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Again for the First Time

I wasn't trying to make it last, but to make him cum
Again for the First Time
by Wally6941

There I was, 40 years old, lying together with my roommate, Frank, in a small bed, to make room for a house guest in the other bed. I was not relaxing to sleep, though he was snoring readily. I was thinking back to "an earlier life" when I had spent many a night in bed with other guys my own age. In those days we weren't spooning, as we were at the present time, but rather I would be lying nearer the foot of the bed than my friend with his cock in my mouth, trying unsuccessfully to make him cum. Then never came. I was a bum fuck, as they said.

Still, it didn't stop them from talking about me sucking their cocks all night, spreading my reputation far and wide and bringing me under severe persecution from classmates and "friends." I had tried to stop all such activity. While I really enjoyed it, I wasn't good at it, and it only seemed to bring pain into my life.

After I had "taken the pledge," I was picked up by an acquaintance who treated me to some refreshments and seduced me, showing me how a real blow job should be given. He didn't ask for reciprocity, and I, having foresworn blowing, didn't offer any. But learning the secret of success started my inner creative juices wishing I were back with my former boyfriends, doing it right.

As I laid thinking about the boys I'd blown, It was as if Frank had picked up on my thoughts. I became aware, slowly, that he had stopped snoring, had draped an arm around my shoulders and was flexing his cock against my ass. Now, there was a new sensation. After a few seconds, I, too, had a hard-on, and I wanted badly to flex it also. Then I realized, maybe I didn't need to keep my pledge of homo-celibacy, as I had called it. Maybe I should just enjoy life on my own terms.

I pressed back against Frank's cock and squeezed my butt together around it. His hand left my shoulder and slid cautiously to my cock. When he found it hard, I squeezed his cock again, and as I did, I shuddered. It was 20 years of inhibitions breaking down, I knew, and the trembling didn't ease when he dived his hand under the waistband of my shorts and took my cock in his grip. He moved away from me, slightly, and rolled me onto my back, pulled out my cock and bent down to blow me. He didn't blow me for long, because my own hand had found his cock and liberated it from his shorts, and I had turned toward him to reciprocate.

And so I did, bobbing up and down on his cock like the cock-starved person I was, pressing his cock to the roof of my mouth with my tongue, trying to make as much mouth-to-cock contact with him as I could. I wasn't trying to make it last, but to make him cum. I was giving it everything I had, and that proved to be good enough

He came. I took his initial blast of cum on the tip of my tongue and the feeling was amazingly surreal. I kept still, then, joyfully swallowing his cum as he fed it to me, licking across his piss-hole with each swallow, causing renewed spasms to produce more cum. It was very nearly perpetual motion, until he ran dry and there was nothing more to swallow.

I was amazed to find that, at some time during the blow job, I had cum in my shorts. I hadn't been aware, having been lost in the pleasure of blowing my roommate for the first time. And while it hadn't been the first time I'd sucked cock, it was the first time I had been so rapt with it, and so successful. I recalled what another friend of mine had told me, "If at first you don't suck seed, suck again!" Frank's cock laid still in my mouth as we laid in the afterglow, and only when it had relaxed did I, reluctantly, let it slip out from between my lips.

Frank didn't say anything. He didn't need to, for I knew he had just had the best blow job I had ever given, and in gratitude he had given me his cum. We were equally rewarded, in my mind. I laid back down beside him, then, rested my head on his shoulder and whispered that we'd have to do that again, often. If he answered me, I didn't know, because I was instantly asleep.

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