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Anton's Little Secret

Educating the factory apprentice
Some mornings, if I feel fit, I cycle in and take a shower in the office; this was one of those mornings. I pushed the handle down, it made a unusual click then opened and I stepped into the shower room.

To my amazement, there stood our seventeen-year-old apprentice Anton, his trousers and boxers around his ankles, his stiff cock in one hand and mobile phone in the other. He froze mid stroke.

“You dirty little sod,” I grinned. “Who is she?” I said, grabbing the grief-stricken kid’s mobile from his hand. On the screen a selfie of Anton with a nice brown cock in his hand. I scrolled though his other photo’s, there were a couple of pussy pics, but most of them were Anton sucking, being sucked or with a cock deep in his arse.

“Please Boss, don’t tell anybody about this,” Anton pleaded, one hand clutching the jeans pulled up to cover his stiffy and the other trying to grab his mobile back.

I’d fancied this lad ever since he had arrived a year ago; in that year he had got cuter. A cheeky grin on his boyish face, a plump round arse and a good size bulge in his jeans.

“Too right nobody is going to tell, I’ll just have a 134 because we don’t have time for a 147 as well,” I smiled, handing his phone back and locking the shower room door.

He hurriedly scanned the album, 134 showed him unloading his cum in some guy’s mouth, and 147 he was on all fours with a friend’s cock buried in his cute arse. Anton stared at me in amazement.

“Are you sure, Boss?”

I backed Anton against the wall and knelt in front of him; releasing his grip on the jeans I pushed them to the floor then popped his young, semi-hard manhood into my mouth; I felt it swell a little with every heart beat.

Now erect, Anton’s cock was about six and a half inches long—a nice suckable size—so I filled my mouth with it. It had been years since I had had a cock this young to suck on and I had forgotten how soft the skin was.

I weighed his ball sack with my finger tips, it was large and full; the two globes it contained were hard at work and I wondered how much it would yield. Time to find out.

With two fingers and a thumb sliding his soft flesh back and forth over the rigid center, and a hungry mouth waiting to collect what he spilt, it didn't take me long to coax the sperm from his balls. Soon his hands were on my shoulders to steady him. I cupped his fleshy buttocks with my other hand and let a finger slip into the hole between them.

Anton stifled a groan, his boyish frame shuddered and my mouth filled with his young cum. I swilled the sticky fluid around my mouth, savoring its salty taste, then swallowed.

“You're good, Boss. I thought you were a married straight,” he panted.

“Now you know, but as you said, don’t tell anybody about this.”

“Okay, Boss; when do you want the 147?”

“I don’t know, we will have to find a business trip, won’t we?” I smiled. “Now get out of here before we’re caught.”

Carefully he checked the corridor and scarpered to the factory floor with a silly grin on his cute face.

I had the taste of sweet cum in my mouth and a hard-on that rivalled anything Viagra could do. I stripped and jacked off under the streaming shower; moments later my own cum was gelling down my legs and the shower floor pan. This kid was going to be too much temptation.

A couple of weeks had passed since my unexpected moment with Anton; I’d said I’d take him on a business trip, that way we got a night together, but I didn't know how I’d make it happen. Then the fates smiled upon me.

I finished the call from a customer and phoned to the production supervisor. “Who built the units for the 6608 contract? Customer’s made a design cock up and they all need modifying at their site or they will miss their delivery date,” I asked.

“Anton did? Okay, can he be spared to go to site next week? Yes, it will be me going as well—it’s a big contract and we need to look after them.”

I couldn't believe my luck. A tool kit was bought for him, the parts needed for the conversion sent directly to the customer and I picked a bleary-eyed Anton up on a misty Wednesday morning at 6:30am.

He slept peacefully in his seat for a couple of hours as I drove. As he started to stir, I watched the bulge in his trousers grow, responding to a horny dream. Pulling off the motorway and parked in a quiet spot in some service station, Anton woke with a start.

“Why have we stopped, Boss?” he asked.

“I need a coffee, and you look like you need to release some pressure,” I said, running a finger along the stiff prick straining in his jeans.

“You offering, Boss?” Anton giggled.

I answered him with a kiss on the lips and a hand in the crotch undoing his flies; he lifted his hips and slid trousers and pants down to his knees. His stiff cock bounced forward expectantly and I wasn’t going to disappoint it. My fingers closed around his warm, hard prick and I began to jerk him slowly; my tongue flicked against his lips, waiting to be invited into his mouth. The invitation was accepted in an instant and a moment later my taste buds were exploring the back of his throat.

My hand was working faster on his shaft now and he started to pant into my mouth. I broke the kiss and headed for his crotch.

I took his young shaft into my mouth for the second time; pursing my lips into a tight ‘O’, I forced my mouth down onto his helmet. The sensation of entering a tight hole was too much at this stage and I felt his shaft pulsing. Moments later the first squirt of young sweet cum hit my throat.

