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And now, something completely different

Did you hear the one about this traveling salesman in the hotel bar and.....
I checked in at the reception desk, handed over my charge card, signed the form and took my room key card. As I rode the elevator to my room I thought to myself that I was getting tired of all this constant traveling. I had three clients to see tomorrow and catch another plane to Memphis at six in the evening. I had to find something else.

This job's constant traveling had cost me my marriage and now I had trouble even dating with my erratic schedule. One phone call from an upset client and old Dave here was off to the rescue. Sometimes all I did was take the client to dinner while our people at main office corrected the problem.

At 35 I was beginning to worry that I would be on this treadmill forever. I needed someone to care for, I needed to have a job that lets me stay put. I'm past the 'girl in every town' stage of my life. I want to settle down. I'm above average in the looks department, I've kept my body trim and fit over the years, I'm still able to wear the sames size clothes I had in college. I just need to get a job that doesn't have me in the air more than I'm on the ground.

I could have stayed at home and placated these clients by phone. Schmoozing is what I do. Where was the need for me to fly four hundred miles to say we're sorry and it will be fixed as soon as possible. How many times had I thought these same thoughts as I flew off from home base and what little life I had that was mine now.

I dropped my briefcase and carry all on the bed while the bellman sat my bag on the folding rack.I tipped him a fiver and tugged my tie off and turned on the shower. The steamy shower got rid of a lot of my complaints and I felt much better. I put on slacks, a matching crew neck pull over and a Navy Sport jacket and headed for the hotel bar.

It was only 4:05 P.M. and the bar was sparsely attended at this time in the afternoon. I pulled out a stool near the bar TV and ordered Dewars and water. ESPN was showing a Strong Man competition and I watched, not really interested. Others came in as the afternoon crept on toward evening. A young guy, maybe in his middle twenties but I doubted it, sat one stool away and after nodding hello he asked what I thought of the Strong Man Competition.

"I wouldn't be interested in being that strong if my body had to look like that. I guess I'm too vain but to me, those guys may be strong, but they sure do look like they are just fat. I'd rather be weaker and be able to see my feet as well as attract a good looking woman."

He laughed."Well that's a great way to think about it, I'll bet that those guys don't date a lot."

It was my time to laugh..."hell, I've got a decent body for my age and I still can't date much. I'm always in the air on my way to put out fires it seems."

"Man, I hear that, I know what you mean, it's the same with me. I'm Jim, Jim Bouten." he said offering his hand.

I shook his hand. "I'm David, David Crandall. Nice to meet you Jim. What line are you in? I'm the Executive Vice President of Client Ass Kissing at my company."

"Jim laughed and spewed a bit of his drink out as he did. "well David, it seems we're in the same line of work. I do hold their hands sometimes instead of the usual rim job."

"Sorry, you got me there, what is a rim job."

"I guess you would call it kissing ass but with lots of tongue." he said grinning.

"You've lost me there somewhere". I said.

"Sorry David, it was a feeble attempt at dark humor. Only funny if you're familiar with the term. My company sells software programs and I go in, determine the problem and recommend fixes and solutions." Jim explained.

"I do much the same thing, we sell and install industrial conveyor systems."

Jim moved over to the stool beside me. "looks like the bar might fill up here soon." he said as he sat down beside me.

We continued talking and got into failed relationships, smart ass supervisors, clueless managers and the lack of available good looking women.

Jim looked me in the eyes and said. " Women are way too much work for too little reward Dave. I discovered a while back that I could get a guy to give me terrific sex with no strings and no hassle. 'wham bam, thank you Sam' and that's the last you hear of him."

"A guy? you'd have sex with a guy?" I whispered not wanting others to hear.

"Dave, did you ever have a jack off buddy when you were young"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact I did."

"Did he ever touch your cock? Did you ever touch his?" he asked.

"uh...yeah...I guess we both did." I said quietly

"Did either or both of you cum, did it feel good?"

"well yeah...that's why we did it." I said.

"Well Dave, you've had sex with a guy too."

"Oh just.." I stammered to a stop.

"Kids or men, what's the difference Dave?"

"uh...what do you do with a guy Jim?"

"It depends on the guy Dave. Some just want to give you a blow job, swallow your jizz and be on their way." Some like to feel your body, kiss if you'll let them, some eat out your ass and some love to be fucked in the ass. You would not believe how tight and hot a man's ass is, Dave. Better that any pussy I've ever been in for sure."

"Damn...that's just too weird Jim. I don't think I could do that" I said.

"One quick question Dave. Is you cock hard right now?"

I blushed, "hmm...I guess it is...I see what you mean. I probably could do it, huh?"

"I'd bet on it David"

I had been so caught up in what he was saying I hadn't realized that his leg was fully against mine from the thigh to the calf, pressing lightly but firmly. I looked into his eyes.

"Jim are you hitting on me, wanting to have sex with me?" I whispered again not wanting anyone but him to hear.

"Well David, I guess that I am. I really don't want to embarrass you or for you to think I thought you would be willing. It's just that in our talking about it, I've gotten hard as stone thinking about being in bed with you. Touching you, making you cum."

