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Ass Lovers

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His ass was shiny with my cum running down his ass crack. Oh God, I wanted to do it again.

I have been in love with a man by the name of Austin. He had blond curly hair and the sexiest blue eyes, but that wasn't the first reason why I fell for him. It was his ass. It was so beautiful and soft like a baby's bottom.

Austin and I have been in the same apartment for three months now, but never talked. So when I walked up to him from down the hall, he was surprised. "Hi, my name is Dane, I found out you moved here a while back," I said.

"Hi, my name is Austin," he said. He had a girly voice. Which was great because I always fantasized the other male playing the bitch in the relationship. My cock hardened, I wanted to fuck his ass up until he screamed.

"Do you wanna come in," he asked.

"Sure," I said. This was my chance, and I wasn't gonna pass it up for anything. I followed from behind, staring at his ass.

He turned around and I smiled, "Your carpet is so hawt."

He smiled, "Thanks. I like to shop for the best."

He even sounded gay, "Are you gay ?"

"Yes," he said, proudly.

"So you wouldn't mind if I fucked you up," I asked, joking, but I really wanted to know.

He took off his belt, pulled down his pants. He hadn't been wearing nothing underneath. "Let's get it on," he said.

I smiled as I stripped quickly. I bent him over his white couch. "My cum will blend in nicely, so don't worry about the mess."

He laughed and waited as I lubricated his tight pussy ass. My mouth started to water when I bent down and sank my tongue up his asshole.

I heard his moans, groans. I knew I was hitting every spot, known and unknown to all men.

He gasped when I worked my way around to his 8" cock. There was no hair in sight. I bobbed vigrously with his cock down my throat. I worked him, stretched him. I sucked on his balls until he hit the roof.

"Where you want it," I asked.

"Up my ass, big daddy," he whispered. I smiled as I pushed my cock up his tight asshole. He screamed for so long, but I ignored it.

I fuck him up on his own couch like the fucking dog he is. "Scream, pussy," I said. He did, like the bitch he is.

He lifted his legs up in the air as I jumped down on him. He seemed to relax now, and as I fucked him down, deeper and deeper, he groaned, squealed and begged for mercy, but I'm not the guy to give mercy.

I slid him on to the floor raising his hips up in the air. He is sweating and panting like a dog. I pushed my cock up his ass hole again and he gasped as I pumped him. I didn't put a condom on, so when cum poured out of his ass, he was surprised. He wanted to stop, but I wouldn't let him.  

I put him in doggy position, he tried to get away, but I pinned his legs down, under me. I fucked him, pushing him back and forth, I bent down and spat on his his back. I rubbed my spit in, until it tried on his back. I spat on his ass cheek and he groaned as I pummeled him fast and furious. I'm fucking him so hard, we are vibrating. I slapped his ass, fucking him like a bucking horse.

He collapsed on the floor, I pushed down into his ass. I fucked him deeper. I grunted as cum flushed out of me into his ass. I was getting on the soft side, so I pulled out. "Was that so bad," I asked, laughing.

"You better not be surprised if I come some other day," he smiled. "Maybe right after work every night? How does that sound to you?"

"Anytime," I smiled. "I'll be here when you need another one."

He nodded and got up. His ass was shiny with my cum running down his ass crack. Oh God, I wanted to do it again. He left the room, and I got dressed.

I left feeling hard all over again. Yeah, I didn't tear up his prostate, but that wasn't the intention. It was all about fucking the twinks ass up, even though I didn't get the traditionally blowjob, but oh well, there's always a next time.






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