against the ridge of Adrian’s cock and felt the young tongue swirl around and around the head.

Patrick was moaning now and the vibrations from his “MMMMM… Mmmmm… mmmmm” was driving Adrian mad.

Patrick reached both hands up to Adrian’s rear and gripped each ass cheek and literally pulled Adrian into his mouth again. Involuntarily, Adrian moved his hips, matching Patrick’s rhythmic plunges of his mouth and watched excitedly as his penis disappeared and reappeared in and out of the young man’s mouth.

The old man placed his hands on the young man’s head as he fucked into that warm, wet mouth and felt the always moving tongue caressing his dick. Adrian dropped his hands to each side of Patrick’s head, cradling it, and pulled his head back and forth on his cock, jacking off with the young man’s face, slamming it onto his dick.

Adrian pulled out of his mouth and Patrick frantically tried to reclaim his prize, but Adrian moved back and laid Patrick out on the bench, his feet on either side. Adrian straddled the bench and let his balls hang down in Patrick’s face. Patrick reached up to fondle his balls with his left hand and wrap the fingers of his right hand tightly around Adrian’s shaft and kept pumping on it. Adrian reached down and guided his cock to Patrick’s beautiful mouth again, who hungrily gobbled it up and dropped his hand to work on his own cock again. He let Adrian slid his tool slowly all the way in until it hit the back of his throat; Patrick gagged once, but then was ok as Adrian again started fucking into that sweet mouth. Adrian bent forward and supported himself with one hand on the bench and with his other hand replaced Patrick’s hand with his own and began to slowly jack off the young man’s thin, incredibly stiff young cock. The feel of that young, vibrant young man meat in his hand sent a thrill through Adrian’s body as he slid up and down on that slim pole. Patrick had a light dusting of blonde hairs and his small balls were tight and full.

Adrian didn’t think he could ever have done this, but he was so overcome by lust that he dropped his head to take the young man’s penis into his mouth. The thrill of the give and take, the sharing, the mutual satisfaction was something that Adrian had never felt before, not even with his late wife. Adrian bobbed his head up and down on that sweet stiffie and fucked into that sweet mouth, and soon felt that sweet feel of his orgasm about to explode. He took his mouth off of that young cock and started to pump it furiously.

“I’m going…” he panted breathlessly, “I’m going to cum, Patrick?”

He was about to pull out when the youth reached up and gripped his buttocks hard, pulling him deeper into his mouth, not letting him retreat. This was it! The pressure built up from his balls, and the tingle that began at the base of his shaft spread upward as he spasmed involuntarily, bucking his hips into the young mouth that was nibbling and sucking at his dick. Adrian jerked the young man’s cock like some pump gone mad and was soon rewarded with such a spurt of sperm, that it hit Adrian on the chin followed by several more at least as strong. At the same time, Adrian started to shoot his thick cum into Patrick’s mouth as he moaned and slurped and made wet sucking sounds and lapped up every drop.

Adrian’s head started to spin and the room was filled with the unmistakable fishy odor of semen. He dismounted and turned around to sit heavily down on the bench where Patrick had now sat up. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Mr. Ward!” Patrick said. “That was incredible!” he was licking his lips and wiping the sweat and cum from his face.

His own sperm was dripping from his chest and pooling around his midriff. Amazingly, his young cock was still stiff, but had lost some of it’s rigidity. Adrian’s, on the other hand, was quickly diminishing. They were both trying to catch their breath, and Adrian, for one, was glad that the summer had only just begun.

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