"Okay, thanks for being honest. I remember the excitement and how I felt as a kid and being with my friend that way. I liked the feeling I had when I ejaculated in his mouth. I sucked down his cum too. It was exciting."

"Yes I remember too." Jim added.

I looked at Jim for a long moment. "It's dinner time, would you like to have dinner and then we can talk about whose room we're going to after we eat." I was smiling at him.

"You bet. Let's eat." Jim was beaming a brilliant smile my way.

At that moment I realized that he was a very handsome man. I don't remember thinking of how he looked at anytime we were talking.

We asked the barman for menus and placed our orders to be eaten in the main dining room. About halfway through the next drink we were called to the dining room and escorted to our table by a good looking young man in his early twenties, he too had a brilliant smile.

Seated at our table we talked more, Jim lived in Chicago, his family was in Milwaukee. We chatted about our jobs, movies, football and soon we were paying our check and back in the lobby.

This was awkward for me, I didn't have a clue as to what to say or do. Jim pulled a coin from his pocket, flipped it in the air and caught it in air and covered it with his hand.

"Heads your room, tails mine, okay" he asked

"Sure, I said hesitantly

Jim raised the back of his hand and peeked without letting me see. I laughed and told him to show it. He uncovered the coin and held it out for me to see.

" lead the way David."

As we rode to the 15th floor I became more and more apprehensive about this. As soon as we were in the room, Jim called room service and had a bottle of Dewars sent up with a bucket of ice. We sat at the table with the TV on and chatted a bit until the bellman arrived with the booze.

While Jim put the ice in our glasses I brought a cup of water from the bathroom, poured two fingers of scotch into each glass and added the water. We lifted our glasses and Jim clinked his against mine.

"Here to new adventures David"

"Cheers" I added. as I chugged the entire drink at once and immediately poured another."

"Jim...I'd like some ground rules here, okay. I'm willing to try this but if I say stop I really want you to stop. Understood?"

"Of course David, I would never force myself on you if you didn't want me to. I promise to stop the second you say stop. Honest."

'Uh...I don't know what we're supposed to do" I said.

Jim turned on the bathroom lights and pulled the door partially closed. and put the TV on a easy listening music station and turned off the lights in the room. He walked over to me and started unbuttoning my shirt, then he loosened my belt. I reached for him and started doing the same. After undoing his belt I hesitantly lowered his zipper as it reached it's end I felt his hardness behind it. I looked up into his eyes, surprised.

Jim carefully finished undressing me and I lay on the bed in my shorts only. As soon as he was down to his shorts he got on the bed, laying on his side and put a hand on my chest. He looked to me and asked...

"You doing okay so far Dave?"

"Fine so far. You sure have a lot of hair on your body. I like it, my Dad was hairy like you." I said.

Jim let his leg slide up atop mine and lay his chest onto my side, He began moving his hand on my chest. When he touched my nipple I squirmed, when he pinched it lightly I moaned, when he leaned over and took it in his mouth I went wild on the bed, thrashing about and pushing my chest up for him to chew on it more. While he was working my tit with his mouth his hand rubbed down my body and he cupped my hard cock through my briefs and squeezed it hard. I moaned loudly at that.

He moved and his lips were now on my neck, kissing softly. His lips and tongue at my neck and his hairy body rubbing on me was very erotic. My cock was so hard it ached.

Jim's lips and tongue found my ear and soon had me panting and moaning as he tongued my ear and kissed my neck softly, I was surprised when his lips touched my closed eyelid, that felt very good, he kissed the other. As he moved I felt his breath on my face, his lips were only a millimeter away from touching my lips. When I did not respond he moved on and began kissing his way down my body.

Finally I reached out and my hand found his crotch and I groped his cock, holding on tightly. It felt wonderful in my hand, even through his shorts. Holding another man's cock in my hand was a strange feeling. I knew I should be repulsed, take my hand away, this was wrong. But oh migod it felt so good, soft as velvet and hard as steel, hot with body heat and sexual arousal. Jim brought his head back up from my chest and looked into my eyes.

"Your hand feels so good holding my cock, feel it throbbing at your touch?"

"Yes, it feels so good. I've forgotten how different another cock feels in my hand, its so sensual, so intimate."

I let go and slid my hand inside the waistband of his shorts and continued down and took his cock in my bare hand. It was electric, It felt so good. I felt Jim tugging at my shorts, I raised my butt and he slid them off and threw them onto the floor. His followed quickly.

Jim raised himself and got between my legs I saw him reach and cup my balls with one hand and he slowly jacked my cock with the other.

"MmmDavid, you have a very nice body so slim and so very sexy. You cock is so big around I can hardly get my fingers around it. Please don't get up tight, I'm going to put my face closer so I can smell your musk, that scent that's yours alone. Mmm you smell good David....please, spread your legs wider."

I did as he asked and he sucked and lapped at the place where my leg joins my body, it was really ticklish but it felt so good. I closed my eyes and my hands caressed his head and hair as he lay there licking at my crotch.

