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An Unexpected Meeting

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My girlfriend's father makes me his bitch
I had been going out with my current girlfriend, Angela, for about nine or ten months and her parents had got used to me still being there some mornings. Lyn, my girlfriend's mother, was fine about it, but her father still gave me stern looks in the morning. 

I loved Angela, but there was something I hadn't told her; I loved sucking cock as much as she did. As far as I knew she just sucked my cock, but for me there were half a dozen I sucked regularly. I just adored the thrill of my mouth filling with another man's spunk and swallowing it down. So on Wednesdays Angela and her mother played badminton in a women's league - Lyn was quite fit for her age, in looks as well as physically - and that gave me a chance to do something I enjoyed: suck cock!

The lights in my favorite haunt were dim as usual; at tables near the bar guys chatted, kissed and seduced each other. Then suddenly a large hand gripped my shoulder and I heard a voice I knew only too well. 

“Hello, Rob! Funny the people you meet in a place like this. Don't say it's your first time because I’ve seen you here before sucking and being sucked.” It was John, Angela's father, the last person I would expect to find here. I was frozen to the spot.

“Judging by the way my daughter waddles some mornings you like to give anal, but I’m going to find out if you take it as well.”

I think I muttered, “Never tried.”

His slipped his hand down across my arse and fondled my cheeks. “Time we changed that then.”

Angela's father led me to a big padded chair in a quiet area away from public gaze; he positioned me in front of it then sat down. His fingers quickly unbuttoned my jeans, they dropped to the floor. I had gone Commando that evening in anticipation of some action so my cock sprang forward immediately.

He gripped my manhood and examined it then took it straight into his mouth. This man could suck cock better than anybody else I'd known; his big hands covered my arse cheeks and his fingers began to explore the cleft between them. He found my tight hole and pushed his index finger deep into me, stretching me wide. Other guys had done that to me, but with him there seemed much more purpose to his actions.

John's technique was good and soon I was close and he knew it, so I just let my cum squirt into his mouth. He didn’t even flinch, two swallows and it was all sliding down his throat. He stood up and turned me around, pushing me over the back of the chair; a strong hand in the middle of my back kept me down and I heard the clink of a belt buckle hitting the floor. The empty foil of a condom packet dropped on the seat beside me and I felt the cool burn of a gel around my sphincter.

Then the moment I had been dreading; I felt the end of his penis being wiped up and down my crack, spreading the lubricant along, then the dull pain of his penetration. I knew this was his revenge for me arse fucking his daughter. My muscle succumbed to his assault and I felt him slide up all the way into me until his hips touched my buttocks.

“You are a tight little bitch aren't you, even tighter than Lyn. This must be your first time. Well, I will be gentle with you now but maybe next time I won't be so kind.”

Those strong hands gripped my hips as he slid his cock in and out of me. I grew accustomed to the pain then started to enjoy the feeling of hard flesh in my arse.

My potential father-in-law's pace quickened, the thrusts became more forceful; then his cock was pushed hard into my bowels and I felt it pump spunk into the latex barrier separating our flesh. 

“Mmm, that was good,” John told me, “I going to enjoy you going out with my daughter.”

He slid out from me and left me feeling sore and abused, my ring contracting to its usual size. Still bent over I watched him walk away and didn't see him again that evening.

I sat down gently, still a little shaken. A suck buddy came and sat beside me.

“Hey, man! Who was that older guy who just took your arse?”

“Don't ask,” I replied leaning towards him, then I silenced any more questions by pushing my tongue into his mouth and my hand into his trousers.


I expected life to me more difficult at my girlfriend's house, but it was easier. I didn't get so many harsh looks from her father. In fact she and her mother were going to risk John and I alone in the house.

“Mom's taking me to work, but Dad has the morning off,” Angela warned me.

“No problem I will keep out of sight.”

A while after Angela and Lyn's had left John came into his daughter's bedroom and found me still lying in her bed. His dressing gown was half open and his cock bounced in front of me. He caught me looking at it and smiled; that was my invitation, I reached out for it. For a moment he looked as if he would stop me then smiled again and moved closer.

I sipped the soft muscle into my mouth, it tasted tangy.