That evening after work, we checked into the hotel and dumped the luggage in our respective rooms; then went straight down to eat. I wasn’t going to give him a chance to beat himself off.

A little wine to relax him and it was time for bed. We stood awkwardly in the hallway outside his room for a moment.

“Isn’t this is where you invite me in for a coffee?” I laughed.

“Sure, Boss: would you like a coffee?”

I followed him into the room and closed the door behind me. The next few minutes were a blur of clothes being removed, kissing, and rock hard cocks bumping into each other. Finally he was naked on his back on the bed and I lay beside him.

“So, we can take things gently now,” I said softly and staretd with kisses and tongue play on his neck. Next I let my tongue slide down his chest until it found a nipple to wind itself around, then onto its soul mate. Anton cooed and shuffled, his solid shaft knocking against me; crying little tears of pre-cum, it begged for attention. I ignored its requests and continued my descent across his soft belly and down to his sparsely haired balls.

“Please, Boss,” Anton begged. I could tell he had a hair trigger but I had other plans.

I gently pressed his shaft flat against his stomach with the palm of my hand, then carefully rolled him onto his front. Again my tongue went to work on his supple flesh, this time wiggling along his spine until I reached the cleft of his buttocks.

I still had one hand under him holding his penis; I moved along his shaft and cupped his helmet with my palm and fingers. With my other hand I oiled my own hard prick. I slid my body up along his until my cock was nudging his ring, then I pushed up further.

Anton’s sphincter yielded easily and I felt his fleshy tube grip my cock. His skin was so soft and his buttocks were like a plump cushion; I wondered how long I would last in him. I started to thrust gently, enjoying the intimate body contact; this slow, sensuous approach seemed new to him and he moaned with pleasure.

Under his body, I let my thumb slowly rub the tip of his prick. I had squeezed the hair trigger and I felt his prick pulse, filling my palm with sticky cum. I clenched my fist so that I didn’t lose too much, and pulled my hand from under him. I open my fist to see how much cum I’d won, then sucked it into my mouth, letting it mix with my saliva.

I pulled back out from my young lover and let the fluid dribble from my mouth down into his gaping hole.

“What are you doing Boss?” Anton asked conscious of a new sensation.

“I’ve just poured your cum back into your arse and now mine is going to join it,” I promised.

Anton let out a low groan at the thought of what was happening and lay docile on the bed for my enjoyment. I pushed my prick back where it had come from and laid again along the length of his body. This time it was just for me.

The next evening we found an Italian restaurant to eat in and afterwards stopped for a drink in the hotel bar. Another business traveler kept shooting us glances; when Anton went to the toilet she made her move.

“Who’s your friend?” she said.

“Oh, he’s a colleague,” I smiled.

“Well, you won’t mind if I borrow him then; he’s very cute.”

“I’m not sure he is into girls,” I said, wondering if I could turn this to my advantage. “But I’ll ask.”

Anton returned and the woman moved back to her drink.

“The lady on our right would like to teach you all about sex with an older woman,” I told him.

He froze. At the same time he looked frightened and interested, “I don’t know, I’ve never been with a girl, let alone a woman.”

“How about a threesome, then I could show you what to do?” I offered.

“Okay, Boss, if you're there to show me.”

I headed back along the bar to the brunette. “My young friend is interested, but only if it was a threesome,” I smiled.

We stood looking at each other for a moment, taking stock of the wedding rings we were both wearing.

“You dirty sod, I hadn’t planned on that,” she said.

“It is very sweet, tasty spunk, and he does make a lot of it, plenty for both of us. Room 216. That is if you decide to join us.” I smiled again and went back to shepherd Anton towards the lifts.

I’d got as far as pinning Anton against the room wall with a deep kiss and reaching into his pants to retrieve his stiff cock before there was a soft knock on the door.

I checked the spy hole in the door. There was fish-eye view of the woman at the bar and I let her in.

“Hello, boys, I’m Dianna. Have you started without me?” she said as she breezed in, eyeing Anton up wantonly.

We introduced ourselves. Then Dianna and I closed in on Anton. His lips closed on first my mouth, and then Dianna’s as I pulled his prick back out of his pants and put it in Dianna’s hand. She cooed approvingly.

I dropped to my knees and helped Anton out of his shoes and socks; then lowered his trousers and boxers. He stood wearing only a tee shirt, with Dianna eating his face and stroking his stiff cock. I held her leg and slipped off first one of her shoes and then the other. Next I reached up under her skirt and started to pull down her tights and knickers. Dianna stiffened then, seeing how naked Anton was, relaxed.

