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At the Pool - Part One

My first experience seducing a teen...
For all intents and purpose, you could say that I am a happily married man. Forty years old, married to my wife of 10 years and enjoying the luxuries of travel and finances that come to a couple who have decided not to have kids. Our marriage you could say is normal, she is a corporate lawyer and I, an independent real estate investor who works from home. She travels a lot for work, which gives me a lot of space to do my own thing and enjoy a certain amount of freedom.

Much as I am comfortable with my wife and our union, you could say that after ten years, it lacked a certain amount of spark and excitement. The track of our lives together has taken a very comfortable but well-worn groove.

There wasn’t really a day when I woke up and decided that this was it! I was going to go out, find someone or try something new and illicit, like an affair, to spice up my life. No, nothing like that. It was more of a quiet surge, undulating its way from deep in the recess of my soul to my brain, saying, “let’s live a little”. How that will turn
out was not quite formed, but sexual it will be for sure.

So this particular experience took me by surprise in so many ways and provided me that new and intoxicating tingle that I had longed for but could have never imagined.

It was a summer’s weekday and work was slow. My wife was away for the week at a conference and I thought this was the perfect time to go to the local pool. It had been a while since I went for a good swim, got some sun and had a quiet day to myself.

The pool, as it turned out was pretty empty as most of the summer teens were at the national fair that was in town. Could this get any better?

The water was warm, the sun brilliant and the laps were steadily undoing the knots in my shoulders. I was unwinding and it showed from the smile on my face.

Aside from myself there were only a handful of sunbathers, a young family in the kiddie pool, a bored lifeguard and this one other swimmer who was doing laps with me. I hardly noticed him at first, but as I began to slow down and did the breaststroke, we would cross paths and I saw that he was a good looking, easy on the eyes, teenage boy of about 16. We smiled a couple of times as our laps crossed. I never thought more of it except that he seemed good natured, intelligent and nice.

Finally, after taking a bit of sun and a few pages from my favorite book, it was time to hit the showers. The warmth and the water had served its purpose and I sauntered off for rinse.

Walking naked from my locker, I entered the shower area, there was only one other guy bathing and I did not pay much attention to it. I did however notice that this guy was rather trim and had a nice round bottom.

The cool shower was refreshing; I began to slowly soaping up my body, enjoying the effects of a relaxing day. My manhood was relaxed and hung nicely, it also grew slightly as I slowly soaped my crotch and rubbed the suds into my butt.

Up till then, all I was aware of was the echo of the spray of falling water in an almost empty shower room; however, I also started to get the feeling I was being watched. I opened my eyes through the deluge of water and noticed that the guy a few showers away was actually the teen boy that was swimming with me. I caught him staring; he smiled embarrassingly and quickly adverted his gaze. What he couldn’t hide though was the rather beautiful erection that he was sporting. He turned his body away a bit, but I could still see the head of his
penis pointing beyond his trim hips at the shower wall.

My first response was a chuckle, thinking it amusing that he got erect in a public shower, kids these days right. Then a strange thought occurred to me, could it be he was erect because I was there? Wait, what? Was that why he was smiling at me? Nawww……must be just my vanity and imagination.

Is it?

By this time, I had turned 45 degrees toward him, naked, glistening with soap and water, with a somewhat puzzled and yet growing wonderment in my look. Up till this moment, I have never had any inklings of homosexuality. I have always been comfortable with finding men attractive, but that was about the extent of it. Needless to say, this was the last thing I could have ever imagined when I woke up this morning.

What was even more surprising was what I was feeling deep in the recesses of my psyche, that this happening was actually turning me on. At least my cock seemed to think so while my mind was still catching up. I felt my heart raced a little faster, my face getting flushed and my manhood starting to gently acknowledge this new found arousal.

It was then that I saw him turn around again and looked at me, he unconsciously bit his lip, but this time he held my gaze, smiled and openly took in my naked form along with my awakening erection. From where it came from, I didn’t know, but a shot of adrenalin surged through my system and I found myself looking back at him and not
turning away. A flash of reality did passed through my head that here I was, naked, aroused and alone in a public shower with a teenage boy who, was not only way too young, but was also sporting a beautiful erection and giving me the eye…and I am seemingly going with it.