“I've seen you eying Lyn's arse up since you know she likes cock up it. Now you know what it tastes like.”

In a moment I was both horrified and excited. He had buggered her already that morning and now it was unwashed and in my mouth. John's hands held my head still, there was no escape for me, he pumped his cock into my mouth until it was rock hard. John released his grip telling me not to move, and walked from the room, his stiff cock bouncing in front of him. A couple of minutes later he returned folding some red material; pulling my mouth open he inserted a gag.

 “You know what Lyn's arse tastes like, well you can suck her cunt juices from these knickers; I fucked her yesterday and they are still wet with her cum and my spunk.”

My tongue searched the folds of material as it would have the folds of my mother-in-law's femininity; I wetted and sucked the stale secretions. I could taste Lyn's cum and John's spunk.

Once again cool gel was applied to my arse crack, but this time no condom wrapper; John was going to bareback me. I spread my legs compiling with an unspoken order; first the weight of his body on my back then his hard penis nuzzling against my hole.

My body was more compliant this time and he slipped in easily; in my mind's eye my face was between Lyn's legs cleaning their combined cum from her while her husband fucked me. John's mass pinned me to the bed, his thrusts pushing me deeper into the mattress. Sweat dropped from his chest onto my back and all the while a hard cock drove in and out of my body like a piston. I felt servile, used, an instrument for his pleasure. I had been turned into his bitch and was in heaven!

That service to my Master only lasted ten minutes, his thrusts became erratic as he neared his orgasm. His cock pulsed and swelled then I was full of his hot seed. John rested for a while on my back then rolled off me. I lay for a while with Lyn's knickers between my lips, the taste of her body still in my mouth. A hand came over and took them from me. Unfolding them he handed me the red lace material.

“Now you can wear these for the rest of the day.” My Master had spoken I was compelled to comply. I stepped into Lyn's knickers and pulled them onto my hips; the narrow ribbon of material at the back slipped easily between my buttocks and rubbed against my bruised anus. I laid my hard cock to one side, the lace fabric chaffed my engorged head stimulating pre-cum to flood out soaking the material.

“I'm going to take a shower,” John said, “you can come and wash me.”

I followed like a puppy.

The shower spray bounced from John's muscular body and splashed me as I sponged his shoulders, back and down to his buttocks. I pushed the lather down the valley between them, but not daring to invade the hole therein. I knelt, washing the backs of his legs until he turned towards me. Lovingly I washed his balls and shaft, peeling his foreskin back and gently cleaning the bulbous end then sucked it gently.

John pulled me to my feet and spun me around fondling my buttocks through the material of his wife's knickers. I leant forward to give him better access.

“This is mine,” Master told me. “You can still suck your friend's cock but your arse is mine.”

I just nodded my compliance.

I dried John and watched him dress. “You will stay like that for the rest of the day, I want access to that cock and your arse.” He traced his finger along my shaft through the material of his Lyn's knickers and the turned away. It was joy and torture at the same time.

About 11 o'clock he got up. “I'm going to get changed for work,” my Master announced. I followed him into the bedroom to dress him, buttoning his shirt and securing his cuff links. I knelt before him holding his trousers so he could step into them. I held John's suit jacket for him while he slipped it on the brushed the jacket shoulders.

My last service before he left me. I dropped to my knees and opened his flies, the slight bulge in his boxers told me his cock was interested. I pulled its length out and took it into my mouth, my tongue slithering around it. Those strong hands held my head again while he fucked my mouth. I was ready for his cum but he stopped and pulled me to my feet.

“Now I'm going to deprive my daughter of that sack full of spunk you have there,” he told me. Once again his expert mouth was around my penis; his fingers work my shaft and his tongue my throbbing end. After the sexual tension of the last few hours the release of my orgasm couldn't be soon enough. I shot my seed into his mouth, but this time he didn't swallow, instead I was pushed over another chair arm as he pulled his wife's knickers down to expose my arse.

I felt a warm sticky fluid hit the top of my crack and run down through it. John was using my spunk to lubricate us. Moments later his stiff cock was entering me; I was just somewhere for him to service his needs and I loved it.

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