Her knickers and tights now on the floor, I undid her skirt and pulled that down too. Dianna’s buttocks were creamy white; I pulled them apart and ran my tongue up into her wet clit and drank in it’s musky taste. I moved further, finding her tight brown eye and sampled that before moving back to Anton. His young prick oozed pre-cum and I couldn’t help but suck him clean.

Dianna had lifted Anton’s tee shirt over his head and shed her own blouse and bra; she pulled his naked body against hers. I took their hands and led them to the bed; they climbed onto it as I shed my own clothes.

Anton’s prick was ridged and ready. Dianna lay with her legs open, pussy lips glistening with anticipation. I put my head between them and licked them both, then guided Anton’s prick into its first vagina; a big smile crossed his face as he lay on a women old enough to be his grandmother, and I knew he was enjoying the feeling.

Dianna tossed her head back and moaned as the stiff young cock buried itself into her. Anton needed no more coaxing—he was going to give her a good fucking.

I rolled a condom over my own stiff member and smeared it with gel. Moving behind Anton’s pumping butt, I started to kiss his back until I thought he was ready, then pushed up through his anus.

Anton froze for a moment, letting me slide up into him. Carefully he pushed back onto me, then forward into Dianna. Back again, then forward, gaining momentum with each stroke. This was effortless for him; he must have done something similar with boyfriends. A feminine hand searched between us, touching the ring of the condom then down my shaft checking my entry into Anton’s body. She shuddered as an orgasm took her.

The new experience of lying on a soft female body for the first time quickly brought Anton to climax. He drove into her for the last time and stopped while his semen pumped into her hot vagina. Gently I slid back out from him and just as gently rolled him away from his new lover; his prick was still hard and streaked with his own cum.

My mouth engulfed the end his cock carefully collecting the precious white fluid; Dianna’s gaping pussy leaked more of the same. I sucked as much as I could from her then bought my lips to hers. Moments later she accepted the gift of Anton’s fresh young spunk into her mouth and I pushed my hard prick up into her open fanny.

My pace was slower than Anton’s, but I bore deep into her; after the couple of orgasms our youthful lover had given her she was more passive, responding to each of my thrusts with a low grunt. I could feel the wetness of her slippery hole coating my balls as they touched her open labia, then the chill as my balls swung away from her.

I stopped thrusting for a moment to suck on one of Dianna’s rubbery nipples, drawing Anton’s head across to suck on the other. She moaned softly to herself; experienced women though she seemed to be, Dianna was lying in her own dream world.

Figuring she didn’t care what happened, I started fucking her just for my own pleasure, at a speed and length that would bring me to climax. Anton lay beside us, watching and playing with her large breasts. I didn’t even stop to tell her I was cumming—I just let it squirt into her.

Anton rolled me from her the way I had done and, copying me, sucked my shaft clean and collected the cum from between Dianna’s legs. Lacking the grace and subtlety of age, he shoved his still hard prick into her body without warning; her open mouthed gasp was rewarded by my semen flushed from his mouth into hers.

Dianna’s body stiffened, her back arched and orgasm came as a shock even to her. Refreshed, and less nervous of union with the opposite sex, Anton started to fuck hard at the exhausted body beneath him. Dianna stared up and told him to take what he wanted from her.

Anton kept thrusting into her for what seemed an age. Soon the low moans Dianna made turned to little whimpers and eventually she stopped him.

"Darling, I can't take any more. I won't need another fuck for a month," she said, kissing him and stroking his hair.

He looked disappointed and rolled onto his side, his still hard prick jutting from his body. Dianna dressed and staggered to the door.

“Poor boy, he needs to cum again,” Dianna said as she gave him one last glance.

“I’ll sort that out,” I told her, licking my lips. I opened the door and sent her on her way.

“Jack yourself off and I will suck you to the end,” I told him. Minutes later my mouth got its second taste of his cum that evening.

The last day at the customer’s factory was easy, the equipment had been checked overnight and we tidied up and packed up. Anton dozed on the journey back until I stopped at the motorway services again. Waking he looked around and smiled.

“My turn this time, Boss,” he said, reaching into my crotch. I pushed my seat away from the steering wheel and let the seat back down.

He was a good little sucker. I lay back and enjoyed his efforts, and played with his dick and balls as he worked on me. My heavy breathing and words of encouragement warned him I was close. I gave him two good squirts and he drew a third from me with the warm caresses of his mouth; he swallowed and reached up to kiss me.

“When are we going on the next trip, Boss?” he asked.

“Glad you enjoyed it. I don’t know when we can organize anything, but I’ll try.”

“I liked the bit with the lady, too,” Anton smiled.

“Look, you're nearly eighteen; you could put an ad on Craigslist to meet a couple. You will be very popular.”

“Okay, Boss, but I still want you to do me as well.” Anton kissed me again.

I smiled and we headed for home.

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