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Another Drive Home

Just when I thought it was a one-time thing . . .
It had been a few weeks since I had my fun with Officer Friendly.

I had been looking out for him and had even called once and left a message but got no response. I wasn't too disappointed since I did get to fulfil one of my biggest fantasies, but still wouldn't mind another round. I did enjoy reliving the experience every chance I got by stopping at the parking lot where it all happened.

Since our little tryst I started bringing along an eight inch dildo to fill in for him. I would do my normal routine of stripping down to my stockings and inserting a butt plug slowly. Then I would take the exit when I had some extra time and head for the parking lot. Once there I would open my door and lay down on the seat with my ass hanging out. With my right hand I would grind the base of the butt plug and with my left I would slowly caress my stocking covered legs. When I got to the point where I coudn't wait any longer I would pull out the plug and start fucking myself silly with the eight inch dildo. I would always cum but never with the ferocity I had experienced before.

This evening's traffic was particularly light and I really wanted to enjoy taking my time so I set the cruise control a little below the speed limit. I had just purchased a slightly larger butt plug about a week ago and had been unsuccessful in getting it all the way in myself. This evening I added some lube to the mix of saliva and really tried to relax and not force it. I was really enjoying the feeling of being stretched wide and thought I was pretty close to taking it all in. This thing was hitting all the right spots.

I realized that I wasn't paying much attention to the road and should probably pull over. As I was deciding what to do I came upon the exit for the parking lot and took it without further thought. Once I was stopped in the back I pulled the plug out and relubed it, determined to get it all the way in.

It was about this time that I heard two car doors shut. I opened my eyes to see a police van pulled up in the lot next to me and two police officers approaching my truck. As reality started to sink in the butt plug popped all the way into my ass and I started to cum all over the dash and seat. Once my head cleared from my orgasm I recognized one of the cops as my Officer Friendly and my cock started to get hard all over again.

Officer Friendly asked me to open the door and said he brought a friend this time, and they were ready to fill my ass. Upon opening the door I went straight for both zippers and managed to free both of their cocks in record time. I started stroking both and then leaned down to suck one then the other until both of them were quite hard.

They laid me back on the seat and each took a stocking covered leg in hand. They both started sucking my toes and stroking my legs and I just loved it. One of them grabbed my cock and the other started pumping the plug in and out. After a few minutes of that I started cumming again and it felt like I would never stop.

I decided it was their turn so I had Friendly go around to the other side of the truck and I started sucking on his hard cock. While I was working on him with my mouth I reached down, pulled the plug out of my ass and spread my legs as far as possible.

Officer Friendly's partner had a slightly shorter but much fatter cock and I was glad I was stretched from the larger plug. The partner slid in completely, filling me up and it felt unbelievable. I momentarily stopped sucking Friendly's cock and wrapped my legs around his partner to hold him in for a few moments more.

Suddenly they both started pumping in and out of me like crazed rabbits. It only took a few strokes before they worked out a good rhythm. Friendly was fucking my face and each time going a little deeper until his balls were slapping my face. I started to suck as hard as I could on his cock while fondling his balls and playing with his ass. He didn't last much longer and started shooting gobs of cum down my throat. I kept sucking him as he softened, all while his partner was fucking my ass hard.
Friendly started pinching my nipples and his partner started stroking my cock which seemed to be perpetually hard tonight. The resulting contractions in my ass, from another mind blowing orgasm due to their manipulation of my body, caused the partner to lose his load deep inside of me.

I figured that since they had both cum that they would probably leave and that we were done. But Friendly had other ideas and asked his partner to go around to the back of my truck and lower the tailgate. He then carried me to the back and laid me face down in the truck bed. I just grinned as I knew what was coming. Friendly spread my cheeks and slipped his rock hard cock deep within my ass.

While Friendly was grinding slow and deep in my bowels his partner hopped into the bed and sat right in front of me. I wrapped my arms around this thighs and tried desperately to get his fat cock in my mouth. While I was sucking and licking his partner's cock and balls, Friendly started to speed up and I felt yet another black spot inducing orgasm coming on. As my orgasm started my convulsions sent Friendly over the edge and he filled me up.

As Friendly started to soften and pull out I decided I needed his partner's fat boy in me one more time. I spun around and sat right down on that wide beast. I didn't move for a few moments, just enjoying the fantastic feeling of being filled to the max. Friendly's partner must have thought that that was enough of sitting still. He grabbed both of my ass cheeks and started lifting me up and down faster and faster. Every time he went in and passed over my prostate, the pleasure was staggering. I tried to help by pumping up and down but I was starting to see spots and knew I wouldn't be useful for much longer.

The next thing I knew I woke up in my truck cab and it was much darker than I last remembered. The only thing I was wearing was my shirt and stockings. As I sat up I could feel cum seeping out of my sore but happy ass. There was a note lying on my dash along with a couple of business cards. The note said that they both had a great time and the next time they would bring another friend that liked to wear strap-ons.

I didn't even bother to put my pants on and just drove home.

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