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Anal Awakenings (Part 2)

Middle-aged man discovers gay sex
This is the story of the evening that I was fucked up the ass for the first time. In Anal Awakenings (Part 1) my 19 year-old boyfriend, Shane, had promised to blow me while one of his friends fucked me.

Shane's familiar knock came at seven. I opened it and was surprised that Shane was flanked not by one but by two young hunks, one blond and the other dark. Like Shane, his friends were trim with small asses,had muscular arms and nice pecs showed through their tight shirts. I kissed the three of them and ran an appreciative hand over each ass as they came in.

"Surprised?" Shane asked.

"Surprised, but pleased," I answered.

"I figured you weren't the only one who deserved a BJ and a fuck," Shane explained.

Shane did the introductions. The blond stud with a cute smile was Alex and the other was Danny. We stood around kissing, fondling and slowly undressing each other. Shoes, shirts and pants were soon lying all over my living room and our hard-ons showed how turned-on we were. If there's a nicer sight than four naked guys in one room with erect cocks I don't know what it is!

Alex was about 7 inches, while Danny had a thick; a 9 inch monster. Alex had the cutest butt I'd ever seen. I wanted to kiss his ass, but instead just ran both hands over his smooth cheeks while he slowly jerked me off. After a while, I figured the time had come to play and took Danny and Alex by their hands and led them to the bedroom while Shane followed. I jumped on the bed and expected that I'd soon have some guy pumping my ass but Shane had a second surprise in store.

"I don't want us cumming too quickly, hun, so we're going to blow each other first. Only after we've all cum, can you get it up the ass."

I was disappointed but also excited. The guys joined me on the bed and we lay in a square. I took Danny's cock in my mouth and cradled his huge balls in my hand. Danny started sucking off Shane, Shane was blowing Alex and Alex's mouth was sucking on my rod. I battled to concentrate on the task of running my mouth down Danny's monster cock while feeling Alex's kissable lips around my own.

After a few minutes, Shane told us to swap positions. Precum was glistening on the tip of Alex's beautiful cock from Shane's expert BJ which I eagerly licked off. Alex started blowing Shane, Shane took Danny in his mouth and Danny returned the pleasure that I'd been giving him. Slowly, I licked Alex's shaft from his balls up to his knob. My tongue toyed with the head of his cock while my lips moved firmly up and down the smooth, hard shaft.

I was developing a crush on Alex. I had his tool in one hand while my other hand ran all over his beautiful body as I blew him. I pulled desperately at Alex's long cock and was rewarded as thick cum shot down my throat just as I shot my own seed into Danny's expectant mouth. A few moments later, Shane and Danny shot their loads which were eagerly swallowed. I kissed Alex and tasted Shane's familiar cum on his lips. Shane was kissing Danny deeply.

We all stood up and I kissed Shane affectionately on the cheek.

"Thanks for organizing the best party ever, hun!" I said to Shane.

"It gets better," Shane said with a wink and kissed me hard on the mouth.

I savoured the feeling of Shane's tongue, while he gently but firmly pressed down on my shoulders until we were kneeling on the carpet. We were still kissing when I saw Alex go behind Shane, Alex knelt down and placed his face near to Shane's ass. Just then I felt Danny pull my ass cheeks apart and his tongue probing my bud.

Alex started rimming Shane; Alex's eyes were smiling at me from above Shane's tight butt. Danny's tongue continued its exploring before he started licking firmly from my balls all the way to my anal ring. I felt a tingle of excitement through my body that seemed to start at my ass. From Shane's low moaning, I could tell that Alex was working Shane's ass equally well. Danny's hand fondled my balls and then started playing with my cock that was hard again.

"It seems you're ready to play," Danny said.

"Shane's ready as well," Alex replied.

"Ready to be fucked?" Danny asked as he slid a finger in my hole.

"Mmmm, oohhh yes," I moaned.

Danny and Alex got up and returned with lube. They swapped places and Alex started lubing me up. I was hoping that I would be fucked by him. Alex started rubbing lube into my hole and around it. He applied lube for several minutes before checking that he could slide two fingers effortlessly into my ass. He finger-fucked me briefly before stopping to put on a rubber. Shane and I broke up our kissing so that we could lube up our partners. I loved lubing up Alex's hard cock even through the rubber and took my time running my hands up his whole length. Eventually we were lubed-up and ready!

Shane and I lay on our sides. I took Shane's bone in my mouth and felt his lips around my cock and we started doing what we'd done many times. I felt Alex spoon behind me, his hard cock was between my ass cheeks. I tried to concentrate on the BJ I was giving. Alex placed his cock at the entrance to my asshole. He shoved the mushroom cap in and stopped. Having my asshole stretched to accommodate his full width hurt and I was grateful that he'd paused.

Shane gave a small gasp, and I guessed that Danny must have penetrated Shane's bud. Some precum escaped from Shane's cock which I slowly licked off with the full width of my tongue. It didn't take long for my pain to turn to pleasure. Some precum leaked from my own cock. Shane was now jerking my cock and sucking it like he was possessed. I felt comfortable with Alex's beautiful tip in my ass and savoured the sensation while slowly licking the length of Shane's shaft. I wanted the experience to last and didn't want Shane to cum.

Alex shoved and I thought that his whole, long beautiful cock must have been up my ass. I expected him to start fucking me, instead he didn't move for perhaps a minute. Shane had slowed down the pace of his BJ. Alex gave a violent thrust and I realised that he'd only shoved up 3 or 4 inches before but he was now completely in. I had seven inches of young meat up my ass and it felt so hot! My ass was a perfect fit for his hard cock! Alex started fucking with firm, long strokes.

Sometimes I thought he was going to pull out completely, before he'd thrust his bone up my shaft again. I started moving backwards and forwards trying to extract the maximum pleasure from his cock against my prostate. The fucking made it impossible for Shane and me to continue with our blowjobs. We were moaning loudly from the stimulation and using our hands to jerk each other off. From the way Shane's body was moving I could tell that Danny was fucking Shane hard and fast. My balls felt like they needed to explode.

"Oh God! I'm going to cum!" Alex suddenly yelled.

Alex drove his cock hard up my ass. Knowing that Alex was cumming caused me to shoot my own load over Shane's face. My ass clenched around Alex's cock and cum streamed from me. With a small sigh, Alex gently pulled his cock out my anus. I stood up unsteadily to watch Danny continue his ass pounding of Shane.

"Do you want a better view?" Danny asked.

"You bet!"

"I'll fuck him on the bed."

Danny pulled out and Shane lay on his back with his ass cheeks straddling the edge of the bed. He raised his legs and pulled his cheeks apart. Danny leaned forward and slowly, inch by inch, started guiding his monster into Shane's ass. Shane moaned loudly as more of Danny's cock slid into him. After a minute of slow pushing, Danny's whole length had disappeared. Danny began a hard grinding.

I watched Danny's cock sliding in and out between Shane's cheeks. Alex began fondling Shane's cock. After some violent thrusting, Danny tensed and we could see that he was cumming. Alex pulled harder on Shane's rod and huge globs of cum shot onto his chest. When Shane had finished cumming, Alex carefully licked the cum off Shane's body.

We were all exhausted and we decided to get dressed, Shane and I kissed Alex and Danny at the door. I squeezed Alex's tight buns.

"I can't wait for next week," Alex said to me.

I didn't know what he meant but replied, "Neither can I."

After they'd gone I asked Shane, "What did Alex mean by 'See you next week'?"

"I told them that you and I would fuck them next week."

Shane lowered his shorts, stuck out his cute ass and said, "Better start practicing, hun."

To be continued...

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