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Adult Arcade Leads to Motel

What begins as anonymous encounter at video arcade leads to pleasurable conclusion at motel.
I was at a conference in Columbus some years back, staying overnight for a couple of nights at a motel. Unfortunately, the motel’s wireless internet was not working, so I was left with no means of private “entertainment.”

I had passed an adult bookstore a ways up the street, so I decided to stop by to watch some videos in the arcade. I had not done so in some time, and I approached the prospect with trepidation. Thoughts went through my mind ... what if someone saw me, what if my car broke down in front of the store, what if the vice squad raided it? My state of desire overcame my reservations, however, and I went in.

After purchasing some tokens, I went into the arcade. I was immediately met by the characteristic odor - a combination of stale cigarette smoke, industrial cleaner, and who knows what. There were a couple of seedy looking characters loitering in the darkened hallway. Avoiding eye contact, I quickly passed by and went to a deserted booth at the end of the hall. No telling what awful bugs one could catch in these places. I locked the door behind me and went in.

I dropped some tokens, and selected from among several gay videos. After a moment, I decided to remove all my clothing, except shoes - the floor was sticky with...well I think I knew what. I stripped nude and carefully placed my clothing on the chair. I began to stroke my growing hard-on as I stood mesmerized by the hot action on the screen. I was caught up in the gay sex when I was suddenly interrupted by someone entering my booth. I was almost certain I had locked the door, but apparently had not.

The intruder quickly shut and locked the door and approached me. I stood frozen. It was too late to cover up. He dropped some more tokens and stood right behind me, up against my bare backside. My heart was pounding as he reached around with his hands, one hand gently pinching my erect nipples, the other trailing down my stomach and cupping my balls.

I gasped audibly when I felt his day old whiskers against the back of my neck and his hand gripping my throbbing shaft. He stroked my cock as he whispered how much he admired my body. My swollen cockhead was oozing thread-like strands of clear precum, and he began to slowly but firmly massage my sensitive knob with his hand.

I groaned, melting in his hands. He owned me, and he knew it. Sensing that I could not take much more of this, he asked if I was staying in town overnight. I said yes, and told him where. He asked if we could go there, and at this point I was so hot I could not refuse. He told me to dress and meet him there.

I arrived about the same time as he did, and we entered my room. Once inside, he immediately pulled me to himself and kissed me passionately, his tongue invading my mouth. Still kissing, he began removing my clothes. In no time I was again nude. He quickly undressed, revealing a middle-aged, smooth but stocky body and an average sized cock. He pushed me down onto the bed and had me lie back. He began sucking my big toe as he watched my facial response. I never realized that having one’s toe sucked could be so stimulating. I made me red hot with desire. I would have submitted to anything from him at this point.

His kisses slowly moved up my legs and the insides of my thighs to my shaved balls. I spread wide and watched as he slowly moved up my hard organ. His eyes were fixed on mine as he sucked first my drooling knob, then the entire shaft into his expert mouth. I threw my head back and cried out, “Yesssss, Oh God, pleeaasssee.” His head bobbed, working me into an erotic frenzy. Once again, I belonged to him to do with as he pleased.

He eventually stopped, rolled me over, and had me get on my knees and elbows with my face on the bed. He climbed around behind me and I felt his hot breath and whiskers on my exposed ass. His kisses moved to my shaven furrow. His hot tongue explored my crevice, moving teasingly over my puckered opening.

I cried, “Take it, pleeeassseee,” and his wicked tongue burrowed in past my sphincter. My anal ring of muscles yielded and his oral muscle invaded my anal cavity. I pulled at the sheets and moaned unintelligible utterings as I yielded to his oral assault.

He pulled my cock back between my legs so that my mushroom head was just outside my anal opening. He then began to thrust in and out with his tongue such that with each stroke, it slid back and forth over my engorged, purple knob. I was lost in sexual ecstasy. Never before had I experienced such a combination of pleasure. My sphincter was now gaping, welcoming each thrust of his tongue. My orgasm was building to the inevitable conclusion. Soon I was there, and I cried out loudly as my explosion rushed down my tube and into his waiting mouth.

He eagerly took all my hot load, and when the uncontrollable contractions of my anal muscles finally subsided, instead of swallowing, he forcibly spit his mouthful of cum into my surprised canal. He then climbed up behind me, and putting his own aroused organ to my wet opening, he shoved forward. The mixture of cum and saliva made an excellent lubricant, and I was quickly impaled by the full length of his bare cock.

The feeling of his male love rod probing my depths was incredible. My rubber dildos are good, but are no substitute for this. We moved together in a beautiful harmony of bodies with a rhythm that seemed perfectly natural and innate. The cum formed into a white lather on his cock, making sticky sounds as he drove in and out. I wanted him more than anything. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting close.

At this point, all normal caution had vanished, and I was more than willing...I was take his hot seed in my hungry ass, despite my knowledge of the risks of such unsafe behavior. Somewhat surprisingly though, he stopped, pulled out, rolled me over, and climbed up and straddled my chest.

I quickly took his ass-fresh cock, still coated with white cum lather, into my lustful mouth. I sucked with a passion, giving him no mercy. He gripped the back of my head and pulled me forward to meet his thrusts. He soon began a low guttural groan and his organ became even more rigid.

I was still sucking when his first spurt flooded the back of my throat. I eased forward as his copious ejaculations continued, so his semen would contact my taste buds. I savored his essence as he emptied himself completely into my mouth.

After I had drained the last drop, he rolled off to recover and compose himself. After a few minutes, he dressed, thanked me, kissed me again, and left. I lay back down, still feeling the sensations of his cock in my ass and enjoying the aftertaste of his fresh semen in my mouth. I never even got his name...

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