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Anal Awakenings (Part 1)

Middle-aged man discovers gay sex
These are the stories of how I, a recently divorced guy in his early 40s, got to love the feeling of young, hard cock up my ass.

It all started while Shane and I were sixty-nining side by side. I was enjoying the sensation of Shane's throbbing cock in my mouth while he slowly and expertly blew me. Shane moved a hand from the base of my cock and began to caress my ass cheek...

Actually, we need to go back about two weeks before that...

I'd been divorced for a month when I realized that my freedom allowed me to explore my fantasy of having sex with a guy. I placed an advert on a gay intro's site describing myself. A few hours later, I had a response from Shane ("19, dark hair, 7 inches, cut, cute, likes older men") saying that he'd like to meet. I replied that I was a virgin and got a flirty answer saying that he looked forward to seducing me. After some quick email exchanges, we arranged that he'd come round the next evening. The eight hours I spent at work the next day were rather unproductive since I had a permanent hard-on thinking about my hookup.

Shane arrived punctually. He was everything he said and more: medium height, dark hair, a naughty smile, brown eyes that radiated lust and a cute ass. A really cute ass. His tight T-shirt showed off well-developed pecs. He kissed me as he came in. There seemed no point in asking him whether he wanted a beer to break the ice. We kissed passionately and I found that I was moaning lightly from excitement. Shane's hands were resting on my ass. I loved the feeling of Shane nibbling on my lips and our tongues wrestling while my hand rested on his tight chest. Shane broke off the kissing to pull his shirt over his head and I did the same. He was even sexier without his shirt since I could admire his six-pack and I ran my hands over his firm abs. We resumed our kissing and I carried on exploring his body with my hands while he rested his hands on my ass. My cock desperately wanted to be free.

After several more minutes, Shane moved his hands from my ass to undo my jeans. I struggled anxiously to unzip him. Eventually his pants were below his heavy balls. I couldn't tear my eyes from his beautiful cock: It was long, thick, hard and with a big head that I desperately wanted to taste. My own cock was twitching under the touch of Shane's fingers. It felt dreamlike knowing that another man had my long rod in his hand. I lowered myself to my knees and took his head in my mouth. I was surprised that his cock had a smoky flavor and how smooth it was; it was the most sensual feeling. I began to jerk him off and took in more of his length.

"Steady, tiger," Shane said. "Let me show you how to blow a guy."

He led me to a chair, gently pushed me into it and knelt in front of me. Shane lifted my hard cock and applied his tongue to the base of my balls while his hand played with the head of my cock. Moaning, I placed my hands on his head to feel his thick hair. He slowly licked my shaft from the base to the head staring up at me with his big, dark eyes. He engulfed my cock head and began to blow me firmly. The feeling of Shane's tongue and lips and the sight of his head bouncing slowly up and down my cock, made me desperate to cum. Despite Shane taking it slow I came very quickly. My cum shot into his mouth but he didn't stop playing with my cock. I began to shout out from the pleasure that felt like it would never end and the cum kept streaming. He fondled my balls as if trying to squeeze every last drop out of them. When I finished cumming, Shane stood up and placed his cock at my mouth. I quicky admired it before taking him in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head while he jerked the base of his cock. He seemed as eager to cum as I was to taste his seed. I moved Shane's hand away and began to jerk him off violently with his cock in my mouth. Shane came hard, long and noisily. I had fantasized about this experience for years but the unexpected violence of Shane's orgasm and the taste nearly caused me to gag before I recovered and swallowed.

Shane kissed me tenderly. "Thanks, hun" he said.

"Thanks, hun" I whispered back nibbling his ear.

I saw Shane several times over the next two weeks. He taught me to blow him in the way that he liked. I began to love the taste of his cum and I found myself in a state of almost permanent arousal thinking about his young, muscular body, his tight butt and his long, thick cock.

So, there we were, Shane and I slowly blowing each other while his hand played with my ass cheek. Slowly his hand made its way closer and closer to my ass hole. He started running his finger around my anal ring gently pulling it open. I'd never had anything up my ass. Impatiently I grabbed Shane's butt and started probing his hole to encourage him. It was exciting feeling his ass around my finger. He shoved a finger a short way up my ass in return and then pulled it out to tease me.

"Fuck me up the ass, hun!" I pleaded.

Shane shoved his finger back up my ass quickly, then slowly pulled it out before pushing it in again. He carried on finger-fucking me; sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. All the time, we carried on with our firm, slow cocksucking and ball-licking. After a few minutes Shane slowly worked a second finger up my ass. He began to fuck me harder. My ass loved the sensation of being filled. I couldn't control myself and as I came, Shane shoved his fingers up as far as he could. My seed shot out violently at first and then carried on streaming out from the anal stimulation. As I finished, Shane shot his salty-sour load into my mouth. I turned round and kissed him.

"You liked that hun? How'd you like a cock up your ass?" Shane asked.

"I'd love that, hun! Fuck me up the ass!"

"No, I've got a better idea."


"I'll blow you while a stud fucks you up the ass. Tomorrow."


"Sure. I know someone who'd love to."

That night I battled to sleep at the prospect of my ass fucking; I had to get up twice to jerk off.

To be continued...

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