I felt his head rise up then the most wonderful feeling engulfed my cock as he sank it into his moist mouth. I groaned and he continued sucking more and more of me into his mouth. Finally his nose was buried in my crotch hair and he ground hard wanting more of me. He roughly shook his head back and forth and gobbled at my cock like he could eat me up. As he started his bobbing rhythm I started moving my hips meeting his downward head bobs with an upthrust of my hips, grinding more of my cock into his throat..

Jim got into a fantastic rhythm moving up and down faster and faster. I felt my balls rising up and I told him I was getting close which only spurred him on faster. I began to thrash about.

"Jim. Oh man. I'm gonna nut dude. I'm really close. Pull off now or I'm gonna nut in your mouth Jim, Jim, Oh my god. Oh, oh, now I'm cumming. Aww man, oh fuck, Jim.

Now, I'm gonna shoot. Pull off now...oh...oh...oh shit. You took it, swallowed my cum, Jim. Man, whew, Jim."

I pulled him up and wrapped an arm around him holding him against my chest.

"Oh Man, I know what you mean...that was woman would ever do it like you did...fucking fantastic dude."

I bent my head and could just reach his forehead with my lips. I kissed him there.

"Thank you Jim, that was special. Give me a few minutes here, I can't remember ever cumming so hard. You did that well, Jim. Wow!"

Jim looked up at me. "See that wasn't so bad was it. Didn't hurt a bit, did it?"

"I've had quite a few blow jobs Jim, all from women but nothing ever felt like that."

"Too bad you're leaving tomorrow night David, there's a lot more I could show you that feels so much better than a blow job."

"I know.I have to be in Memphis Wednesday. One thing is for sure Jim, I wont soon forget you and what you did. Now I'm going to try and see how much of that I can do to you. I want to try, you made me feel so good, I hope I can make it good for you too."

I moved between Jim's hairy legs and my cock was rock hard again. It was sexy looking at him lying there before me. I held his balls and jacked his cock like Jim had done to me. As I bent to smell him it was like a kick in the gut. His aroma made me horny. Not even thinking about it I opened wide and put his cock into my mouth. My mouth closed and I ran my tongue around under his cock. I liked the way his cock filled my mouth, the way it tasted and that smell at his crotch drove me wild.

I bobbed faster and faster, I heard him cry out ...'your teeth, watch your teeth'...I covered them with my lips and opened as wide as I could. Jim began fucking my mouth. Holding him tight I pushed hard and his cock went into my throat. He moaned loudly and I ground against him, with all of his fat cock down my throat I heard him growl.

"Dave, ungh, now. It's cumming now. Oh my god, suck me David! David! Now ungh! Oh David. oh so good, so sexy, oh David!

I moved back pulling him out of my throat just enough so that I could taste his cum. I couldn't swallow it all, it seeped out the corners of my mouth and he just kept cumming. Finally he collapsed, completely limp except for the seven or so inches of him in my mouth that I slowly nursed as it gradually returned to it's flaccid state.

I don't know how long we lay there but when I felt Jim move I moved back up to look at him. He gave me a weak little smile and exhaled loudly. He said only one word. "Wow!"

I don't have a clue why I did it but I inched my face closer and I kissed his lips, I felt his tongue begging for entry and opened my mouth to the most shocking, moving feeling of the night for me. Kissing him was the most sensual thing I have ever felt. I was rock hard in seconds.

We kept kissing, Jim wrapped his arms around me rubbing all that body hair against me. It lasted seemingly for hours, when we finally pulled apart we gasped for air and lay there, just looking into the others eyes, I felt a twinge inside me. I still don't know what that was. But at that moment, that kiss was the best thing that I could remember ever happening to me. I was stupefied. I couldn't talk, I just pulled him close had held him tightly to me. He stretched his body and wrapped his arms around my neck again and kissed me again. Ten seconds into that kiss I ejaculated again covering both of us in my cum, without touching my cock. Jim had made me cum by just kissing me.

At three A.M. I woke and had to pee. I came back to bed with a warm washcloth and gently cleaned Jim up. When I finished, he stretched and smiled and reached for me. I turned him and spooned him to my chest and held him close to me. my lips at his neck, his round little butt cradled against my crotch. I can't remember the last time I slept that good.

We stirred and got out of bed at eight A.M., showered and dressed, Jim went to his room to change and I told him to meet me for coffee. As he walked into the coffee shop he had a shy sheepish little grin as he looked at me. He looked sexy to me this morning. He sat down and was quiet as he sipped his coffee. We looked at each other over our cups and finally I spoke.

"Chicago, huh?"

He grinned that grin again. "Yah, I'm afraid so."

"Well let me tell you that last night was so unbelievably fantastic. I want you and I to do that again. And soon."

"Anytime David, anytime."

We exchanged cell numbers and before we parted I asked him to come with me to the men's room. Inside I pulled him into a stall and kissed him as hard and as long as we could. Panting again as we broke apart. He said, "I'll call you tonight, when I get home."

"You had better, I'll be jamming up your message box if you don't. Jim, there has to be more than just last night. Okay?"

"Yes, I want more of you too."

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear. We can work with the miles between us. That's the easy part. I'll see you soon. I promise. Meanwhile we can talk. are you with phone sex."

"I guess we'll find that out tonight. David."

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