As the adrenalin kicked in, mental reasoning began to fade and the swirl of sexuality filled my head like a powerful aphrodisiac. What was a few minutes ago a simple shower was now infused with a little bit of confusion, wonderment and an intoxicating brew of would-be pleasure.

With the concoction of lust and desire filtering up to my heart and head, I turned toward him fully, now semi erect and smiled back at him.

“Hey,” I said.

He replied softly and smiled, “Hi.” 

“Do you like what you are seeing?” I asked with a flirtatious smile and newfound bravado.

He smiled back and nodded.

As water keep flowing off our naked bodies, with our hands absentmindedly washing our torsos, I asked, “What’s your name? I’m Josh.”

“I’m Matt…nice to meet you.”

At this point, I found my eyes transfixed on his gorgeous fully engorged erection. I surprised myself when I said: “You are very sexy Matt, you’ve got a beautiful cock, it’s really turning me on.”

He hesitated. “Thanks, you are very handsome yourself,” he said shyly, still holding my gaze. I could tell he was nervous and summoning all his courage to maintain this conversation. The artery in his neck was just throbbing like a caterpillar on coke.

The next move of daring seemed to come from some unknown part of my brain. I reached down and started to slowly soap up my erection and put on a seductive show for him. I stroked the length of my cock, soaped my balls and moved my hands alternately between my chest and crotch as my manhood throbbed confidently at him, now standing at full attention.

Matt stood transfixed, staring at my manly organ and the sexuality of my expression. His hands stopped moving over his trim frame, but his erection spoke a different tune.

I figured it was up to me to take the initiative; I turned off the shower, walked over to him, gave him a pat on his bubble butt and told me to meet me in the change rooms. I walked away, my erection proudly swinging from side to side.

The fact that anyone could have walked in at that time and see this display of arousal, turned me on even more. God, what is happening, I thought, and, somewhere, devilishly smiled to myself.

The change rooms were as empty as the showers and I heard the clang of Matt’s locker and the rustling of his gear as he retrieved it. I was in a corner nook and poked my head out and waved him over to my protected area. We were both still in our towels, each with a tent pole straining at the terry. As he laid his gear on the bench, we started to talk.

“That was very sexy, I’ve never done that before,” I said to Matt.

With a look of surprise, he said, “Really? You seem so comfortable and confident about it.”

“Ya, well, I am much older you know and it’s not like I have never been sexual before,” I replied chuckling.

“True.” He smiled. The laughter seemed to relax him a bit.

“So tell me Matt, how old are you anyways?”

“I just turned 16, is that okay?” he said hesitantly.

“Well, yes, it’s a real turn on,” I replied with a naughty smile. He seemed to like my answer.

“So you like younger men?” he said in a flirty yet innocent way.

“Well, now that I have met you, yes…as you can see.”

At this point, facing him directly, I reached down and undid my towel, exposing my fit naked body to him. My clean erect 7” cock stared him directly in the face, seemingly smiling at his gaze and loving the attention of this somewhat illicit situation it finds itself in.

Matt’s eyes widen as he stared at my cock, his mouth slightly agape. He looked up at me and uttered, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

I stepped into his personal space, leaned in and kissed his lips, while reaching down and gently grasped his crotch through his towel, loving the feel of his erection in my hands. He gasped again with eyes locked directly into mine. I opened my mouth and gently slid my tongue into him, closed my eyes and began massaging his lips with mine. Both our tongues meeting and sliding against each other’s. For a somewhat nervous teen, he seemed quite intuitive and the kiss was very erotic. Time stopped for a moment as I lose myself in his mouth.

I was the first to break the kiss. I looked at him, smiled and unhinged my fingers from his young erection.

“Why don’t you get dressed Matt, so we can go back to my place and…um…get to know each other,” I said, followed with a peck on his lips.

“Okay,” he said breathlessly.

We both got dressed, the quiet of the moment only intensified the heighten sexuality and reality of what was happening and was about to happen. It was incredibly heady. I knew I wanted some variety and adventure, but I never realized that I would go through with anything, let alone it being with a beautiful teenage boy. My heart was pounding in my chest and I felt an excitement I hadn’t felt for a very long time.

“Ready Matt?”

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